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  1. Thanks for the example, i understand now what the deal is. I guess as soon as i can i will file for my mother and at that point its just a waiting game. Thank you again for all the help!
  2. Thank you so much, I guess all I can do then is wait and hope for everything to go as fast as possible.
  3. Ok I understand. From the USCIS website it says it been around since 2002 so hopefully with COVID they extend it for a couple more years. I applied back in December of 2020, they reused my fingerprints, so all I am doing is waiting for the interview and I will go from there. West Palm, FL is my FO, on the uscis website the estimate time is 9 to 14.5 months and in my specific case it gave me July 2021 as when I would be done, but for some reason now it says your N-400 personalized processing time is down for maintenance. So all I can do is wait at this point. Thank you guys for all the help.
  4. In order to maintain the green card she has to spend more than 181 days in the US and of course file taxes. He will be 17 in November, but I can not file for my mother yet because I am still waiting for my N-400 interview...When i complete my interview i will file for her. What about the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA)? I was reading that it applies to children under 21 unmarried that is under a i-130 process, from what i read he would be protected and still be considered under 21 if the filing takes too long.
  5. Thank you guys, so the avenue of coming with a visa and then ask for him and wait for the i-130 to get approve is out of the picture. The only option would be to ask for my mother and then my mother ask for my brother. My mother is ok with staying in the US for more than 6 months every year. Since he is under 21 (17 years old) is it about the same waiting time (18 to 24 months) for him to be able to come to the US? We would be looking at a process of 4 years from beginning to end correct? In reference to the timeline, which would be the fastest? Asking for the green card or citizenship for my mother? Since I am worried about my brother aging out during the process.
  6. Hi Aaron, we are looking into being able to have my brother come over here to study and potentially stay here in the states. He is currently 17 years old and another idea i had was to try to petition my mother so she can petition my brother.
  7. Howdy! My brother is thinking about coming to the US to study and after to work. He is under 21 so before I even see if it is an option for my brother to come to the US I have a couple questions that I couldn't find anywhere. If my brother comes to the US with an F-1 visa and then once here I file for the i-130. Knowing that he falls under category F4 how long would it take before he can apply for a green card. I found two completely opposite answers so I am not sure. The fist one is that the i-130 takes 10 years, the other answer that I found was that takes less than a year to just to get approved the i-130. The other question is, if he comes to the US and gets the green card because my mother asks for him, since he is under 21, will the green card be base on my mother, meaning if my mother leaves the US for more than 6 months my brothers green card will get revoked as well? Thank you so much for the help and Happy Sunday!
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