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  1. It is not a violation of anything to book tickets. As long as he has the GC before he leaves.
  2. It might be right around the time you are moving. You will want to inform USCIS after you have moved of your new address. Even though you may have the GC. If you have the address, I would make sure to give it to them at the interview.
  3. It is usually about a month out. You should get the paper with the details in about a week or so.
  4. Working or not, I would get your name on at least a couple of your utilities. Your not working shouldn't stop you from being on there. I put Monica on our Electric bill, needed it to put her on the checking.
  5. There is no set amount of time. Some people are a matter of days. While others it is Months. It really depends on the field office that you will be having the interview at. Some are faster than others.
  6. Yes, they ask all of the questions that are on the I485 to make sure that you answer the same in person as you did on the form. It is just the Yes/No questions.
  7. @Michigan24, did you get your BioMetrics appt and do it?
  8. When did you get married? Had you already filed your 2017 taxes when you sent in you AOS? I would say, bring a copy of the I-864 and have a copy of your 2017 Taxes as well, they may not want it, but always better to be prepared. If you have a copy of the I-485 packet that you sent, bring that along. Bring all evidence that you have a real marriage. Any joint accounts, insurance, utility bills in both names. And as always, pictures. Pictures with family and friends. Pictures of the wedding/reception. Important to be relaxed.
  9. It is usually about a month out. The question is how long is she going to be gone. It would be best if you did not have to reschedule, to get it done ASAP. I'm not sure if there is an impact, but as @A&H2018 said, it could bury your app under others.
  10. If you applied for both, then they will be together in a Combo Card.
  11. @Tluck, @JahRyl and @jdolvera it will go Card being Produced, You are Approved, Your card is mailed to you, then you will get another update that has the tracking number in it. That is when you can start tracking it. Normally when this part starts from the first one it is about a week to two weeks till you received the card in hand.
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