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  1. Impressive table! What are the 3 barriers and corresponding weights you used to calculate the scores?
  2. We wrote every thing in 1st person. Later. When we were in administrative processing, the Senator, Congress representative and I wrote in the 3rd person. Many of my arguments were normative at that point. We just received standard responses. Then, I wrote a passionate letter in the first person that got their attention (though I again presented normative statements). This letter led to action on their end. I am not sure if 1st person voice had anything to do with it. However, the onus of proof is on those in the relationship. Thus, first-person is logical.
  3. I wanted to write a post with an attempt to give others that are facing the dreaded “Administrative Review” process encouragement. My fiancé had her consular interview in HCMC Vietnam. At first there were a few “blue sheets”, but then it seemed everyone was approved. Later, they started turning blue again. We were worried but knew that we had everything in order. They called us up, had us swear to tell the truth and then had me sit down. The interview was in Vietnamese and my fiancé stated that the interviewer was not translating some of the questions correctly. This made her pause. At the end, they provided the “blue sheet”. I went to the window and asked about it. I told the officer that we would have everything the next day as I needed to return to the USA. We got to work that afternoon and had everything together the next morning. This was difficult as we needed to contact individuals that she had not seen for years, an attorney, translators, and others. We returned to the consulate and waited for three hours. We were provided a second “blue sheet” that stated that they had everything required and would make a decision. I knew that during the first interview she was asked to provide a few additional documents. However, I did not know until then that she expressed concern that she would ever be able to obtain them. These documents were not ones that I had ever read about others being asked for on Visa Journey or other sites. The consulate officer asked her why she would state that the documents would be almost impossible to obtain, but we got them in less than 24 hours. We contacted Attorney Marc Ellis and wrote letters to the consulate within two weeks. We then sent updates each time I travelled to Vietnam (and we travelled to other countries on vacation) with photos and copies of passport stamps. We contacted the consulate every month only to receive the same reply. After with months I contacted the consulate via the website as normal to state that she was pregnant and that I did not want our baby to be born there. About a week later (two days after I left the country) a Consular Officer and local employee showed up at her home. The employee said, “give us your phone”. They both went through her phone contacts, social media and asked many questions about who various people are and about our relationship. They left after thirty minutes. Two days later another employee called to say that she needed a new medical examination and that she was approved. I know that there are many on this site that want to judge others and state that things are easy if one is prepared. Some will also state that one should get married and file a new petition after being placed in Administrative Processing. While I do not want to give anyone advice, I know how stressful this situation is and just want others to know that not all Administrative Processing leads to denials.
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