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  1. We are filing jointly he worked prior but we did not include his from out of the USA we did get a ss number and filed joint he is still unable to work without EAD so next year will be little income it's looking like ead will be June or July only the balance of the year will apply next year
  2. Yes ....march 22.....in Bellflower
  3. We are in long beach...file date Feb 20
  4. If your tax return is completed i would send that and bank statements with a letter if you just going for 2 people your 2017 income is plenty but if you have savings etc send that too, they are very concerned about having money tk support you immigrant spouse
  5. Hey filed AOS 13 feb 2018 now the long wait.......
  6. Well there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we just got our appointment date, Aug 23rd... 845AM.... I had booked my flight over to Singapore already for August 17th so I will be past my jet lag before the interview......... I also booked his return with me, I know that might be fool hearted without knowing the out come of the interview, but I am confident in Universal truth of attraction, we have been brought together and this process was put before us (all of us here ) as a test of our endurance.... lots of changes and challenges ahead for lives, but the universal truth is what I have held in my mind and my heart thru this process so I took a leap of faith and booked his one way flight so that we can be on the same flight for his POE.... feeling blessed beyond words, and my hope for all of you is that you find your hearts desire and believe........
  7. Congratulations.... you are so blessed with this whole process, happening very quickly, I see no way the universe is going to allow anything but tears of joy....... best of luck to you both
  8. Clint&chai

    DS-160 completetion

    you will need his tax return, I don't think one paycheck stub will be enough, I think if you research on this site you might be able to find an example, there is box at the top that allows a custom search, use that type in what your looking for and it will search the site and you can get a bunch of specific information that way.... I am retired so I don' t need to send a letter of employment, but I am sure there are example you can find, there is lots of information on this site, but it is his tax return and he must make at least 100% federal poverty level so just under $17000 per year and you will have no problems, if he does not, you need another sponser....
  9. Clint&chai

    DS-160 completetion

    you did it right, they make an exception and in the box beside the question this list the fiance as a relative.... you did it right don't worry about that part of it...... I just finished ours last night and we answered yes too.... that little box beside the questions is all the answer you need
  10. Clint&chai

    USCIS Website issue

    That's too bad, great thing to do for your daughter..... glad to hear your response about the lawyer I felt the same way, my fiance is Chinese/Malay who is a PR of Singapore, English he speaks but has trouble with understanding some things but he speaks pretty well and the little things like context and grammar are hard at times, we just completed his DS 160 last night.... from this point on it should be easier for him, but this was hard for him and frustrating as so much of it seems so pointless LOL.... It is a smart thing to have two passports, just is, your husband should re consider.... because as things are going we might need to apply for visa's for travel to many countries soon, I know the EU is considering pulling the USA from reciprocity, as we don't extend it to all the nations in the EU.....and honestly you all have better health care overall I think, but I am older so that stuff is important to me......but options are always a great thing to have... I wish I had done the canadian thing sooner, my dad always told us we could and sure enough when I researched it after this election LOL it was true....
  11. Clint&chai

    USCIS Website issue

    Funny you say that, I plan on doing that, I just got his birth certificate from New Brunswick but I want to be well on the way with our process here before I do, but I plan on doing just that, now tell me is your spouse going to get his Canadian citizenship via your marriage? I am hoping I can do that with my fiance who will be my spouse by then, we are a same sex couple and Canada does recognize it, so we would have dual citizenship.... I love you PM by the way...... your probably right about the fee's adding to the illegal problem, but the bigger problem is employers who are willing to break the law.......but our focus is on the migrant not the business which is just sad...... the fee's are very high and the process beyond the fees, the physical is very expense for my fiance, in Singapore he could get a complete physical for about $100. and it will be $300 or more because of this... very sad....... It is nice to see your still supporting this site even as far as you are, your at the end... how wonderful for you both....... I look forward to that day, but I want to personally thank you for the support on this site, people need it the process is so confusing and scary.... I have found the people on this site to be very helpful and your an inspiration to many like beacon of light that there is an end.......... did you all use lawyers? I hope to not have too with this site
  12. Clint&chai

    USCIS Website issue

    no you said no tax payer dollars, which is not true.... if there is short fall in USCIS funding it would come from Tax payer dollars, yes it would be nice if they were lower and they just had a very large increase....... all this talk of the immigration problems in the US I am sure most people have no idea how expensive it is......... I went to Thailand and wanted to stay longer than the 30 days allowed, the fee was $40.00 for people coming here as a tourist I think its $165. so sad even that is discouraging for some people who want to vacation but that is America, all about the money....... every time you turn around ..... in all aspects of life, no tax is a good tax so they make it in fee's on every level... look into building a house and see what the fee's are, it is funny how the shift is before some paid higher taxes and we had lower fee's, now we have higher fee's for everyone and lower taxes for the rich... LOL. I see you spouse is from Canada, my fathers home country, I love Canada... and congrats on your Naturalization when it happens....
  13. Clint&chai

    USCIS Website issue

    they are not fully funded by fees, it is part of the homeland security department and the state department.........if you research it you will find there are tax payer dollars
  14. Clint&chai

    USCIS Website issue

    that is not totYes that tracker system on their website is a waste of time, I am way past that and it is still saying it is just received, such a waste of taxpayer dollars ......
  15. Clint&chai

    USCIS Website issue

    Yes that tracker system on their website is a waste of time, I am way past that and it is still saying it is just received, such a waste of taxpayer dollars ......