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  1. no you can't. i'm in cambodia for the last month to see her. We've been keeping a close eye on this. they're only letting family fly.
  2. No, and like I've mentioned, the blue form is a generic form they hand out to just about anyone. So don't read much into that.
  3. based on the feedback my fiance and I collected, it's because I failed to front-load the I129-F application. I mistakenly relied on rapidvisa to correct any mistakes I made.
  4. I typed up the OF-194 form to make it easier to read for anyone who is curious OF-194_ R2-A blue refusal.pdf
  5. they're the ones who issued the visa tho I think this accurate. I relied on rapidvisa to help me here, because I was not sure how it was done.
  6. thank you, this is exactly what we're looking at doing now. I actually got the business visa to go to Vietnam too, but the airline isn't letting me book with yet another paper I didn't get (for some unknown reason). so I'm going to see if I can enter Vietnam using my visa.
  7. I intend to comply with the form. Just finding it frustrating given that we've provided a lot of documentation. We literally have spoken with each other every single day for 3 years, and I'm insulted that someone would even think that our relationship is fake. The frustration with covid is never-ending too. I've been trying to get over to Vietnam ever since they shut down. I've paid thousands of dollars to get a business visa, which is now suspect and I can't get in via that route either and it looks like I will have to reapply as a foreign expert once again delaying the process by another 2-3 months. I just want to see my fiance. I didn't see her since February 2020 because of covid.
  8. Enclosed please find my Form I-129F, Petition for K-1 Fiancée Visa for Lily and the following supporting documents (in order): Payment of $535.00 made to U.S. Department of Homeland Security G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance 1 Divorce Decree(s) for Sponsor I-129F Supplement: Page 8, Part 2, Question 54, explanation of meeting A 2"x2" color passport-style photograph of the petitioner A 2"x2" color passport-style photograph of the beneficiary Sponsor's Proof of U.S. Citizenship Letter from Sponsor certifying intent to marry Alien Letter from Alien certifying intent to marry Sponsor Proof of Having Met in the Past Two Years I used rapidvisa to submit my paperwork, and they looked over all the paperwork and made sure it was OK. I had to re-submit because they found some things and made suggestions too. But I did not submit a whole lot of evidence at that time as I recall, I just followed the instructions for the form and rapidvisa. It's all well and good to submit the stuff from the 221g, but it's unclear to me what in there we weren't providing to their satisfaction since they didn't even look at the paperwork she brought. And it could be they didn't look because she didn't provide the divorce papers and already thought it was missing, but reading that blue paper (and it is difficult to read from a photo)
  9. You're making a lot of assumptions here. This blue paper is not individually customized but it's a generic document. So no, the beneficiary has not been married before. We absolutely provided this. Screenshots from chats, printed copies of boarding passes, pictures of us, pictures of me and her family (uncles, aunts, cousins, and siblings), bank statements showing other expenses, all dated with comments and in chronological order. I'm not sure why you're painting a picture that we're somehow sloppy here. My fiancé was up until 4am many many nights getting this ready. she doesn't have any and she provided this information during the interview What I'm trying to tell you, and everyone else here, is that we tried to give absolutely everything in packet3k. I am pretty sure my fiancé had my divorce papers with her, because I had sent it to her, but she found this to be a very stressful situation, and may simply have forgotten. She was primed by other people that the interview process was difficult. You're just reading what the blue form. Fine, but don't assume we got this form because we were completely lacking. It's not fair at all for you to assume this. As I've said, this is a very generic refusal form, and it doesn't say what we've missed. That's why we're confused since we brought a lot of paperwork they didn't even look at. I do believe even the divorce papers.
  10. I think she said something like more pictures of us together or something. But I don't think that can have been all. Turns out they also asked her for my divorce papers from my previous marriage (this came up after I posted this in discussion). This was listed as one of the items in Packet3k that she was supposed to bring, but did not. When I contacted their office via their form, they also linked me to https://www.ustraveldocs.com/vn/vn-iv-221ginfo.asp It should be noted that one of the most frustrating aspect is their first come, first serve system for booking an appointment. It's near impossible to actually book an appointment. There's literally a bunch of women who sit refreshing their screen every few minutes ALL DAY in order to book an appointment. However, there's never a set schedule for when new appointment slots are available, it can be any time around the clock. We had been trying since April to be able to book this appointment. Thank you. Attaching blue as you suggest.
  11. To me the really frustrating thing is them saying she didn't bring enough evidence when they didn't even look through what she brought.
  12. The blue paper is a request for more evidence. It's not as dire as a hard denial but I saw the stacks and stacks of paper she put together for the interview. She was up until 4am every night for days putting this together. She is gutted.
  13. After waiting since April due to covid, my fiance finally had her interview today and was rejected. We have met 5 times prior to covid and haven't been able to be together for over 1.5 years due to covid. The interviewer said they did not have time to look over the paperwork, and in the same breath told my fiance that she didn't bring enough evidence to support our case that we have a "bona fide relationship". It's very very unclear to me how we can provide more evidence supporting our relationship when the time wasn't taken to review the material that we brought in the first place. How can we have any chance to win on this? They asked her if I was present (which clearly I was not) and it's not possible to go to Vietnam currently because they're still closed from covid. That seems like a really stupid question to even ask her since they've been closed since March 2020.
  14. https://vn.usembassy.gov/gradual-opening-of-ho-chi-minh-city/ "The U.S. Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City will gradually resume normal appointment scheduling for American Citizen Services...Other consular services including Nonimmigrant and Immigrant visa interviews will also gradually resume as staffing, safety guidelines, and local regulations permit"
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