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  1. I am a German resident, this is why I asked in this forum. Also I went through my interview already, so everything is okay. Thank you for the response!
  2. Thought I'd give a quick update - the embassy said they can keep my passport or give it back to me, as I wish. They said if I take my passport back, I will need to mail it to them directly once my medical comes in and the visa becomes available. So everything turned out alright
  3. If you are a Ukrainian applicant, you are eligible to do your medical in any other European country.
  4. Thank you for the answer! I will be interviewing in Frankfurt, which does allow to do interview first, medical second, from what I know. However, I am not Ukrainian, so none of the special rules and exemptions regarding the consulate process in Frankfurt apply to me, and most Russians are processed in Warsaw, so whatever rules they have in that embassy might not apply to my case either... So I posted in the general forum, hoping to get a bigger sample of answers from different embassies
  5. Thank you! Are you sure about that? I am wondering if any other VJ members already went through it and can give a definite answer from their own experience...
  6. Hi everyone! I have a question - in case if a person goes through their visa interview BEFORE their scheduled medical appointment (I know in many countries doctors' offices are booked out months in advance), does the embassy keep your passport from the date of the interview until they receive your medical results? Or do you get your passport back and then mail it in additionally so they can put a visa in it, once the visa ahs been approved after medical? Thanks!
  7. Also Warsaw is the designated embassy for not just Polish, but also Russian applicants. So from the standpoint of waiting times, I'm not sure if Warsaw would be a better option. You could also try and see if any other European embassy will accept your case - there might be less of a backlog in that case.
  8. If you are a Ukrainian applicant, Frankfurt consulate allows for you to do your medical examination by a CDC approved physician in any European country. Here is a list of doctors in Germany, you can email them and ask about their availability for appointments: https://www.ustraveldocs.com/de/de-iv-medicalexams.asp#PanelPhysicians. Note that this only applies to Ukrainian applicants - if you're not Ukrainian and are looking to apply through Frankfurt, you are only allowed to do your medical in Germany.
  9. The office in Frankfurt may be overbooked with other Ukrainian applicants, since Frankfurt is the desgnated embassy - perhaps you'd have better luck with Berlin? I hope your suggestion goes through though, it makes no sense that the USCIS//NVC/Embassies are expediting Ukrainian cases only for them to get stuck waiting for the medical appointment.
  10. Maybe you could also try posting in the Russia-Ukraine-Belarus forum? I'm not sure if many Ukrainian applicats are reading this one.
  11. I emailed the Berlin doctor last week, and they said their next appointments are in July, and then asked me if I'm from Ukraine. I responded that I wasn't, and asked whether these appointments will eventually become available for booking on Doctorlib, but received no reply. So I assume that you can make an appointment with them via email, and if you're from Ukraine they might find a way to expedite your medical appointment, so maybe you could try that?
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