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  1. Hi all! Been a while since our last update. We moved from NC to FL in January and filed an address change with USCIS. We received our interview notice today for May 13th at our new Field Office! Really excited our nearly 2-year journey is finally almost and hopefully coming to a close! Wish us luck
  2. Hey guys! So we moved to a different state recently and therefore our field office changed as well. Does anyone know how long it takes for the transfer to happen and what that process is? When we chatted with a live agent today, he told us that the address change was successful but our case is at NBC. That confused me because we already had the biometrics done so we're confused why it went from Raleigh, NC FO to NBC and not Raleigh FO to Tampa (our new FO). Can anyone clarify what goes on here?
  3. My fiance will be arriving on his K1 visa some time in May and we hope to apply for his social security card. I know that pre-Covid, K1 visa holders were able to go to a SSA office and receive a SSN but now that offices are still closed, how are people navigating this? The I-765 form asks if we need a social security number with our EAD/green card but we don't want to wait until my fiance gets his EAD for him to receive a SSN. Are people still able to get their SSN before receiving their EAD?
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