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  1. It's more of a situational refusal since they say to resend the expedite request again once embassy starts accepting cases. So technically i'm asking for the same expedite request multiple times. Where did you hear this from?
  2. Twice - i'm in the process of disputing a third expedite request under the merit of financial emergencies surrounding the pandemic. Both previous expedite requests were turned down because Moscow embassy was closed - but i am quoting and referring to the mission critical statement the DOS made a couple of weeks back. I'm getting farther along with the request but nothing yet.
  3. Yes we're applying for a CR1 Visa. Hopefully Moscow starts scheduling interviews - it's been a lengthy wait since we started the process (13 months ago).
  4. It took us roughly two months after the NVC received our AOS package to receive our DQ. Submitted Jan 9th, DQed March 10th. Still waiting on Interview.
  5. I emailed the Moscow Embassy in regards to my CR-1 visa application pending at the NVC since March 10th - i am waiting a response and i will post what they tell me. I'm hoping to get a response by the end of the day today or tomorrow. This is a good response in the sense that it's not automated like they were before. Thanks for the post.
  6. Anyone in Moscow Embassy got their interview scheduled? Ive been Patiently waiting since my March 10th DQ.
  7. From another post - Wayne King III - US consulate processing visitor visas in Mexico.
  8. Wuhan Consulate to Reopen around June 22nd - exactly 60 days after the Executive Order from President Trump to temporarily halt the processing of green cards. Source: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/09/politics/consulate-general-wuhan/index.html
  9. This thread is to have a one-stop shop for all updates regarding the Reopening of Embassy's around the world that way we can easily go to one thread and see how embassies are opening/phasing back to their routine visa services. If you have any questions, comments, concerns revolving the reopening of an embassy, or any official updates from the embassy websites, please post them here. I understand a lot of people are stuck in a holding pattern at the NVC or at the interview stage anxiously waiting on an interview to be scheduled - which is all contingent on embassy's resumption of routine visa services (which there is no way of giving a time-frame for).
  10. The EO was not supposed to affect spousal visas and immediate family members of US citizens, so i am displeased that the embassy's are using this date as an excuse to open up routine visa interviews. They should already have them open for immigration visas and then open the rest of the nonimmigrant visa interviews/processing at a later date as this wont be as important. Families who have already endured separation during the long processing times of the USCIS and NVC should not be subject to more separation during a pandemic of this magnitude - it's abhorrent the way they're handling the resumption of these services. Repatriation should also involve those people with pending IVs, at least for CR1/IR1 visa interviews as the visas, once issued, can be shown as proof of permanent residency in most instances.
  11. On the Diplomacy Strong Phase Two section it says "Resumption of airline services will still impact traveler's ability to complete PCS travel , but most travel services - passport and visa issuance - should return close to normal". I interpret this as embassies can start issuing visas to people on phase 2 - not just on phase 3. I am curious to see if they will prioritize family based immigrant visas over nonimmigrant visas, as it logically should.
  12. How were you able to attain a visa to go to the US to visit your spouse? What type of visa did you enter with?
  13. Hello Everyone - We've been DQ'ed since March 10th and still waiting for the NVC to send our case to Moscow. Any idea as to when the embassies will start holding in person visa interviews? I've seen some people have visa interviews in the middle of April after requesting their interviews to be rescheduled via email to their respective embassies.
  14. Same - i've been DQ'ed since March 10th and the NVC has still not transferred my case to the Moscow Embassy. The embassy was willing to schedule my visa interview after i requested emergency services (just requested visa interview to be held since the current situation displaced my wife from work, and is consequently "exacerbating her welfare" - apparently that was good enough to get them moving. But they could not schedule my interview since it's still at the NVC pending to be scheduled for me. I am pretty confident that if the interview had been scheduled and cancelled, they would've rescheduled it. They did not turn down my request by referencing to a halt in visa interviews, but by the mere fact that the NVC still have my case. I would email embassies for those people that had their interviews scheduled and try to evince some sort of emergency service - an innocent request - and see how they respond. I'm not a big fan of waiting as you can tell. Managed to get out of Nebreska Service Center in less than three months. But i feel stuck at the NVC.
  15. The US Department of State issued a suspension of all immigrant and nonimmigrant interviews at all US embassies indefinitely until further notice. I would hope that when they do start to schedule interviews, they should prioritize immigrant visas over nonimmigrant visas - but this is just a pipe dream.
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