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  1. Honestly if you are that worried about getting NOA1 in time, I'd skip the online filing altogether, and mail in both forms to avoid any confusion. You can pay overnight shipping to make sure everything gets there before the 24th
  2. I've never filed online so I wouldn't personally know, from reading the threads I assumed online filing granted an immediate NOA1 after you submit your application. In any case, when we submitted i130, my NOA1 it took around a week to arrive in the mail hopefully you'll get yours this week 🤞
  3. I doubt you'll have any issues, the full-time requirement is only for fall and spring, you are allowed to take summers off or even take just 1 class or 2 during the summer. I did and had 0 issues. I always went home for the whole summer and once even took an online class while at home. Except for 1 year, where I did spend the summer here. (Which yes you can do) (This is all for undergrad; i have no experience with grad)
  4. I'd just bring any additional evidence of finance co-mingling such as any new bank accounts opened, new lease, new insurance. Anything new from the time you both moved in together officially, also new photographs if you have them, any trips scheduled
  5. I would say no, since they might think you are filing I-130 again. Just include a copy of I-130 NOA1 in your I-485 package
  6. Hi friends, this question is for those who have already traveled abroad with their green cards (or whose spouse has). When you came back into the US, did they stamp your passport? I took a trip home for the holidays and when I came back, I went through the kiosk thingies at the airport and it printed a slip of paper with my picture and info, then the CBP stamped the entry stamp on said paper. Before leaving the airport there was a final check, where another officer checked our documents and he ended up keeping the paper with the entry stamp. So there is no record on my passport that I entered the US. Just wondering if this is normal, sorry if it's a super dumb question!
  7. No, you must have been married for at least 2 years by the time of the interview in order to get 10 year green card
  8. LOL yes you are! Really as long as you bring what it says on the list, you will be just fine and anything else is just extra. Even if you don't get an on-the-spot approval, it will not have anything to do with the amount of stuff you brought or didn't bring. As long as you tell the truth and bring the REQUIRED (medical, updated affidavit of support/income if needed, marriage certificate, etc etc etc) stuff that the interview notice says, you are 1000% fine!
  9. I had my medical in May. I had never received any of the childhood vaccinations and the DR just marked them all as not age appropriate. The only shot she would give me was chicken pox but since Id already had it she wrote that down instead. Its flu season so you will need the flu one. There are a couple other "adult" ones (dtap is every 10 years) just bring the form with you to the doc they'll know what to do
  10. Oh no! Im so sorry! How did it happen? Are you and your spouse ok? That is absolutely horrible I hope everything will turn out fine
  11. the USCIS processing times page https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ says you can put a case inquiry for Seattle field office N-400 if you filed on or before April 8 2018
  12. Wow that's so annoying! Same thing happened when my husband filed his N-400; like 2 weeks later they made online filing available.
  13. Wow thank you so much for linking me to this thread!! for some reason when I googled October 2019 parents i-130, the July thread was the first one to pop up. Copying my post from there onto here I would also recommend adding your dates to the spreadsheet they created, hopefully we can compile tons of people's to get a better estimate on the timeline
  14. Hiya kind friends, looks like we are joining this journey too, my husband mailed in the I-130s for his parents. Technically not July filers obviously but I haven't seen any threads for parents filers made after this one, so figured I'd post our updates here 🤷‍♀️ Filed Oct 24 at the Phoenix service center (we live in AZ now) NOA1 received today Nov 6, dated Oct 31 IOE number We got the Texas service center, kinda bummed as I was hoping we'd get Potomac since it seems to be the fastest but, hey at least it's not Nebraska added our info to the spreadsheet previously created https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nU4Zo8vr3hXopqrh8YRzbwbdCHEruihBOfqCDI5Y8Og/edit#gid=0
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