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  1. 33 weeks pregnant you may not be allowed on the plane need to check that part out you may have to have the baby there not married yet you may have to prove it is the baby of the USC to bring him/her here have you taken care of that issue?
  2. adil-rafa

    After DS5535

    just to let u know when the ds5535 is done, they will require a new medical exam this is because the trip to the US must be made within 6 months of the medical they proabably will say to send it with passport thru aramex but they have been known to have another interview just to veriify ID and fingerprints and they may not it is Casa and they don't seem to do the same case to case good luck we know the wait is long but it will be worth it when you are together allah yessir
  3. you can block all unknown numbers on your cell you can put facebook to private or stop using social media till this is over how can you be embarrassed to tell a clinic your boo hoo story when they have heard it all and can help and we can't go and get the help you need nothing to be embarrassed about this happens in the best of families
  4. no offense meant here to anyone but 2 European women that were beheaded in Morocco a few months ago and this happened near Essouria and one of these criminals was a man from Essouria and the people from there are not being given the ds5535 they even recently approved some from there casa embassy is more than strange security checking needs to be done but it needs to make sense
  5. adil-rafa

    Tax return 2018

    You are trying to do AOS and separated and will divorce you say she will not answer your calls and text messages so how are you going to do joint tax returns for 2018? your screenshots are tiny and i can open them immigration is looking for a proof you are married and live together AND YOU DON'T so, you must divorce and do the waiver to AOS you can't prove and show what u don't have
  6. the form is specific to be given out by CO (if they feel the need) to high fraud countries or cases when a person from high fraud is living in another country or whenever the CO feels the need to do additional screening
  7. to answer the original post if they didn't keep the passport and said wait for an email, the moroccan will more than likely see the email says "fill out the ds5535" we hope not but please let us know here what does happen as we are trying to understand and help others
  8. looking like some done by embassy and others sent back for Homeland security the other guy interviewed same time as your wife has already been told his was returned but you have not heard this
  9. Agree i have seen cases i would never approve and they did and 2 cases that should have been above and beyond reproach they have told one person his English was not good enough and another was approved who knew no English one USC woman had to prove she owned a house for her and husband to live in and a moroccan woman who didn't speak English was approved to come here and live in a rooming house her husband lived in with 3 other men other cases just as strange but seems all from Fes get the ds5535 and it also worries me as the one site to complain about this on facebook sounds like there is a lot of anger over this
  10. the embassy does have to tell you if the case is returned to the US so yours must still be in Casa
  11. agree with this poster another man from a northern city was told he was getting the visa and even given the "welcome to US letter and phamlet instructions of what to do when he arrived here" he was told the visa would be issued in 2 weeks he was: teacher of English paid by Moroccan government clean reports but the email came and he was told to fill out ds 5535 2 months the USC petitioner recd email saying case is returned to the US so, our questions Do you live in Fes or north of Fes?
  12. agree but the form also puts a huge amount of additional work on the embassy without preparing them for the process (hiring additional to do the investigating) our government will eventually see the need for more case workers but they seem to always put the cart before the horse by making laws or rules that require a bigger workload and even sometimes no way to enforce this new ds form makes work for the embassy or when the application is returned to the US , Homeland Security does the clearance work and at no time when deciding to make this form a possible extra step did they hire extra staff to do the security investigation and now, it seems , they hand it out to all from Fes and north morocco/ that's a lot of people
  13. should have been able to get it from calling by now always am amazed by this process (if i can call it that) it should be a step by step file they receive they cash check they imput documents they assign to an officer the packet the office reviews if RFE is needed, you are informed after RFE is answerd and is approved case goes to NVC NVC receives NVC assigns case number officer imputs data into that case in order that cases are received I realize the number of applications is up by over 2 million from a few years ago but more applications means more fees more fees mean larger budget larger budget should mean more employees but unforunately illegals pay no fees and we pay for them
  14. and for this I am so sorry looks like you are all getting the run around
  15. adil-rafa

    NOIR letter

    sorry confused you say it is reaffirmed who reaffirmed? and then say waiting for NOIR/NOID decision / that would mean not reaffirmed and if reaffirmed. why would you have to write anything back?