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    I am a dumb fool who didn't knew how much she means to me untill and unless i was trekking and hiking in Himalayas. That's when i got time to think about her and instead of completing my Annapurana Trek, i came back in 6 Days to civilization inorder to be able to speak with her. While i was flying for Mt. Everest flight i missed her madly. I have been wanting to take her for that flight ever since..

    Her 2nd Visit was on 24-05-15 (Expected a rough hippie girl coming out from Airport. She came wearing sundress. My heart almost skipped heartbeat when i saw her. Right after picking her up at airport, took her out for dinner. It was candle light dinner and we were acting like kids making stupid noise with spoon and fork.) That's how we are.

    I fall in love with her every day. Her kindness, her infectious smile, soothing voice and love makes my world awesome. Being alone without anyone and trying to raise myself and keep myself alive for 16 years, my life took an amazing turn when she came into my life. God answered my prayers and sent me an angel who makes my life wonderful.

    We have a rule that we don't discuss urgent and important thing early morning right after we wake up. Because i am always groggy and i make mistakes. But the best decision of my life I ever made was made early morning. It was hot summer morning and i was snoring. She jumped over me in her PJ and woke me up and she said "let's get married." Without thinking a moment i said "Yes" That was the best ever decision i made.

    We had hard time getting legal paper done in Nepal but then we got married on 16th July. That's when we got our certificate. But as i saw her first time on 13th Jan, so we take our wedding date as 13th July :) 13 definitely is our number.

    We love each other and respect each other. Laughter, Honesty, love, care and passion that's what our relationship is built upon. And we dream to get old together.

    P.S : we have tons of story which we love to share with our friends. Story about how i didn't heard when she called me out with my name and the moment she said "baby" even with the chaos at Indian road, i heard her.

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  1. You have received some great suggestions. You are 19. Dude, you need to focus on studies and make something out of yourself. No kidding this is uphill battle my friend. We had age difference (not as much as your's thou). It took us around 4 years (1st time being rejected) and a lot of money (for lawyers which we didn't needed but we had just for peace. I knew more than those lawyers) and tons of endless nights in tears and heart break for not being there when your significant other needed you, plus endless amount of time off and ton of money to travel and be with each other. Read my journey and you will see what kind of ####### we dealt with. Honestly, cultural things comes in play and IO will deny your petition even before you step in for interview. You may get through NVC but your petition will be denied during interview. Bud, this ain't dress rehearsal this is life. If you love her and really want to make her happy and see happy, you should spare her from going through this emotional roller coaster. This process is not for weak heart my friend.
  2. She needs to signup first. Once signed up, she can access the reply option.
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