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  1. So I took some actual photos from the wedding to the interview and the officer didn't care about them, because I had already sent them in paper with my AOS package. However, he was very happy to take the FB collage in paper I had prepared covering the time after the wedding till the moment of the interview. So paper is fine
  2. Yep, funny enough that's the first update you get right after the interview and approval... your card will be soon in the way. Congratulations!
  3. Just did my reading, and you are completely right, as seen in here, point B.4: https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume8-PartB-Chapter3.html I still have seen people having been requested to provide a new medical examination, but I guess they should normally do that in advance via RFE. And they can always be rebutted using that info from USCIS itself. Good catch anyway!
  4. The medical from the K1 is good for 1 year, so it will depend on when you have your interview. Good luck for it being soon enough so you don't have to get another medical
  5. I think officers are aware of that and don't speak particularly fast, at least mine was easy to understand, but I get your concern. Have you thought of contacting any local non profit working with immigrants, if finding an official translator is not an easy task? Check the rules about who qualifies as a translator, because I'm pretty sure any individual with the knowledge can do it, so you can always look for help in the French speaking community there.
  6. I don't know if there might still be some rare exception, but our officer told us during the interview that was one thing that had changed with the new immigration policy under the new president, that now everyone needed to go through the interview process.
  7. In our case, a week since the date in which they scheduled it. 4 days after getting the message with the update.
  8. The date in the card is the date your case was approved, so that might be your interview date, if the officer approves you on the spot (our case), or some days-weeks later, whenever you get the message saying your Card is in production/Case approved.
  9. Cards (Green and Combo) are sent via USPS Priority Mail, so it's a slightly bigger envelope, and it shows in the packages section on Informed Delivery. You should get track information for that one via MyUscis... though we all know that doesn't always work for everyone. Hopefully that third envelope is a nice surprise, like an appointment for your GC interview. Who knows with USCIS
  10. Logic says your EAD combo card, since it showed the card was being produced when you arrived home after the interview, and you weren't approved on the spot. But your guess is as good as mine... As far as we know, they might have updated the wrong case number with your GC approval. Just wait and see, you should get something by next week likely.
  11. I got that same standard email after my case was approved and my GC was under production, so ignore that message. I got updates for every single step of the process though, both via text and email. Probably via my account on the old Case Status Online website, where I had activated both alerts.
  12. No, you two just happened to have your EAD approved slightly before your GC. My EAD and AP were denied yesterday, because I had already got my GC approved.
  13. Congrats!! 😍 You two have been waiting for this day so long, it sure deserves a big celebration Crazy and unfair how you are yet at this stage while I have my Green card interview tomorrow 🤔
  14. Congratulations, you two! You made it!
  15. Then let's cross our fingers and toes so that the letter arrives any day this week And interview by the end of May or early June