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  1. just generally answering the question, I realize you hadn't asked me specifically, but thanks for clearing that up.
  2. I am not submitting an I-129f in, but I do know that is what you need to do, from what I've read here.
  3. Mine was also about 10 days from delivery, until I received NOA1 in the mail. YOu'll get something this week I bet. I don't think there is an August filers group yet- I had looked last week, anyway. It might not be a bad idea to create one though!
  4. Yep, our application is at Texas! I agree, it does seem they're moving at a quicker pace, and I'm grateful for that! I' hope your 129f get's your 130 moving! You're right, there's sooo many people doing the 129f application now, I'm wondering what they're gonna do about that
  5. welcome! lol, I've been counting the days since we filed too. Patience is a virtue. You should create a timeline, it helps with all the stats and data you can find here on processing times ect..
  6. I agree. I am hopeful it could speed up the process even a little bit, but chances are slim. It does seem that everyone is receiving IOE receipt #'s now, I wonder if there's anyone who hasn't gotten an IOE receipt since July...
  7. Oh no worries. A lot of the newer receipt numbers are beginning with IOE####### instead of TSC#######, (Texas service center) the first 3 letters of your receipt indicating where the application is being processed. Now many are beginning with IOE, instead of the location, meaning they're processes electronically. I think it stands for integrated operating environment.
  8. Thank you for the info, that's awesome! Just curious, did you have an IOE receipt # also? It seems like they've become increasingly common since July, but there were some from earlier months I believe, was yours?
  9. If your fiance doesn't meet the income requirements, you will need a co sponsor. There's some good info here to help with this to: https://www.visajourney.com/content/support/
  10. from what @p-ana states you'll need on once you get to the interview stage...which makes sense. I'd just read what was on the USCIS site. SO not sure where OP is at in the process, but definitely something to be prepared for when the times comes.
  11. You don't need a sponsor at the time of applying for a K1 visa, per USCIS But you'll need a joint sponsor when you adjust your status, and at that time the family member (co sponsor) would need to complete the 864 also. https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/affidavit-support Affidavit of Support For Fiancé(e), Spouse, or Child as a “K” Nonimmigrant If your relative is either a K-1 fiancé(e), a K-3 spouse, or a K-2 or K-4 child of fiancé(e) or spouse, you do not need to submit an affidavit of support at the time you file your Form I-129F petition. Instead, you should submit an affidavit of support at the time that your fiancé(e), spouse, or child adjusts status to permanent resident after coming to the United States.
  12. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's because they have the Direct Consular File option avaialble in Germany.
  13. @geowrian & @Captain Ewok Thanks guys, hadn't realized that before, good to know!
  14. nope! all good now. Funny you just replied though, I'd just come to add an edit in my post to state it seemed fixed now, but now I can't find the edit button anywhere? I checked other posts I've also made, and am not seeing it- am I over tired and just completely overlooking it? ****oh I saw the edit button on this post right after I submitted, maybe I hadn't realized it's only immediately available after posting?
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