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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the info. It will help a lot to see how well the relationship developed over time to merit the immigration benefits based on the online marriage. Congratulations to you guys once again.
  2. I read thoroughly and understood the information provided by the OP. I was looking for some specific details if she’s happy to share; like how they met and how many times she visited. She did mention she visited him in October 2020 and filed for CR1 afterwards, that doesn’t say how long they’ve met or how they met….maybe I missed something, you can tag me on the response that answers these questions. Thanks.
  3. I’m not trying to pry but for the sake of knowledge, If you don’t mind telling how you guys met and how many times you met before your online marriage. Even though the marriage is a necessary step, l the stages and dynamics of the relationship that led to the marriage is the real key to the success of the process. more importantly, congratulations to the both of you.
  4. Sent out I-751 package on May 3rd tracking says it got there May 4th as it was next day delivery. I got NOA May 24. But NOA date read May 18. so I think it takes 2 weeks for them to acknowledge your application and roughly another 2 weeks before you get it in the mail. My letter came from Texas Service Center in Irving, TX.
  5. hello everyone, Is anyone able to post a checklist of what they submitted for their ROC. First date of possible submission for me was 03/23 but I have not had the chance to put everything together. I am also planning to travel abroad in May for a couple of weeks. current GC does not expire until 3rd week of July. will this be a problem ?
  6. I looked this up and you are right. By the time you spend at least 31 days in a particular tax/calendar year you would be considered a non-resident alien that has qualified under the “substantial presence test” for tax purposes whether or not you have a green card or any other official authorisation to stay in the US. Grey area if you ask me but very good info nonetheless. Thanks.
  7. Contrary to what many have opined on this post, the reason you can’t work in the USA is because you don’t have the right to until you have your EAD. Technically, you can’t get any work without the authorisation document unless under the table. However, regarding your foreign job....you are still domiciled in your home country and can very well continue with your job remotely, if your company permits it. Your tax will be applied in your home country as if you were there and you don’t have to report any of such tax in the US. As far as your US application is concerned, you are not working. Think of this like having a business in your home country that is still generating income in your absence. On a second note, nobody knows about your job including the IRS since it’s not connected to any social security or earning in the USA.
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