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  1. Mr Greenbaum, my petition was approved and I received the NOA2 on July 14. I expired Nov 2020. I called the NVC in Oct and they said to wait. We still have not heard if our file has been forwarded to the embassy in Manila. My questions are what is a P3, and what should I do about the Nov expiration. Should I recontact the NVC? Dave
  2. Your ? seems to be answered at the Philippine site.. there is a K1 interview happening the first week of Oct..
  3. They are supposed to be serving "we the people". I think its time we were more vocal about this wait. Working 4hrs a day when people need their lives take off hold is not the answer. Write your Congress representatives.
  4. I noticed they are processing K-129s now in some other countries. Hopefully they will begin adding K1s now in Manila soon. I called the NVC and they said they would only forward to the American consulate in Manila a requested number of approved K129 app files when they ask for more of them. They send that number of files out for processing and then wait again for another file request. Is there a way to search how many approved files where sent to the NVC sorted by country of beneficiary and dated NOA2?
  5. ok Hank thanks, but when do I send in the affidavit of support and other Financial docs?
  6. this DS-16O form is asking about a passbook number and a passbook travel document number. I checked does not apply but I could be wrong.. there is this same number with a approx 14 more numbers behind it.. what is the correct answer here?
  7. I apologize if this has already been answered I have tried to search this ?. I checked my status at NVC to an update and it sent me this notice.. listing the six steps you must take before NVC can schedule your visa interview appointment. I was under the impression the file would be forwarded on to the US Consulate in Manila. Process the DS16O online pay fees and hand carry most of the required documents to the interview. ie: affidavit of support, other financial docs, etc. Is this wrong or should I do I complete documents to NVC? I have not received anything from NVC as of yet except by phone our case and invoice numbers.
  8. Is it acceptable with USCIS and the consulate staff that I as the petitioner complete the DS-16O form stateside for her so she can go to the Dept of state site in Asia to proof it and then sign the form on site?
  9. My fiancé stated she was in detention till she paid her penalty and afterward, was taken while in their custody to the airport to depart the country. It was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and there was no option to leave on her own or go back home to collect her things. With this removal in mind, is this an automatic decline for her coming here on the K1?
  10. They gave her time to pay her penalty like 1O days or so. I will ask her if they took her to the airport or IF she made her own arrangements and did it on her own.Thanks
  11. ON DS-16O form there is a question: Have you ever been removed or deported from any country. I knew back in late 2O16 my fiancé had stayed working on an expired visa in Indonesia, paid a penalty but then Was told she cant come back and work for 5yrs that her name was on a black list. She did get a good police clearance certificate from them this week. Is this question an automatic denial coming to the US?
  12. Thanks, guess in the meantime I will start the DS160 form and other items.
  13. We just received our NOA2 last week. How long has the NVC been holding your files. I understand this to mean they have not forwarded your files to the consulates for processing. Im told it will take about a month before the NVC is sent our file. How will the USCIS notify us the file has been forwarded to the NVC?
  14. Carry on payxibka, I for one didn't see a snide remark. Thanks for the sharing.
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