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  1. Is it normal and customary to apply for all three of these documents at the same time? Trying to get this done in the easiest and fastest time possible. Are there other documents that should be done first? TIA.
  2. Regarding: Form I-134 OMB No. 1615-0014 Expires 10/31/2022 that K1 sponsors have to submit and various civi documents. My fiancé received an email on July 28, 2022 from the embassy after her medical appointment was finished. It informed her civil documents and the I-134 Declaration has to be uploaded and further gives instructions and a warning. I called the embassy interview appointment line and they told me to email the support staff at the embassy for clarification and a possible upload link. Has anyone received this email from the Embassy? (referring to the highlighted section)
  3. Thanks Randy, we have already passed the medical without the vaccine. Things are changing. Even the interview, the embassy told us the vaccine or the pcr test not required. But boarding the plane is the big one I suppose. ON the directions at the embassy site, they mentioned uploading the documents.. Thanks again. She will hand carry them.
  4. I have two questions: 1. is there a link to upload documents such as the Affidavit of Support and supporting documents to the Embassy for the interview.. haven't been able to find out how. 2. Is my fiancée considered at this point an immigrant or non-immigrant? This seems to be sensitive to the covid-vaccine requirement. She doesn't want to take the vaccine since one of her cousins died and another is very sick and has physical problems with a lot of pain since. TIA for help with these ?s.. Our interview is August 11!! Dave
  5. I will update this since I called the US Embassy in Manila and share my answer. I was told by the phone staff that answered my call the reference number is in fact the receipt number listed on the printed out receipt. If this helps someone thats what is all about. Dave
  6. Thanks Penguin for your help on getting this to the right forum. update: There is a place on the NOA2 listed under Priority Date, however it is blank.
  7. I have this same question regarding the "priority date". Im onsite making the interview appointment date and the question is what is the Priority Date. This is the Philippine US Embassy regarding the interview date for the beneficiary for the K1 visa app. Is that date on the NOA1 or NOA2? If not, how do I get this date.
  8. We are ready to pay the Visa Fee for the Beneficiary. The RCBC Business Center TouchQ Machine instructions ask for a "Reference Number", amount and contact number. We are not sure what the reference number is. Is it the receipt number printed on the deposit print-out, or the Confirmation number from the DS-160, that number or what? There isn't an explanation of it on the deposit page printed out to give the clerk. Does anyone know about the "Reference Number"? thanks for your help. Dave
  9. Thanks Chancy, I used the "Immigration option" and it's ready.. thanks for your suggestion.
  10. Tell her to go to the street markets, and quit the fancy malls.. $700 a month is about $400 to much after living in the Phils for 18mons. Its imo its about "keeping up appearances.."
  11. NO, I didnt. They side-stepped my question regarding our visa file and its status and answered general ?s regarding the DS 160 telling me to call and hours of operation. At the moment now, my fiancés parents of 80+yrs old health has changed and she is requesting a few months for this to resolve.. that is very understandable so not sure at the moment how much longer my petition will survive at the Embassy. They are trying to find siblings to come to help so it will relieve her. Dave
  12. THE STATUS check link at the CEAC site says our MNL case number is invalid.. They just in January sent the file to Manila.. I checked the entry several times.. I have already started finished the DS-160 but have not yet submitted it. The ID number there starts with AA..... wonder if that is the AA number they mention on the site... however it's not submitted yet.. Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. I have 2 questions: 1. This may have already been answered but if it is I apologize b/c I couldn't find it. Is it a requirement by the Philippine Embassy to have a covid 19 Vaccination to have the K1 visa interview? Or will a PCR test be sufficient? 2. We received an email in early Jan 2022 from the NVC telling us they had forwarded our K1 visa file to the Philippine embassy. We have yet to receive a notice they have received it. What should we do now? We do have our MNL case# and invoice. Should we go ahead and complete the DS-160 without notice from the Embassy?
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