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  1. It varies. I just did mine in Philadelphia and it took 5 months. They did my ROC interview together with my N-400 interview. Honestly ROC was no big deal to us, just another thing to file
  2. Had my interview a few days ago. I arrived in the waiting area, and less than a minute later got called in. So much quicker than back in Tampa! I brought my husband with just in case, fortunately the officer said she would be conducting both the ROC and naturalization interviews, so he would have to be there for the first portion of the interview and leave for the 2nd. We brought my baby daughter as well since I'm breastfeeding, and she was allowed in no issues. After answering questions about our relationship and each other, my husband left and the officer conducted the civics and English test. Then we just went over my paperwork (she asked for my daughter's birth certificate as well, luckily I did bring it even though it wasn't mentioned in the letter or anywhere else), the yes/no questions and finally she had me check that the info on my naturalization certificate would be correct. So happy to be almost done with this journey
  3. In laws interview is coming up soon. We had issues with their documentation and just became DQ a few months ago
  4. I'm still waiting. Philadelphia, PA. Wasn't expecting to see any movement for about a year 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Yup. Almost done with my online application, just gathering evidence
  6. Nebraska field office here and no news yet. I was prepared since the beginning to eventually just move forward with my N400 app since it's a very slow field office 😕
  7. I personally did. Try to handwrite the date and maybe a short description (location, what you were celebrating etc) and your signature underneath
  8. Got so excited to see an USCIS envelope on my USPS Informed Delivery -- it was just the 24 month extension letter 🤦🏻‍♀️ at least it wasn't an RFE?
  9. Congratulations! Great to know Philly is moving so fast, as I will be applying in March Best of luck!
  10. So many approvals from SRC. I'm jelly! 😋 congrats guys!! Hopefully the other centers start moving faster too 🤞
  11. I believe you have to do it over the phone? We tried to change our address online for another petition months ago, but an USCIS representative ended up calling us and taking our info on the phone. Things may have changed though since COVID. Also my check was cleared yesterday
  12. Pkge arrived 03/15, check cashed & SMS 4/7/21, service center...Nebraska 🤦‍♀️ at least that's done 🤲
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