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  1. Hi, I see that WE HAVE THE SAME timeline from when THE case left NVC. How did you schedule your interview? Did you receive any letter from the consulate telling you to schedule the appointment? Because I haven't received any email from the consulate and they told to wait until they Wil send this email. Please reply because I'm struggling to understand if I can schedule my appointment or not. Thanks so much 

  2. Our NOA2 was July 13th and it's still showing that it's at NVC. Anyone else in the same situation?
  3. Still waiting (NOA1: Nov 3rd).. Hopefully in the next few weeks
  4. That's good news. I got my check cashed after a couple of days from receiving the text. You won't be receiving any other email or text. Just the receipt in the mail
  5. I've just received the text message. Application sent on Oct 31 and NOA1 now is Nov 3rd. So relieved that there weren't issues and that it was backdated. Wish everyone will get it soon
  6. That's great news. Congrats. Very hopeful to get it soon too
  7. You can see a clear cut in the processing around 26-27 October. Everything before that got their NOA1 while after only a handful of people in all the months till now. While before it took around 3 weeks to get it. It's obvious that it's not a delay but a complete halt now. Not sure when they will decide to resume the processing.
  8. Could it be because of the backlog at the embassies due to the lack of interviews they decided firstly to stop sending the applications out of NVC and now because of the backlog at the NVC they decided not to accept the applications from the first place. This will make them appear better since they are taking less time to adjudicate a case not counting the months passed between the actual sending and NOA1?
  9. I don't think they have a good system and they are overwhelmed. But based on the lawyers advice and my experience with immigration for many years (with the help of lawyers), there is really no way other than to wait. I tried everything in the past and it had no impact on the timeline of adjudication. It's frustrating I know
  10. I submitted a question on avvo.com so all of us can benefit from different lawyers opinion. Hope this is helpful https://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/authorized/k1-visa-came-to-a-halt--is-suing-the-government-is-5074793.html
  11. @Greenbaum the frustration is really a combination of general delays till my fiancé gets the visa and the travel restrictions that blocked us from seeing each other for about a year. The tracking indicated the packaged was received on 11/4. So it's almost 6 weeks in a couple of days. No payment was executed (check wasn't cashed)
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