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  1. I've received both pfizer doses in Europe and I will need a booster dose once in US. How can i translate my european green pass to cdc equivalent? Will be my digital green pass enough to show proof of vaccine to receive a booster dose? Thanks
  2. Yes i had scheduled 2 December wich I had to cancel and i tried to rebook a new date but the portal shows no availability until August 2021. I saw you too cancelled your interview date assigned by consulate, did you rebook a new date by calling them directly?
  3. I was scheduled for interview the 2 Dec but i had to cancel due some covid restrictions.I see next dates available are August and officially seem consulate stopped issue visas since 9 Nov. Anyone else is on waiting list or had chance to communicate with em?
  4. After your receive dq and interview date can you reschedule and put on hold for a while? Mainly is due the actual situation and difficulties to move within 6 months. Thanks
  5. False. From https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/step-1-submit-a-petition/step-2-begin-nvc-processing/scanning-and-uploading-tips.html
  6. Do you need to take physical pictures and scan or is possible to use your phone and a site like https://visafoto.com/?docType=us_visa ? Do you need bring these pictures during interview as well ?
  7. I filed with mail but receipt is IOE, maybe i will receive email than
  8. Ah also, i see people here update nvc received after 2 days and already pay nvc, i guess they call nvc instead wait letter?
  9. Hi, I got recently approved by uscis, the case status is just ‘case approved’, do they update to ‘sent to dep of state’ once is really sent to nvc? How long usually is the wait of receive the welcome letter ? does any of you used the shortcut to call nvc to receive earlier code for caec? Thanks
  10. For potomac fillers, I'm monitoring and i can say they now picking up enough cases from October, so far only rfe and reviewing but i think finally this month we could see some progression that totally lacked in past months. I assume is due fact that at 10 month mark they should have approved at least 50% cases and so far they were way behind that.👍
  11. Many people asked him that but he seems dont understand or dont want to. Ive earlier pd than op, my case has no red flags at all and im waiting since 10 months at potomac without a single update, touch or rfe. The process is just awful, no matter where you from.
  12. Is an unpredictable system, service centers change their processing times for various reasons (they transfer cases). Potomac was the fastest, become now the second slowest. Fast approvals you see is people who do expedites or other randomness.
  13. Vj is just what says is, an estimate based on people who update their processing time. Potomac inquiry time is 14 july today and processing time is between 10 to 12.5 months. They are processing some October but there is a huge backlog, dont expect anything for another couple of months. Sadly potomac become one of slowest center, we can just hold on..
  14. Processing time for potomac for usc is 10 to 12.5 months. The center slowed up terribly from a long time, like this month they barely approved 10. If continue in this direction consider easily up to a year.
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