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  1. That’s awesome, I’m so happy for you ! My FO is sf too and I’m glad that things are finally moving! Good luck and keep us posted!
  2. Thanks for your response, it seems like this happened to few people already and it does make sense. I wish this ends soon, I’m getting tired of this and can’t wait for it to be over !!
  3. People will post news if there is any!! Asking the same question every day is little annoying !
  4. Mine is expiring in April, if you submit the renewal on time you automatically get 180 days ead extension. So you should be fine! My FO is SF too and ppl from July got their interview notice, so we probably will hear from them in 2-3 months. Good luck
  5. This is October 17, you are asking questions in the wrong place !
  6. San Francisco NOA October 6 and still waiting case is ready for an interview since April !! Sf is really slow...
  7. Ohh that sucks, I hope it won’t be that long for us !! We can’t do nothing but waiting... Keep us updated if you hear something, best of luck.
  8. Hi, Did you try to schedule an infopass or call them ?
  9. Hello, my NOA is October 6. Got my EAD in early April, case is ready to be scheduled for interview since April. My filed office is San Francisco, unfortunately they are very slow ;( hope we all hear some good news in the next few days/weeks. Good luck
  10. Mine too says April 18 !! My field office is San Francisco and it is really slow ;(
  11. Hey guys ! Same thing happened to me, they literally just updated my status in the new website saying that they are ready to schedule... since April.
  12. San Francisco is hella backed up right now. One of the guys from October fillers called them and they told him that they are currently working on January 2017 (cases). My FO is sf too and my case tracker says that They are ready to schedule my form... since April. Good luck, hopefully you will hear good news soon !
  13. I think it’s time for you to move on and forget about the English translation. Seems they received your RFIE and that’s why your status says : case is ready for an interview... Just wait patiently for them to schedule your form for an interview !! Best of luck