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    We met on OkC while I was on a long holiday in the US. It was totally unexpected but I believe we were meant to meet <3  We have been together for almost two years now. Since we started our LDR in 2016, we have tried to visit each other every 4-5 months. He has visited me once in the Philippines and Singapore (where I am currently working) and I have visited him twice in the US. He proposed to me on our 8th month as a couple and I said yes (of course!). Then the long process of the K1 was started...7 agonizing months later, I now have my K1 visa and will be going to the US soon to spend forever together <3 

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  1. Hi JoJoJoJo, my status got updated today to card was picked up by USPS and the status has the tracking number. Did yours update as well?
  2. Just had my interview at San Francisco and was approved! My status online is now "New Card is Being Produced" ☺ The interview was around 30 minutes and was asked about certain dates in our relationship, how we met, and clarified some information. The officer updated some information on my i485 form and took some of our recent pictures. At the end of the interview I was handed a letter that said my case is "under review" but my status online updated 2 hours after.
  3. Had my interview and was approved! Status is now "New Card is Being Produced" 😊
  4. Hello, yes. Actual updates i received were: January 2018 - case ready to be scheduled for interview March 2018 - case ready to be scheduled for interview (I dunno why the duplicate updates 🤷‍♂️) March 2019 - interview scheduled So I waited almost 16-17 months after filing for my interview to be scheduled.
  5. Sf update: Status changed in January to interview ready to be scheduled. Status changed in March 5 to interview scheduled. Letter received a week later and my interview will be first week of April. Hang in there everyone!
  6. Did you get a medical exam here in the US prior to submitting your i485? Or are you planning to get one prior to your interview?
  7. San Francisco Field office: Finally received a text and email notification that my i-485 interview has already been scheduled! Yay! 🎉
  8. Omg! Yay congrats! I can't wait for mine too. Such a looooong wait for us at the SFO field office.
  9. The confirmatory test after a positive tb skin test is a chest xray or a sputum test. I don't think there is a blood test.
  10. My field office is also SF. Filed in October 2017 and still waiting for interview date 😣
  11. Filed October 10, 2017. EAD received in December. AOS is case ready for interview since march. Still no interview scheduled 😕
  12. I'm under Alameda County so will be doing my interview at San Francisco. Still waiting
  13. Anyone else here who's field center for their AOS is San Francisco, CA? I checked USCIS Processing Timeline, and they are currently processing November 28, 2016 applications... Have you heard any update on your application?
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