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  1. No, our I-130 is a LIN number. Our K3 was denied yesterday, but unfortunately i still don't see any update with our I-130 - i thought it would've been adjudicated in the same day. I might need to call on Monday for reassurance...the website seems to be a bit slow.
  2. Today I got a notice from USCIS tracker app saying that my I-129F got denied. Should be expecting the I-130 approval any moment. I-129F(e) PD - 08/07/2019 I-129F(e) Denied - 09/27/2019 I-130 PD - 06/13/2019
  3. My PD for I-129F(e) is 08/07/2019 - 50 days ago. Still waiting - everyone getting their K3s denied recently is giving me anxiety. Hopefully our case is not in the back-burner.
  4. Our I-130 NOA1 is 06/13/2019. 103 days ago I-129F is 08/07/2019. 48 days ago
  5. Moscow Embassy has been actually very quick... My spouse is from Moscow and based on some reviews i read on the Moscow Embassy, it's faster than most.
  6. I would refrain from making any plans based on how they're processing the K3 applications, as it is not an official USCIS processing method. This is only unique to Nebraska Service Center (and maybe Texas), so no one is certain on how much longer they'll continue to process these applications like this. Expect the worst, hope for the best.
  7. Well..the fact that you filed your I-129F on time means that you can receive an adjudication on your case at any moment. Everyone so far in this thread that has submitted a I-129F, gets a notice of action anywhere between 21 days - 82 days. Those two dates are extremes, on average it's been 40-50 days for most. I think this process has gone beyond mere conjecture - there are many cases that attest to these timeframes. I haven't seen anyone with a pending K3 application past 82 days - however, let me know otherwise.
  8. I am just a couple of days ahead of you. 47 days since I-129F NOA1, and 102 days since I-130 NOA1. Hopefully we'll hear something in the next one to two weeks.
  9. I would suggest filing it right away but be aware of the risk - no matter how small. If they do accept the K3 and deny the I-130 (seldom does this occur), you'll need to apply for a readjustment of status to get your spouse a GC to remain living in the U.S. permanently. There's no telling how much longer NSC will continue to process these I-129F(e)s in this manner, so do not make any plans contingent on a expeditious review timeframe. Expect the full 12.5-15 months, and hope for a quicker review by filing the I-129F(e) for a K3. However, there's a substantial amount of evidence indicating a 4-12 week adjudication from K3 priority date. That's been the trend for everyone, irrespective of the I-130 PD (someone with a 2019 June I-130 PD got an adjudication this week after filing the K3 shortly after their I-130). I'm 43 days since filing the K3 application - i should receive a notice of action within a month based on recent trends.
  10. Your lawyer frankly isn't up to speed with how things are being processed nowadays. As of this year, IOE numbers are being processed in the same manner as physical applications. This just means that they scanned your application and tossed it away - but you're digitally queued behind the other applications (whether physical or digital). Meaning that an IOE application is no faster than any other. File the I-129F - it costs no money. I had to convince my lawyer to file it, and paid him some cash to do it for me.
  11. Jacob_Malik Junior Member Members Did you File a I-129F (e)? Yes. It’s notification date was 06/28/2019 (82 days ago). This is another great example of how they're processing the I-129Fs. Jacob's I-130 was sent in on 06-03-2019....and three months later received an RFE. This is orders of magnitude better than waiting a whole year for a RFE disposition... I'm also quite sure that if his I-130 case was solid, it would've been an approval and not an RFE (not sure what caused the RFE though). Also, another post yesterday got an adjudication on their I-130 after 65 days of submitting their I-129F. Seems like they're continuing to process the K3 applications in this same manner.
  12. Z&W Newbie I got an RFE update today on USCIS site. 65 days after I129F sent. Just wondering what it could be... 🤔 Jacob_Malik Junior Member Posted 1 hour ago Got a RFE on 9/17/2019. At least the case is moving along (After 81 days of filing I-129F) I-130 PD: 06-03-2019 Got some movement yesterday with some I-129Fs.
  13. 3 minutes ago, Mr. Bama said: Praises to God Almighty. This just happened as I was walking home. Service Center: Nebraska I-130 NOA1 Jan 4, 2019 I-129F Aug 19, 2019 I-130 APPROVED September 12,2019 I-129F still pending still showing recieved. WOW I am lost for words. God is good all the time. No expedite, nothing out of the normal. Filing for that K3 Visa really works. 3 1/2 weeks after filing my I-130 was approved. Someone with a 08/19/2019 PD got approved just today. Seems like at any moment they can approve the remaining July filers. For me: I-130 PD: 06/13/2019 I-129F(e) PD: 08/07/2019
  14. How many people are still waiting on their adjudication for their I-129F for July?
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