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  1. Ughh yeah I didn’t even think about that. Me and my fiancé filed back in January and were hoping for a mid May NOA2. Our consulate is Montreal as well which is already a backed up embassy. We were hoping for him to move here by August but idk if that’s gonna be possible now wishing you all the best!
  2. So I’m guessing that those of us who are between NOA1 and NOA2 are okay? They are still processing cases but just the offices are closed? Correct me if I’m wrong
  3. My fiancé just went through immigration and has boarded his plane! Yay so excited!! Since this thread helped me A LOT while I was stressing about him being let through, I thought I’d share his experience at Toronto Pearson Airport in Canada (YYZ). Note that his proof was everything I stated in the above post and he does not have a job and is living with his parents. The conversation with CBP went a little like this in the POV of my fiancé: What is the purpose of your visit? -I’m visiting my fiancée Okay, and how long are you staying for? -one week Do you currently have a job? (Something along those lines) -no, I resigned Why? -I had To study for my licensing exams (pharmacy) How do you support yourself? -I live with my parents Do you plan to return to Canada? -yes I see you had a J1 visa, why isn’t it active? (He was previously studying abroad for one semester in the states) -I studied in Pittsburgh in 2018 for one semester until December Have a good day! (Stamps passport) According to my fiancé, the officer was really nice and didn’t ask to see any of the evidence he brought along with him. Frankly, I thought my fiancé got asked more questions than I had assumed. They even asked about his previous inactive J1 visa so it confirms that they can probably see everything on their monitors. Hope this helps others!
  4. Hi everyone, my fiancé is coming from Toronto tomorrow to visit me for a week for my birthday. We’ve applied for the K1 and got the NOA1 on January 23rd. I’m really nervous about entry and him getting in. I know he’ll go through immigration at YYZ since they do that there. But the issue is he’s currently studying for his pharmacy license full time and doing Uber on the side while living with his parents to save money. Therefore he doesn’t have a job letter to say he’s coming back nor does he have a lease agreement. What he’s bringing (and we’re hoping will be okay) is the following: -return ticket -NOA1 -car loan forms -car insurance forms -bank statement showing he still has accounts in Canada -phone bill can someone please console me to tell me if this is okay to bring and if he’ll be okay with just this? I’m really nervous. Also on a side note - does anyone know if CBP can see that we have a visa petitioned for him? We’re just Curious.
  5. Thank you. I sure hope the wait won’t be too long for me. Best of luck to you with everything! I sincerely hope it works out for you
  6. I'm reading this four years later and just want to say thank you so much! This is such a big help! Me and my fiance have just received our NOA1 a few weeks ago but I love to prepare so this is amazing
  7. Hi! Things are good! We got the NOA1 on 1/23 so now it's just a long long waiting game haha!
  8. Just received our NOA1 today after mailing the packet on 1/16! Excited!
  9. I left #5 blank. And I left the ones that didn't apply blank
  10. Hello everyone, I sent my I-129F package on 1/16 with USPS two day priority shipping. It originally said expected delivery on 1/18 by 8pm. I’m getting worried that the tracking info doesn’t yet say “out for delivery.” I have the below message when I track it. Can someone help me understand what this means? Does this mean it won’t get delivered until Tuesday because of the holiday on Monday? Any reason why it wasn’t delivered today?
  11. Sending our I-129F out this Thursday (January 16th, 2020) visa USPS priority mail with tracking info. Very excited!
  12. Ok, I don’t think I have the long form BC so I think I’ll send the short form one I have from NJ and all copies of my passport page instead of waiting for the long form BC to get delivered to me. Anyone know if that’s okay?
  13. Yes I am the petitioner and I was born in the US.
  14. Hello everyone, me and my fiancé are in the process of gathering all the documents for the I-129F. We wanted to know - does the US petitioner need their long form birth certificate or will a normal one be okay to send? Thanks!
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