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  1. Got an email update today that the NVC received my case. My Noa2 was on 11th June. I guess it works for some.
  2. Long time lurker here. Got an rfe dated May 20th for passport size photos today in the mail. It asks for the alien registration number(if known) to be written on the back of the photos we submit. Where can I find this number (we havent received NOA2 yet)?
  3. Thats true. What if I bring both the original and corrected birth certificate to the interview in that case? Will there be any issues?
  4. I am an indian (beneficiary) residing in Singapore. I recently dug up my birth certificate for use in the K1 interview. However, I realised my surname is misspelled on it ( extra letter 'a' added ). Will it be a problem at the interview. If I try to request a cert from the indian embassy, will they accept that instead or should I just bring the birth certificate with the misspelled surname ? Advise needed as I am confused.
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