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  1. The university is accredited by higher learning commission but the individual courses aren't accredited. For example, a degree in computer science would be accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET. The school is a front. Also would you really want a degree that is not accredited. The school is accredited but the programs themselves are not.
  2. Not a big issue, IO will go over the application and make the necessary changes and then ask your wife to review the changes and sign to it. I forgot to put include my first trip after gaining my Residency; a 4 month trip to home country to wrap up my life there. It was all good. I also answered no to a question because I wasn't sure but then told IO why I think it's yes and she corrected it with and explanation which the online or physical forms don't allow. The interview is the time to clarify any and everything.
  3. She has already experience bodily injury from him banging her arm between the door and the jam. I think OP is not ready to fully comprehend the reality that she in. Until then OP will not leave the marriage. We can all say the same thing but until OP agrees and truly sees the situation and the fact it can escalate in a heart beat like what happened last night then OP will not leave. This is up to OP now to take the next step to save her own life. We can't do it for her.
  4. I know you appreciate what everyone has said but waiting until independent may result in you dying. If your husband never before showed an ounce of this behavior when you guys were dating and in the marriage then this behavior is an explosive one and one that lead to him killing you. Also if he has shown you hints of this in the past such as getting aggressive and punching walls or grabbing you when angry, it means he was showing you what he's capable of. If you were my family member I would be saying the same thing because your life is worth so much more than trying to walk on eggshells to get to independence because you may not live to enjoy the independence. Lifetime, ID, Oxygen and True Crime has so many stories like yours and we know they don't end well. Sorry for being blunt but I work in healthcare and have seen abuse and women who are scared to say a word. So please take my advice and run for your life.
  5. Please stay safe. What your husband did is domestic violence. Please contact the police, take pics of your arm and phone. Your husband is counting on you remaining silent as you are an immigrant and he believes you don't know your rights. Nobody has the right to hit you. No one. Once someone shows you their true colors believe them. It will not get better if will only get worst. You need to get out and get safe. Please. Your husband is obligated to support you because of the I-184 he signed. This obligation is until you become a citizen. You can enforce this during divorce proceedings if you choose. Again please contact the police, take pics and get your documents to together and your clothes and run because your life depends on it. Don not stay and take the bullsh.. and abuse as it will escalate in the future. Put you first.
  6. I think OP should write clarifying that he misunderstood or misinterpreted the tax statue and have since filed his business tax return and enclose a copy of such proof and send in the proof and letter stating the misinterpretation/misunderstanding to the embassy.
  7. My CR1 process was from January 2017-January 2018 Removal of conditions from December 2019 - August 2021 Citizenship from July 2021 - March 2022 When one enters on a CR1 visa, they are given a 2 year conditional residency (2 yr green card). You then apply to remove the conditions and will receive a 10 year green card.
  8. Name change does not delay oath ceremony. Not in my case anyway. It depends on the USCIS office.
  9. I got married in the US and left and went home and did the CR1 because it made sense for us as a couple. I didn't want to be in the US doing nothing while I waited for AOS. I had a good job and was able to travel back and forth to the US until my CR1 was approved. I think your decision will come down to what you and your finance wants. Will you both be ok during the AOS process or will you both be ok waiting for CR1 interview.
  10. You received a 5 year ban which means you have to wait 5 years from the date of the ban before you can reapply. Stop waisting your money on visa application fee because you will be denied until your ban if up and maybe even after its up they will still deny you. I would wait 6 years before even reapplying. Also, I don't think your ban is for bad behavior there is more to the story that you're not sharing you're just looking for an answer as to how to re-enter but again there is no way for you to re-enter until after your ban is up which is in 5 years Exactly January 12, 2027.
  11. If you meet all the requirements for the 3 year rule especially the time frame in which to apply then apply. If not then wait. The online application will also guide you and ensure you have answered all the questions correctly. Additionally, fee hike is in the future. And USCIS my take up to 2 years to complete your naturalization process. Some persons like myself are look to be processed quickly. I applied July 2021 and am now done with USCIS forever.
  12. I travelled on my B1 B2 visa as I waited for my immigrant visa (CR1) to be processed. They just need to be honest with the questions asked. Also the CPB officer never asked about my immigration petition just asked purpose of trip and length of stay. Never had an issue.
  13. Thank you and you're welcome. No need to print a new travel section. IO will update electronically and have you sign on a tablet to all changes.
  14. I wouldn't stress it. I totally overlooked a trip I took right after getting my residency. At the interview I was asked about it and then the light bulb went off and I told the officer I totally forgot about that trip. She amended my application and I signed to it. Today I became a citizen. So don't sweat it.
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