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  1. What's up with Denver? Any news of anyone from July getting any interview. Seems we are just chilling all the time
  2. fellas remember its always a waiting game with USCIS. Patience is the key. Just be grateful that we are with our loved ones and have a life while we go through the process.
  3. Well you seem to have made up mind. Here are few things: 1. Dont marry or commit to marry in 1st visit? 2. meet his friends and family. Spend time with them 3. See how he treats his family and friends and other people. Remember he cant get any other visa other than Spouse visa. Which means you have to pay for a boat load money and go through the painful process and it is not an easy process and not for faint hearted.
  4. Run faster than Usain bolt my friend. life is not that rosy. Words can be very rosy but real life is going to be tough. You recently went through divorce, imagine having to do so again. Red flag: He wants to marry you without meeting. He is unemployed and has no education but is willing to get money from family for a vacation. And his family is helping him. Seems so strange. Seems like an investment in GC. With him being of no education, life is going to be very hard for him when he comes to USA (if he ever does). This will affect relationship. Do you understand his culture? What about his food & life style? DR is great vacation spot. Go there with your girl friends and hang out by the beach and sip some margarita. Don't jump from one relation to another. Sometime you need time to think and understand what you want and plan your future. If you are hell bent on meeting him in DR, go ahead but don't just rush into marriage and visa process. Give plenty of time to learn about him, his culture, family. Also Casablanca is one of the toughest embassy. Lastly as one of our Vj Member (@Boiler) says .. tell him you are in so much in love with him that you want to move to his native land so that he doesn't have to leave his family. See his reaction and how he will convince that USA is where life is.
  5. same situation.. I have already tried fixing it twice and now I give up
  6. Spreadsheet is messed up. I dont know how it got screwed up but my field office is not sacramento .. its denver
  7. I was wondering how long did it take from finger printing (use of old biometric) date to get interview scheduled notification? (curious)
  8. Small Update: I went for fingerprint at the USCIS support center this morning. I just checked the case status, and it says something like "actively reviewing." My completion date got moved to October 2021 now Btw they gave me a booklet for citizenship test prep.
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