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  1. We contacted a live agent via EMMA who then sent us a request for more evidence regarding the expedite. After we faxed that to them, it was smooth sailing
  2. We just got notification for 'New Card is Being Produced' for our EAD! We submitted an expedite last month and it got approved just today. We're so thankful.
  3. My husband just had his biometrics appointment this morning. How long does it take for the status to change if it does? Do we expect a status change or not all the time?
  4. Got our biometrics appointment notice today through EMMA! Timeline: PD: June 23rd, 2021 Appt date: Sept 29th, 2021 We still haven’t gotten the physical mailed notice yet because we found out through EMMA online today. Hoping we get it early next week or else I’m going to be stressed 😥
  5. The advice we got was to wait 2 weeks (at least) so that they have enough time to input his K1 and arrival info into the SAVE system. Never have we been recommended to apply for it immediately after arriving, especially on a K1. Not only that, but when he called, there were no appointments available anyway until June 24th so we would’ve had to wait anyways..
  6. My husband arrived in the US on June 4th arriving on a K1 visa and we got married and filed for I-485, I-765, and I-131 the next week. He then applied for his SSN at his local SSA office on June 24th. Now the big mistake we did was not checking “yes” when the I-765 asked if he wanted to get issued a SSN with his EAD. The reason we did this was because we had thought he would’ve gotten his SSN by now. Unfortunately, it’s been 8 weeks now and his I-94 expires in 2 weeks so we doubt he’ll be getting his SSN by then. We’ve tried calling our local office multiple times who just say that they’re waiting on DHS to authorize and verify his I-94 and there’s nothing they can do. We’re now thinking about the worst case scenario, which is if he doesn’t receive his SSN by his I-94 expiration date, what do we do? Would he just have to go back to our local office and reapply for a SSN, this time with his EAD? Does the local office still have to check with DHS to authorize since he now doesn’t need his I-94 to get his SSN if he’ll have his EAD? We don’t want to have to end up waiting another 8 weeks for SSA to issue him a SSN after his EAD as it’s already taking so long for a work permit.
  7. What if we answered “no” to the question on I-765 if we wanted the SSA to issue a SSN? My husband arrived on a K1 and had his SSN appointment after we got married but before we filed AOS, so we thought we’d have his SSN by now but it’s been more than 6 weeks and nothing yet. Now we’re afraid he’ll get his EAD but no SSN because we answered “no”
  8. So he hasn’t gotten his SS card yet either? Yeah I don’t know whats happening because we don’t have an update either. He’s going to call them today and stress that he’s been waiting more than 6 weeks now
  9. My husband arrived here on a K1 on June 4th and we promptly got married and he called the local SSA office for an appointment after we sent our AOS papers. We waited until they had his records in their system and he received his social security appointment on June 24th. Ever since then, we’ve been waiting for his social security card. It’s been 4 weeks now and they told us it would only take 2-3 weeks. He called last week and they told him that they’re still verifying his info with DHS and it should arrive this week. When it didnt arrive, he called again today and no one picked up so he left a voicemail. Has this happened to anyone else? Is the SSA office just horribly backlogged because of Covid like everything else is?
  10. Wow that is so quick! We filed in June but I’m monitoring the other months’ threads as well and we’re only hoping we get biometrics as quickly as you guys did
  11. Found a WhatsApp group for June filers https://chat.whatsapp.com/CsklpVjVKkVGUyceTGNk6O
  12. Sending good vibes to you. I know you’ve been waiting a while for receipt notices
  13. Does anyone know of any messaging groups on WhatsApp or telegram for June 2021 filers?
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