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  1. Ooh! that is very interesting. I just looked over my license and it doesn't have that text but it does have a little star in the right corner with a gold circle background. I do think I had heard about the boarding airplane regulations getting stricter. I hope the extension letter they'll give us immediately-ish after applying for ROC will be enough to get that ID
  2. Oh gosh. We're moving to PA next year, hoping they won't give me a 9 month driver's license 😬
  3. I don't know if it depends on the state, but when I went to the Florida DMV to renew my license with my greencard, they gave me an 8 year license
  4. I know, it's nerve wracking. The day after my interview it changed to "case is under review" or something like that and I almost had a heart attack. I googled and some people said their status had stayed like that for months without changing. Luckily a few days later it changed to case was approved but that was one of my most anxious weekends ever. Luckily it's still so early in the week so you will more than likely get an update this week
  5. It really varies from case to case, some people get the update the same day, some the day after, I think mine was like 5 days? And then another week for them to mail it
  6. When you receive the green card the I-131 status changes to "case closed" so Im guessing they must be in the same boat as you
  7. It was probably not in that particular officer's system yet. They seem to not share info with each other...did you talk to a tier2?
  8. You could give calling them a try but I think I remember someone on this thread whose interview notice letter was lost and they called, and the only response they got was that they could fax them the letter if it didn't arrive within 5 days. I can't recall if they would give them the date over the phone. But never hurts to try. Im sorry its so difficult my husband had a similar problem, and someone else had actually already asked for the day of our interview off because of their kid's school graduation. So they only gave him a few hours off, it was tough. Hope it works out for y'all
  9. Ooh, I see. Ive never heard of anyone getting EAD/AP after interview but since it's being held for review...let us know what the ombudsman says!
  10. Wait, does it say "case is ready to be scheduled for interview" or "interview scheduled"? They're not the same, the former can be there for many months while the latter is usually followed by an interview letter a week later at most
  11. Yup, agreed. I hadn't even received my physical card when I got my first job because USPS lost it. I had to text my boss my ssn 😨
  12. I would wait until I have the gc in hand to go to the SS office. As for the job questions that really depends on each individual employer. You could start submitting applications as it might be a while between applying and actually starting work
  13. They definitely asked me for those and they also kept them! Bring all the ones you have. We brought lease agreement, bank statement and car insurance cards as well as the life insurance beneficiary info
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