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  1. Thank you! Free for two years! 😂
  2. Hello, my husband and I are planning to visit Morocco in July after he receives his green card (which should come in the next two weeks!!!). I've gotten conflicting information from the Facebook group about if he needs a transit visa to fly through Spain. Our flight would be from Chicago to Barcelona and then from Barcelona to Fes. Have any Moroccans traveled through Spain without a transit visa?
  3. Hello, everyone! We were just approved for the green card on Thursday from the Memphis, Tennessee field office. Read about our experience here: [removed]
  4. This is an EXTREMELY helpful response! Thank you. What we ended up doing is looking at more apartments. We found one we liked better and the management company had no issues leasing to us with just his passport and K1 visa. If I were still struggling, this would be the method I would use next.
  5. Not yet, feels strange to need a real estate agent for this case. It’s on the to do list for Monday.
  6. How do you do it? Maybe if I can explain it to the apartment people they can try that. Thanks for the advice. I’ll try that.
  7. Wow! That’s awesome that you were able to do all of that before he even got here.
  8. Maybe so, because we checked the SAVE program before we went to apply for the SSN and his information was there, so we shouldn't have even needed the manual verification. We waited until 3 weeks after he arrived before applying.
  9. I have not. Thanks for the suggestion--I will do that tomorrow!
  10. Yes, I found that office today but they were closed. I'm going to call back tomorrow. Thanks for doing the search.
  11. I checked out getting an ITIN, but I thought that he was ineligible because he is eligible for a SSN. Did I misunderstand what I read?
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