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  1. Hi all! I came here on K1, been married since October, and now thinking about establishing myself financially as early and as quickly as possible. So I'm posting here to get tips from you guys: what are the best ways for me to build my credit, considering I cannot work yet (pending EAD) and might not have to work in the future anyways? (such is my arrangement with my husband) I did a bit of research and the first things (also the easiest) that came up are 1) Get a secured credit card; and 2) Get my name onto my husband's bank account as an authorized user (not sure how this works in the technical sense). I'm not exactly finance-savvy so I was hoping you guys could give me your two cents worth, if you be so kind. Also, if anyone here has been in my situation, perhaps you could share your experience and takeaways. Thanks in advance and everyone stay safe and healthy in these times of uncertainty. ❤️ - Del
  2. Congratulations! That must have been nerve wracking, I can't even imagine. Thank you, VJ Members! You are heroes. ❤️
  3. 1. Proof of Intent to Marry: In my case I am the beneficiary and I prepared our K1 packet. I made a "Proof of Intent to Marry" section and, in addition to Letters of Intent from both of us, I included the following: a) Photos of my engagement ring, plus screenshots of our correspondence with the jeweler b) Photos that other people took of my then-fiance (now husband) proposing to me c) Screenshots of our online chat conversations where we talked about wedding plans and such (I used the "search" option and used marriage related keywords we both might have used so I got to pull up conversations from months back even). I labeled each screenshot with the corresponding date of conversation. d) A draft of our wedding plans - My husband and I got into it in detail, as in, itemized list of the reception menu, the wedding party, possible florists and caterers, music, etc. I also indicated a tentative wedding date of what I think would fall within the 90 days, serving as some kind of "assurance" that we intend to abide by the rules. This photo is one page from our packet, showing item c) above: It might seem a lot but I'm from the Philippines so I guess I can say there's a lot of fraud here, too. Hence my going the extra mile, lol. 2. Things I Learned I can't say this is "I wish someone told me" but rather, "I wish I did it". So more like a regret, lol. I regret not making at least 2 photocopies of our entire K1 packet, including evidence documents and such, front to back. While filing for AOS I noticed the forms asked similar questions and I thought, "I wish I could refer to the K1 forms to make sure my info matched." Technically I knew how to fill out the AOS forms, but I just wanted to make absolutely certain that I wouldn't contradict anything I've previously submitted because that might come across as fraud. However, it could also be more situational in my case because 1) My husband and I have awful memory, lol and 2) Our info involves dates and years I didn't jot down (facepalm). By that I mean job history and history of residence. My husband has moved houses more than once, been through different employers, etc. And my mistake was I just asked him for the info in person, wrote it down on the form, and filed it. He didn't know it by heart either, he had to get a hold of previous employers to ask, it wasn't easy. And when we got the info, he didn't write it down anywhere else. So when we were asked again later on it was hard for us to recall. 😅 More importantly, having a duplicate copy of the K1 packet would help as your personal reference for subsequent interviews. On another note, my husband and I chose K1 over CR1 despite all its flaws because frankly, we couldn't bear to be away from each other any longer and so to us, it was worth it. It really is case-to-case preference in my opinion, depending on how you guys weigh advantages and disadvantages. 😊 I hope this helps. Good luck on your journey!
  4. Same thing happened to me and then a week after biometrics I got a notice in the mail about how biometric data were added to my I-131 file and that I don't need to go to ASC for biometrics anymore, etc. When I checked my case online, my I-131 status was updated accordingly. Safe to say you don't need to worry. 😊
  5. Sigh...... The SSA here in Muskegon, MI told me they couldn't use my marriage certificate alone to change my name.... Said I have to go back once I get my green card....... I'm super bummed
  6. Ugh, sorry to hear about that delay... Can't think of why that should happen. Good luck on your interview!
  7. Okay, I may have realized something. Perhaps my question should be disregarded because it's better to have an updated name on my SSN regardless of the AOS coming through yet or not, given that I will be using my SSN for various things anyways: bank accounts, insurance, etc. I hope I am correct in saying this. Also, I feel silly now about not wanting to do multiple trips. 😅 Trying to be too economical I guess.
