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  1. My Wife entered through Chicago with her K1 Visa. It was very pleasant. besides the long line, the process was easy. You can accompany your fiancé through the process if you choose. There is no need to split up. I went first and the officer checked me in. He then called her up to the counter. She just needed to hand the packet and her passport to the officer. The officer that we encountered simply opened the packet, sifted through all of the paper work, asked my then fiancé if she was aware that she needed to marry within 90 day. She answered " Yes". He then stamped her Visa, and said "Welcome to the United States" and we were through.
  2. Wow the price has gone up. We paid 1000 baht back in 2018
  3. Why not just have your fiancé do it. It would be much less confusing and it’s all done through the Thai bank system. Also I believe a copy of the receipt from the bank is necessary It’s been a while for us but the transaction you described sounds like a hassle
  4. After speaking about this with my wife, she says name changes are common. People will change them because they don’t like the old one, for reasons of luck and so on. They are only required to request a name change through their Amphur. So there is a paper trail. My wife said one of her friends changed her name 3 times because of luck.
  5. @RevGreen You would be surprised to find out there are more Thai around than you think. I have found that the Thai communities here in Iowa are rather quiet and keep to themselves but after you find a few, you will realize they are all over. When my wife moved here we were interested in finding a Thai community. It wasn't until we made a trip to the nearest Lao Temple which was about 100 miles away, that we made a few connections. My wife has lived here for about 18 Months now and has a lot of Thai friends now. They meet up as a group at least once a Month in someones home and cook Thai food all day. Its a beautiful thing. LOL. You might also want to encourage your fiance to join a Thai facebook group called Visa2USA. Its a very helpful group that could answer a lot of questions she might have from a Thai perspective. She could also ask some of the users in there, if they are from the Kentucky Area.
  6. @need300z I asked my wife about this, and she thought that was rather strange.
  7. You won't even be able to get into the embassy. You will have to wait outside. Best thing to do, is find a nearby coffee shop or restaurant and wait. It won't take long after she is let in.
  8. Depending on the Thai post, 3 to 7 days
  9. My pleasure. I wish you a speedy journey though the K1 process.
  10. The Amphur (อำเภอ) is like what we would consider the state capital's office. Its where they do all government business. Land Titles, Marriages, etc.
  11. I completely understand the excitement after receiving your NOA2, but you still have a little bit of a wait coming. You won't be able to schedule the medical exam until you have an appointment date from the Embassy. The interview appointment date is require by the hospital in order to make the appointment. You do not want to get your police clearance too early. It is only good for 90 days after its been issued so you will want to wait until you are closer to the appointment to avoid having to do it over again. Some things you can do while you wait are: 1. Get all of the immunizations complete. It will be cheaper to do them at a clinic of your choice instead of having them done at the time of the exam. Just make sure they are all documented so they can be presented at the exam. 2. Get the Single Status Document. Your fiancé will have to go her home province's Amphur and get this done. 3. Have all documents they are currently in Thai translated. This is a must. The embassy will not except anything that is not translated. (Birth Certificate, Divorce Papers, Single Status Document, Etc.) Good luck on your journey. I hope it goes fast for you. Scott
  12. You will not make the interview appointment. The Embassy will make the interview appointment after you have submitted all of the Packet 3 Documents. When you receive your notice of the appointment date, ( Most likely by email) that is when you can schedule the medical exam. She will need to provide the hospital of the appointment date and also must take a copy of the notice with her to the hospital as proof. There are only 2 hospitals I believe you can choose from to get this done. Bangkok Nursing Home or Bumrungrad Hospital. The medical exam is 2 days. She will have the exam one day and the results on the second day. Another thing to keep in mind is that your fiancé will have to be up to date on her immunizations. They will do the required immunizations at the hospital for additional costs. My wife had all of hers done before she even had the exam. A gonorrhea test is now mandatory as well, so don't be surprised if additional costs are added to cover immunizations if you have not done them already. You can PM me if you would like and I can give you more information if you like and maybe I can have my wife assist your fiancé with her personal experiences. Scott
  13. When your status at the NVC changes from TRANSIT to READY, you can send Packet 3 to the embassy. When you receive Packet 4 the Embassy will schedule the Interview appointment. You will be able to check the Embassy website to get the date and time of your appointment. They are listed by NVC number.
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