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  1. https://myaccount.uscis.gov look up your 485 case number and then look at the body of the notice where the card was delivered and you will see the tracking number... click on that and see what it says. Good luck!!! They will figure this out quick.
  2. Just went out to the mailbox after reading your message and ours was actually sitting there... did you click on the tracking number to see what shows up on the postal service sight?
  3. Hi... looked over your timeline and it follows ours very closely... with the ice storm, you will be behind 1 to two weeks or so. I would think you would see your status change within the next two weeks. Be calm, everything will come together soon. You’re very close to getting your interview scheduled. (Your bio apt was exactly 1 month after ours).
  4. Good luck Whiterose!! Question for others who have received their GC already. Our status changed to New Card is being Produced this morning. How long is it taking currently to receive card in hand after this status is shown?
  5. We were just approved. The interview was a good experience. He went over the 485 application in detail to review all answers. He then asked how we met and how many times we saw each other before Junior came to the US. All of our documents were provided with the application so he didn't take any documents from us except he did keep the copies of pictures we took to the interview for support. He asked me if my income had changed from when I submitted the Aff of support... I said no. He did not ask for a current tax return document which I was surprised. Interview was scheduled at 10:30 and we are back home at 12:00. So the interview process only took about an hour and a half. The officer was funny and easy going which was a good experience. The other officers that were coming to get others seemed to be professional and not rude. In all, a very good experience. He did say that the mailing of the Green Card is more than likely going to be delayed. He mentioned it could take one to two months to arrive. He said, if we haven't received in within 4 weeks, to call and ask for the tracking number. He did say, to make sure we didn't book travel until we received the card so that there wouldn't be any issues of travel date approaching and not having the card in hand. I asked him if there was a stamp for the passport and he said that they were not stamping the passport any longer unless the card was lost in the mail. So don't expect that the passport will be stamped at the interview for travel. Much luck to you guys!!!
  6. Our’s is on 2/23rd as well! I hope they aren’t canceled... they shouldn’t be as the weather will be fine next week.
  7. We got our interview notice in the mail today which is 7 days from when the status changed to interview scheduled. Today is 1/23 and the interview is scheduled on 2/23... one month out. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻... very exciting.
  8. Probably so... I’ll pray that they just approve you... You can call them too if you want. Good luck!! Hugs
  9. Very excited today... we received notification our interview is scheduled... we filed the 485 on 1/14/2020 with a NOA date of 1/17/2020. Notification of interview scheduled on 1/15/2021... almost exactly one year later. Based on other timelines, I was expecting it to be around 1/31 so this is a nice surprise this morning!! Hopefully this helps others with timing. :-)). Actual interview should be around 2/15 or so.
  10. I did learn that you have to specifically request an expidite... then then they ask for the reasoning and then you say... Administrative Error... you may have to fill out a form. Look up expediting procedures / process and follow it... a friend of mine had an administrative error and then he got an interview in three weeks.
  11. This link is for the new guys... https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aoslist.php?cfl=&op1=3&op2=&op3=&op4=6&op5=5,6,8,9,10,11&op6=&op8=Dallas TX&xfr=&vtype=0&interview= its helpful getting an ideal of where the Dallas Office is in processing ;-))
  12. Dallas is your field office. We are still waiting... we’re estimating that we will change status and interview scheduled in December or January. Crossing our fingers and we are very glad Biden is going to be in office soon!!
  13. If it is an error, you have grounds to expedite... I would call the Dallas office and request it. Much luck to you!!!
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