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  1. Hello everyone! This is not visa related.😅 I would like to ask if it’s nice to call or email the company you had interview with, after the given time they said you will hear something from them or the result.
  2. Hello! Fellow January 2018 filers!. I received my Green Card, 3 approval letters and my SSN yesterday and just today I received my Combo Card. Yehey!
  3. cherryblossoms916

    How to track passport?

    You will receive an email from usem , they will send you 2go tracking number. And 2go will message you also
  4. Did you surrender or give your combo card on your aos interview?
  5. Well I didn’t received anything yet. But i have already my usps tracking for ead/combo card. While my gc still says new card was being produced and already approved right after aos interview.
  6. Got an update with my case.My ead has been delivered by usps, my ap is approved and my gc is approved also. Is that means i will be receiving ead/combo card soon? Even my gc is now approved?
  7. How long does it take to receive the gc from card was being produced? Do they send you an usps tracking number even for ead/combo card?
  8. Got confused. Which one will be receiving soon. Since my aos still on validation error even though I finished my interview.
  9. How’s your interview? My aos still in validation error. And ead still in card in production. I guess i will wait what will comes first in my mailbox
  10. Just finished with my aos interview this morning. The IO was really nice, he don’t ask any evidences from us. But we gave my husband’s recent w2 and our health insurance even though he doesn’t ask for it. After the yes or no questions from I-485, He just ask us to tell him our love story. The interview was fast and easy, it took only 10mins. But we hope there’s no problem coz he doesn’t say if we were approved on the spot. Only said he doesn’t see anything wrong from our application and we will be sending approval mail soon and no timeline for it. When we arrived home i checked my status online my aos still on validation error (though it’s been more than 2mos now) , my ap still on received and my ead was on new card was being produced. I’m confused. What does it mean? Will i be receiving an ead soon right after my aos interview? Anyone same situation?
  11. Wow! Congrats! Thank you!
  12. Did you received your gc already? I will be having my ais interview tomorrow
  13. Just curious.😂 what picture will be used for GC? Is it the the first one while we did during biometric sched? Or during aos interview? Thanks!😁
  14. Yeah! But think on the other side just after interview your case will be updated and some got their gc for just a week. Gc is permanent and ead you have to renew it as it expires. Just saying.😃
  15. This is great news. Right? And I think it’s fast for some of January filers. GC is better.