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  1. Hello I had the same experience. I was scheduled I-485 AOS interview the coming Monday March.21 but I saw online case status changed to interview was cancelled And I called USCIS and live chat with two representative they both confirmed yes my interview was cancelled just ask me to keep tracking for update status So did you still go to your initial interview that date or you just didn't go that date? I just worried like some ppl said they got cancelled interview so they did not show up to the interview while later got denied
  2. Thank you for your quick response So you never submit I-694 forms even when you submit your AOS applications, right?
  3. Hello May I ask if I filed my AOS within 1 year of the physical examination in China, I don't need to do the I-693 here right? I do not have I-693 and I am worry do I need to get one? My I-485 interview was scheduled on next Month
  4. Hi Just curious does your wife's renewal EAD card was given 1 year for validation? Cuz your wife 1st EAD expired at end of Dec,2020 but why her renewal EAD is good till December 2021 but not 180 days thats half year?
  5. And you got any news for the I-485 interview? How many days as of now since you got the last status updated to "ready to be scheduled an interview" I am in Dallas and my CIS local office is Dallas super backlog and many many applicants. Mine is the status of " case if ready to be scheduled for an interview" since last year April.02,2020 and I have no any updated news yet Sigh.......
  6. Hiii I mailed my renewal docs on April.02 and I saw USPS delivered on April.05 and it is been 14 days as of now I didn't receive even a text message yet
  7. Hello The text message you received did they give you the EAD renewal number? Is it a new number being with MSC? Did you receive the paper renewal receipt yet?
  8. My current EAD/AP combo card will be expired on the coming July 05, 2021 this year. Last Sat. April.02 I went to USPS mailed the EAD/AP renewal docs and saw it delivered to USCIS Chicago lockbox on April.05 this Monday Don't know how long need to wait to received the renewal I-797C receipt.......just hopeless as of now
  9. You mean you just got a text or email from USCIS confirmed received your docs? Have you received the I-797C receipt?
  10. Hello Did you receive your I-797C receipt for your EAD/AP renewal? How many days you been waiting till you receive it?
  11. Thank you. Normally how long time may we receive the I-797C NOA for the extended EAD?
  12. Thank you so much for your detailed answering. One more questions, the extended EAD/AP I-797C will be the same receipt number as my current I-797C receipt number like MSC2090XXXXXX or will be a new number? May I keep tracking using my current I-765 & I-131 receipt number?
  13. So I will receive a new I-797C NOA for this extended EAD showing a new receipt date and I will receive a new combo card with the updated expiration date is that right?
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