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  1. I don't understand what do you want from her, if you have something to say say it here
  2. she's reading the comments, so if you have some information please let us know
  3. no ubdates AT ALL on ceac means they havent touched my case yet right?
  4. I don't understand, don't they have to have a legal reason to deny you? are you saying that an age gap = outright denial
  5. does anyone know what the blue 221g stands for? I googled it and it said needing additional documents but the co didn't ask for any!!
  6. they changed the law, algerians cant get married in tunisia unless they are residing in tunisia
  7. I think it's a good thing that it wasn't a flat out denial. I guess my fiance and I were too optemestic thinking we are going to get approved the very same day of the interview
  8. we hired an attorney from day one, is there anything the attorney could do. and should we email the embassy before the period of 60 days stated on the blue 221g
  9. no updates at all on ceac does it mean they are not working on my case at all? - they haven't send my passport back allah yessir
  10. I brought everything to the interview, we submited initial evidence too
  11. Hello Vj my fiance and I have been together for 4 years now we love each other deeply. we have a strong bond. we have seen each other for the total of four months and three weeks I had my interview May 22th, 2022 in the us embassy in algeria the CO didn't take the evidence of the relationship i brought with me ( texts, pictures, rental contract, affidavit from parents and family) he wasn't friendly at all and he kinda focused on one perticular thing which is the age gap we have 25+ years but it's not something that bother us not to mention that she doesn't look her age AT ALL I answered all his questions correctly. the interview was short around 10 to 15 minutes in the end he gave me a blue slip 221g and he said he will need to further review my case or something like that and didn't ask for any additional documents he kept my passport, the medical, my birth certificate, police records of her and mine, my fiance divorce paper work, 2 passport pictures. - Now the case status in CEAC hasn't changed AT ALL since the interview it still shows refused, and the last date the case has been updated same as the date of the interview meaning no change at all - my passport status changed from your passport is still at the embassy to Document Delivery Information: I have so many questions like: are we denied or approved? what actualy the blue slip 221g color stands for? why he didn't take the evidence of the relationship? why there's no update on our case (18 days now)? where's my passport? Please any insight will be very apprecieted. Thank you all for taking the time
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