  8. Hello all, I got an SSN before I got married, and now I'm thinking of going to the Social Security office to have my info updated to my married name. However, I found this on the Social Security website: " Corrected Card for a Noncitizen Adult If you change your name, become a U.S. citizen, or your immigration status or work authorization has changed, you need to tell Social Security so we can update our records and when necessary, issue a new card. " Source: https://www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/ss5doc.htm The thing is, my AOS packet is still pending. Once my applications come through, am I supposed to "declare" to Social Security that AOS and EAD have been approved? Does that mean I shouldn't have my name updated until then? Because I might be wasting a whole trip/process if I'd have to come back after approval anyways. Need advice on the matter.
  9. My timeline so far: January 24, Friday - AOS package shipped via UPS January 27, Monday - UPS tracking indicated delivered and signed February 4, Tuesday - Received 3 text messages at half past midnight February 6, Thursday - Received 3 letters in the mail February 13, Thursday - Received Biometrics Appointment letter February 26, Wednesday - Biometrics Appointment
  10. My timeline so far: January 24, Friday - AOS package shipped via UPS January 27, Monday - UPS tracking indicated delivered and signed (3 days, 1 business day since shipped) February 4, Tuesday - Received 3 text messages at half past midnight (8 days, 6 business days since delivered) February 6, Thursday - Received 3 letters in the mail (2 days, 2 business days since text messages) Letters Notice Date: January 31, Friday (4 days, 4 business days since AOS package was delivered and signed)
  11. Thank you, Bere. But actually I just got the 3 text messages after midnight, so I spoke too soon indeed. 😊 When I check the status online, it only says "Case Received" (EAD and AP) and "Fingerprint Fee Received" (AOS). I thought I'd already see if it any of the 3 were approved?
  12. Hi guys, I'm probably being paranoid but I was just wondering if it's normal that I haven't gotten any emails or text messages from USCIS about my AOS yet. My package was signed for exactly one week ago, Jan. 27, Monday. I'm worried because most people here I've observed got their case numbers much sooner.
  13. I personally chose K-1 for me (the beneficiary) and my husband knowing full well what we were getting into because: 1) We couldn't bear to spend any more time apart - this is probably the biggest reason why we chose K-1 2) We were confident we weren't gonna get denied - we had more than enough evidence of a bona fide relationship to qualify, I'm very organized with documentation (LOL), and I'm confident in interviews. A lot of K-1 applications trip at the finish line because of failing the interviews due to lack of confidence or failing to answer questions, giving the impression of fraud. 3) We're NOT eager for me to start working and/or travel overseas, so the EAD and AP delay were of no consequence to us. My husband makes decent money and we have a simple lifestyle, and we benefit more from our current arrangement of him being the breadwinner and I the homemaker. 4) Despite the lack of employment and such, I'm not bored or anything like that. And this arrangement makes our relationship easier rather than stressful. (Still pondering on how the "Netflix and chill" status can cause issues?) 😅 There are many other substantial activities to keep you occupied aside from a job, you just have to actually want to do something relevant with your time - learn a new skill or further develop one you already have, educate yourself on a topic of interest, etc. Whatever you choose to achieve in the meantime can also be aimed towards future employment. So as you can see, choosing K-1 for me was for very tailored reasons; and I understand that most people can't relate as much. I believe that the K-1 path is better for you ONLY IF you feel as strongly as I and my husband did about these 4 points of consideration. Good luck on your journey and I hope the route you take works best! 😊
  14. Hello all. Disclaimer: I am not an i-751 filer. I've just sent in my AOS package; but I know that the i-751 requires a lot of documentation I should start collecting now. Could someone please enlighten me as to why some people have 500 pages or more? I'm not seeing 2 years worth of just the essential documents amounting to this number, but perhaps I'm missing something. 😅 Also, can someone please provide a link to an i-751 checklist and/or procedure guide here on VJ? I tried searching and couldn't find anything recent. Thank you all and good luck to everyone! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: Oh, and one more thing.. Can someone also enlighten me on why some people say filing i-751 can be skipped because you can file N-400 anyway? What does this mean?
  15. I think I've found what this is all about: the new Public Charge rules https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-announces-public-charge-rule-implementation-following-supreme-court-stay-nationwide-injunctions Additional update: https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-updates-process-accepting-petitions-relatives-abroad
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