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  1. I just got my passport back today after 8 weeks. The envelope was big and unsealed so I'm glad it didn't fall out of it. I have just to update my driver's license but I will do it before it expires in December.
  2. I applied for my new/ updated SS card on April 8th. I got it yesterday in the mail but I'm still waiting for my passport. When I called last week they told me that I will get the passport back this week and the card the following week. I'm afraid my passport got lost but I don't know how much longer I have to wait to call back again or to apply for a new one.
  3. Me: first US passport, applied in person . Expedite, 4 weeks My daughter: renewal, minor so she applied in person. Regular service, 8 weeks. My husband : by mail 2 weeks ago expedite, not received yet. It was very easy to find an appointment online for the passport and there was no waiting time. When we renewed our daughter's passport 5 years ago was pretty bad, the lines were very long .We got a number when we got there and after hours waiting outside we had to come back the following day when the office closed.
  4. I called for the 3rd time to the SSA and she said that my documents were scanned today, just 7 weeks after mailing them. By the end of next week I should get my passport back, and the following week the new card.🙏
  5. I sent my application on April 8th. It was received on April 9th and I'm still waiting. I called two times but they said nothing was scanned yet.
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