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  1. My understanding is that you used a lawyer to file your case, why not have your lawyer follow up on the current status of your file since you called NVC and they said it is not there. You paid for the service and should get your money worth.
  2. How does one (cbp/uscis/etc) know there is a misrepresentation when they are saying they changed their mind? Or is it just based on trust?
  3. What outcome are you referring to that would be the same? Outcome off getting into trouble by lying to the cbp officer about their actual intent?
  4. 18 months is really a stretch and not that common based on VJ timelines. Majority here takes about 12 to 14 months. Mines was exactly 12 months from filing petition to entering the US.
  5. I thought there is actually a process designed for immigrant intent called K3 - Perhaps that should be the standard for AOS-ing after entering (with K3) instead of any other type of visa. And of course the K3 visa should take same time to process as the B2 visa. This imo would be the best way to go so that families can be together while they wait on I-130/AOS approval. Plus a complete halt to AOS from B2. I wonder what happened to K3 visas, does it still exist?
  6. I agree with you on the article not being an official stuff. I was referring to the interesting discussions and individuals opinion on the subject matter following the article. IMO, over all, there is just no way to determining if one is truthfully applying for AOS because their plans changed after they arrived.
  7. Interestingly, there is a topic discussing similar concerns about AOS and intent.
  8. I would discourage the idea of AOS since it looks too intentional. So is he just going to abandon all his dealings in canada suddenly? What happens to life in Canada? To avoid any issues and doubts, just do the consular processing. It will only take about 12 months or less. The earlier you start the process the better.
  9. In addition to @Coco8 comments, hope you have been filing your returns with IRS, that is also part of showing your ties to the US. You also need to show that you meet the requirements to sponsor your household financially or have someone (family or friend) that qualifies as a joint sponsor.
  10. Sorry there is no shortcut to it. it takes about ~ 10 to 12 months if you have no RFE that could result to delay with your application. But good thing is that he can visit you while the application is pending. We all went through same process.
  11. Binna

    why CA service center

    What category (immigration type) of I-130 form did you file for? Besides balancing the loads, it looks like USCIS distributes applications based on the type of I-130 application. For example looking at the USCIS processing times for California center, I could only see Other relative of a U.S. citizen or relative of a lawful permanent resident under the family-based preference categories. If your I-130 falls into this categories then you are probably in the right center.
  12. Hey @DeepInLove were you able to locate your receipt number and check the status? It starts with IOE. Let me know if you need further help.
  13. @Dimsa there you go with all the answer you need. Now you and only you can decide on whether you qualify for 3 years rule or not. If I am to adjudicate on this case, I personally don't think you qualify though. Based on one of the factors that will be used to determine if your informal separation status (if Informal is your case). •Whether the spouses intend to separate permanently You mentioned that you guys intend to get divorce after you obtain your citizenship, this intent means you don't qualify, sorry you may have to wait additional 2 years.
  14. Let me act as a devil's advocate for a bit here... So the OP didn't say the type of separation - legal or informal. Looking at the policy you posted, statement on (2) (ii) (B), if their separation is informal then the OP could still stand a chance for further scrutiny to determine if their marital union is dissolved or not (meaning OP could still stand a chance of going for 3 years rule ). Perhaps OP should assess their separation to determine if it is legal or informal. If informal then look to see if it falls into the basis of dissolution of their marriage or not then take it from there. @Dimsachanging of last name shouldn't be a problem if your separation issue as mentioned above is in the clear.
  15. Is this topic closed for good? I thought I check on everyone to see if all Jan 2017 fillers in this forum is all good and now migrated to the US and living the dream. It would be nice to hear your experiences and what have you