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  1. Hi Guys!! had our interview on the 10th and we were approved on the spot! Our interview went very nice. The officer asked several questions: Tell me about how you guys met ? When where and why? Have you met each other's family? Do our mothers get along? how many kids do you have? were you married before? and she went into detail on my husbands kid, how old? does he see him? where does he live? does he provide child support? hows hes relationship with the mother? The no questions on the i-485 She requested proof of relationship: We handed her all bills (Rental agreement, electric and gas, water, trash, sewer, bank account, life, dental, health, vision, car insurance, and car registration. and she reviewed them asked if we had anything else...and we handed her all of our amusement park passes( disney, six flags, universal studios, and seaworld) with that she kind of smiled and brought out the conversation about the parks. and she hit us with a curb ball and started to talk about my past immigration incidents I had which caught me by surprise and she saw my expression and said" what? your husband doesn't know?" I said yes he does just didn't know that was going to be brought up and she asked my husband if he knew and what were the incidents. My husband responded After she started to explained how to remove the condition on the green card and that in 2022 my husband could apply to become a US citizen. and my husband asked " we are approved then?" she said yes and told us to expect the green card within 3 weeks. She also said not to cross the border or travel until he had the green card in he's hand. because EAD/AP are no longer valid because hes status changed. and on the 16th card was picked up by usps and will be arriving here today according to the tracking Thank you all for traveling this journey with us!! and good luck!! 
  2. I just got an update... As of Dec. 1 our AOS interview has been scheduled!!! yeaaaahhhhhhh baby!!
  3. I can share our experience, we've cross twice already. First time, we let the border patrol that it was he' first time crossing so they send us to secondary inspection. There they took us to the office to get a I-94 crossing permit which cost $6. After that they explained that every time he crosses he would need to have he's permit and combo card with him. We crossed yesterday and the officer just said documents and a minute later, have a good night. and that's it Pleasantly well. We were nervous but everything was great.
  4. diddo! We want to go to Mexico fro Christmas. We already spoke with a CBP that assured us we can cross but any updates or experiences are welcomed
  5. nice!! We're in San Diego, CA ... ours is 7 mths to 18th months...Its been 6 already lets hope soon
  6. where you located?? we kinda have the same timeline
  7. As of 2:30 am today here in San Diego, CA our status changed from response recieved to ready to schedule!!! Odd thing it says since the 19th?! But Im to excited to think about it!!! And yesterday we recieved our EAD/AP!! Wuujuuuuh!! Also we went down to the border to ask a cbp and he said that we can cross with AP card that they will send us to secondary inspection and thats all!! We are super excited!!
  8. hi guys!! Can you guys share your crossing with AP Card experiences, We are 50/50 on traveling in Dec. My husband hasn't seen he's family in 1.5 year, it would be nice to travel to mexico. Any opinion, suggestions, and advice would be very very helpful!
  9. In our experience we went to Wells Fargo and added him to my account. They didnt ask for a ssn only for our marriage certificate and he's passport. Same for our Gas & electric, renters agreement and water. I don't know what cable company you have but I know COX and AT&T dont ask for ssn but you do have to pay a deposit. From now on ask everything to be in your and your spouse's name. I have family members that are immigrants and they have everything under their name in Texas, don't know why you can't? Try again. You shouldn't have a problem.
  10. Update: EAD/AP was mailed 11/21/18 now my question is is it safe to travel with the AP?? It states not gauranteed entrance...anyone can state their expierence?? With the holidays upon us we would like to travel to mexico
  11. A was reading that it might be cause ghey are giving us an interview date. So lets hope on that!! 🙏🏼🤞🏼Im just worries cause we want to leave for thanksgiving
  12. Hi!! Has your EAD/AP card arrived yet? Im asking cause same thing happen to me right now. Yesterday EAD changed to “card being produced” today “case was approved” so Im a bit confused. Its been 10 days for you soo just wanted an update?
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