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  1. that's why she has her own legal representation, right ? Trust is something I thought about looking into. Looks like not even assets prior to marriages are safe
  2. That's the whole point of the prenup. I keep what was bought for assets earned by me
  3. 14 minutes ago, Paul & Mary said: Thank you! Will the PI agreement hold any water in the US? Is that why you did a postnup in the US because it may not do anything ?
  4. PI agreement? How did you do the prenup ? You signed before the marriage over there? Did a US lawyer draft it to bring over there ?
  5. meaning she needs to sign it here after she comes to the US? We would be married then already, she could just choose to not sign it then, right ?
  6. Right, the question is how do I do a legally enforcable prenup when marrying abroad ? Do I have her sign paperwork before doing the marriage there? Do I do paperwork when she comes to the US? etc. any help appreciated.
  7. How is a prenup handled if a US citizen goes abroad to marry his fiancé so as to be able to bring her back with a CR1 visa ?
  8. @missileman or @JasonGG do either of you know ?
  9. I wouldn't say I'm confusing it. I'm just concerned they'd come and say we're not legit because we didn't have the ceremony 😅
  10. So let's say we go with the CR1. So then it becomes a matter of two choices: 1. we arrange and plan for the marriage and take a time to arrange it, have the marriage and then file for CR1. This could take awhile since it's an international marriage. 2. We go ahead and marry on paper, get her the VISA so we can be together, and then do the marriage at a date where everyone gets enough time to attend. If we go with option 2, is there going to be a problem to prove the marriage is legit without having a big wedding party ?
  11. Is that possible given that I don't know when the interview would be taking place ? How much time in advance to they give ?
  12. that's awesome. Thank you! I'd be interested in hearing what others feel about this too
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