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  1. To answer both of your questions, you can attempt to get into Poland by getting an Italian Business Schengen Visa (approximately 700+ Euros), apply for a Greek Schengen Visa, and/or apply for Polish Student Visa. These are all methods that have worked for others. We went the Greek route.
  2. Hello guys yes we transferred our CR-1 case to Poland and within 3 weeks we received our visa. Message me if you guys need help with anything! at the moment there are no transferable cases other than IR-1, CR-1, and other family based visa categories.
  3. Hello Guys, I wanted to see if there are any other embassies like the Moscow embassy that has still not begun to process any IR-1/CR-1 visas, and other mission critical visa categories. We've been stuck in a holding pattern with no meaningful updates as to when they will resume routine visa services for the past 9 months.
  4. It's for reasons like this one - The Embassy in Moscow has been closed for 9 months with no useful updates or anything related to the reopening/resumption of routine visa services. Currently Moscow has begun administering and distributing the COVID-19 Vaccine. I even offered to have my wife inoculated with the Vaccine prior to scheduling a interview with the embassy, and they rejected it outright. I'm not sure if there are many other embassies still closed due to COVID-19, but this situation feels never-ending.
  5. The US Embassy in Moscow is still closed and not doing any interviews since March 2020. I hope this month we finally get going with Interviews - it's been a gruesome 9 Months.
  6. Moscow Embassy is not doing any interviews at this moment - not even mission critical interviews - with a few exceptions.
  7. Another month passes by and Moscow continues to be closed. DQ’d since March 2020.
  8. The Department of State shut down US Embassies across the globe around the middle of March 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Since then, it's been almost 8-Months since the closure/suspension of in-person interviews and visa processing. While a lot of Embassies have started to phase out their resumption of visa services, some have been completely mute and unresponsive - like the Embassy in Moscow, and the Embassy in Colombia. It's been an unjust amount of time to be prolonging the separation of families that have already waited a long immigration process in angst, just to arrive as a weary traveler to the doorstep of a closed Embassy. The Department of State identified Mission Critical Visa Services in a Phase Resumption update back in July 14th of this year and some of these Embassies have not shown any sense of urgency - while some others have. A list of the Embassies that remain closed ought to be brought to the attention of the State Department in some form or another to point out their dereliction of duty to U.S. Citizen sponsored immigration.
  9. We're still waiting for the US Embassy in Moscow to open up. They were recently doing interviews for the DV Applicant/Lottery Winners during the month of September. We only know if one Non-DV applicant that has an interview next week on Tuesday. But all in all, no official update since March 2020 - we've been very distressed about this whole matter.
  10. I don’t know the reason unfortunately. processing errors can be substantiate an emergency if you had to wait a lot time due to this error. It doesn’t hurt to try to plead that case.
  11. Yes. We know a person that got their interview on October 12th. An expedited IR-1 case. PD date May 2019.
  12. I would rather try to expedite your case with the NVC - once a request is approved, you can ask them to send the case to the embassy. Transferring the case to another consular post in another country would delay your process - given what we know now. We have a similar timeline, along with 20 others that I know. We’re seeing movement with expedited cases and soon we’ll see movement with the other mission critical visa categories. I understand it’s frustrating, but right now the wisest thing is to continue to remain relatively at the front of the line (based on your PD) and wait until your case gets scheduled by the NVC. Transferring the case could yield unintended consequences that can further exacerbate your immigration timeline - besides, I haven’t heard of anyone that’s been successful in doing this.
  13. They just started doing CR-1/IR-1 interviews. Someone here on VJ got an interview for October 12th, with others seeing movement and receiving emails regarding their case. I would say be a little more patient. whens your PD date?
  14. I dont think you should be scared - you just need to look for other sources. According to the Visa Issuance Statistics, Moscow/Russia processed x9 immigrant visas in the month of July. They're just moving extremely slow and without any reassuring updates on their official embassy website. When you email Moscow, they send you the same copy/paste generic email about being unable to provide a tentative opening date to resume visa interviews. Unfortunately, that's the way to cookie crumbles with Moscow - but i hope to hear some good news this month.
  15. Been DQ’ed since March 2020 - no update yet from Moscow Embassy. No timeline or roadmap. Hope to see some better news this month for Moscow, and for everyone else here on VJ.
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