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  1. I would like to sponsor my mother to apply for a visitor’s visa to come to the US from Morocco. I am in the US on a Green Card- my wife is an American citizen. Last year, we had very little income, as we were in the process of starting a business. We just made our first money from it a month ago and will be well over the poverty line for this tax year. I also have a second job as a coach, since last Sept. I had $7000 of reportable wages from it last year and will have around $20k this year. Is there a way for me to prove my income this year, before I do my taxes? And will this be sufficient to the gov’t to prove we are financially able to take care of my mother while she is in the states?
  2. Go figure... it must be ESP or something, because I just received a notification tonight that we will receive the GC in the mail within 30 days!! Woohooooo
  3. Hi and thanks MSC are The first 3 letters and we are with the Philadelphia service center
  4. Well, it's been some time since I've last asked anything here My husband entered the US on the K1 visa in Dec. 2016 and we applied for AOS in the end of Feb. He had his biometrics appt in the middle of March. Since then, our USCIS status just says 'Fingerprint Fee Received'. (service center is Philadelphia, PA) What should I make of this? Is this a long time to be stuck on this status?
  5. Haha I'm sure you do, because I know we did
  6. Good luck to you guys and @Faye Faye! If you have any questions, my husband and I did the K1 process not long ago and he is also from Morocco
  7. You can enter from anywhere. When he gets up to Customs, he will hand over the sealed envelope of documents he will have with him (make sure it's packed in his carry-on and not his checked bag!!), then the CO may ask him a few questions and/or send him to an office. They will ask some more questions there- but nothing major (if he passed the interview in his home country he should have no problem passing these few easy questions!). After that, he'll be on his way!
  8. We also tried for a tourist visa before the K1 and were denied. It's not an issue for the K1 (we were approved), as long as you can explain at the interview about why you wanted a tourist visa ( to visit your fiancé'a mother is fine). For the tourist visa, it can be hard. You have to show strong ties and they will most likely reject you bc you have a fiancé. They will tell you that you are applying for the wrong type of visa and to go for the K1 (at least that was our experience) Good luck with everything!
  9. I had a similar situation- got divorced and then it had to be reopened (so it was like legally we were still married, even though I had a divorce decree) and then it eventually got shut again, but within a span of 2 years.... my fiancé and I filed the paperwork literally 2 days after receiving the 2nd divorce decree. We had no issues and were approved! Like everything else, just have proof and make sure your fiancé can explain, if need be and you will be fine!
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    Interview today

    Good luckkkkkk!