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    Same sex couple...David & Noom; Noom is Thai. We met May 27, 2014 in Pattaya. Noom's K-1 visa was approved September 7, 2016, and he arrived in the US on October 2, 2016, and we were married on November 18. We are so happy!

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  1. NDB052714

    Same Day Passport Service in Bangkok

    Noom needs to renew his passport while we are in Thailand next month. We've heard there is a same day passport service in Bangkok. Does anyone know if this is true? And if it is true, where is the same day service available? Thanks, David & Noom
  2. Hi,

    I saw an old post re a UK visa for your Husband. My Wife is also Thai and has a US Green Card,  we want to go to UK to visit her sister and niece. Were you able to get a UK visa for your Husband? If so can you share your experience?

    Thank you,


    1. NDB052714


      Hi. It was very easy! We filled out the application on line and paid the fees and then mailed everything. Then we got a notification to go to a local US Immigration Office for his biometrics. Then we got the notification that his visa was approved and the passport arrived back a couple of days after that. We paid for expedited service and I think it took less than 10 days. The directions online are not always really clear and can be a bit confusing, but we did fine. As a matter of fact just this morning we started the process for requesting another US visa for Christmas. We're also planning to go to Paris and Budapest...hope that will be as easy. 


      Good luck! 



  3. my husband got global entry approved with conditional green card...no problem.
  4. Hello! Noom arrived from Thailand last year (Oct 2016) on a K1 Visa and received his temporary green card in June of this year. Now I'm considering a job in Singapore. If we move to Singapore for my work, will it jeopardize Noom's chances for a permanent green card and citizenship? Thanks for any input. ~David & Noom
  5. Good morning! Ours may not be an appropriate query for this community, but I thought I'd try. My Thai husband (temporary green card holder) and I (US citizen) are planning a UK visit during Christmas. We are currently in the process of applying for his UK visa. We have his bio appt tomorrow (Friday). Then we must submit the application within 5 days. We would greatly appreciate any insights in to how this process works? Is obtaining a UK visa difficult? Any suggestions? We've bought "priority service." Thanks so much for info & advice offered. ~David & Noom
  6. we've just been through this in NC. You can drive on your UK license for 60 days. You cannot get a permanent license until you have your EAD. Even the state-issued ID card that you can get through DMV expires when the K1 visa expires. It is a pain in the neck, for sure!
  7. Hi. We included credit card and ATM receipts and paper work related to major purchases. We also included a couple of notarized affidavits from friends who attested to being with us at specific times and places.
  8. Yes, it is really hard. But you're so close now!
  9. NOA2 was received on June 29 NVC case number was received on July 22, so that's about 3 weeks Embassy didn't receive the case until August 24, so that was another month Hang in there!
  10. if there's any vaccine you require that is a multiple vaccine (and you have to wait a certain amount of time between inoculations) this will slow you down your progress. I've heard several stories of folks who had to delay their interviews because the medical exam determined multiple vaccines were needed.
  11. He had no vaccination records, so we were worried if we waited until the medical exam for the vaccinations he would need too many and his interview may be delayed. So we began working on the vaccinations at Bangkok Pattaya hospital a few months earlier. So when he went for his physical he only needed the flu vaccine. His medical exam was at Bangkok Nursing Hospital (BNH) on Soi Convent between Silom and Sathorn Roads. It is a really wonderful hospital. I don't remember how much it cost...but I seem to remember is was close to the amount quoted on the website.
  12. I feel for you both! The whole immigration thing is so hard...I don't want to discount that. Leaving home, family and friends....not being able to work...feeling isolated and totally dependent. I think most beneficiaries don't truly understand how different their lives will be...there's a tendency to romanticize being with the one you love and being in America (streets paved with gold and lots of opportunities, blah blah blah). The reality is so different! I suspect your husband is clinically depressed and his drinking just makes it worse. And it sounds like the two of you have fallen into a classic passive/aggressive relationship. It seems sad to me to throw away all you have without an intense effort to salvage it in a healthy way. Is there anyway to consider joint counseling? Would he go for that? Would you? Can you think of ways to get him out of the house...volunteer work? school? civic clubs? church? Best of luck you to you.
  13. I called several times, and I would call first thing in the morning and I never waited more than just a few minutes.
  14. Yes, I think it is okay to call now.