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  1. @Skyman Long story. My interview initially got scheduled for 2/23. Then I got a phone call in mid February early (before 8:00 am) one Saturday morning from an unknown number. It was Jacksonville USCIS calling. I did not take the call as I was asleep. They left a voicemail saying my interview was being postponed to February 28th. I got a bunch of letter in the next few days from various USCIS offices notifying me of cancellation and re-schedule. The interview on 2/28 went well. It was a quick interview. We were only asked how we met and how the relationship progressed. I was also asked to explain why I did not file a I-864. I explained why ... because I have worked in USA for more than 40 quarters, hence that file is not needed. That is it. Followed by the yes/no questions from I-485. The whole interview lasted about 10 minutes. We were not asked to submit any documents. The case was approved and he said to expect the green card in 2-3 weeks. Few other observations - The whole Jacksonville USCIS office looked empty. There were hardly 5-6 cars in the employee section of the parking lot, and another 7-8 in the visitor section. There were two other couples who came in behind us. That is the only people I saw come/go. Seems like they are still operating in a very limited capacity. We had to wait in the waiting area for about an hour. The officer later explained that he was reviewing all my documents which was about a 5 inch thick file before he requested us to come to his office. I have legally lived in USA for about 19 years, hence I have had many USCIS related actions. Seems like all those documents related to my work-related authorizations were also in that file. Earlier this week the card was mailed. It was supposed to be delivered on Friday. But it was not. USPS tracking is showing it is stuck in Jacksonville right now. So I am hoping Saturday is the day (fingers crossed) that I will be a permanent resident after living in USA for the past 18 years, 7 months and 17 days!!
  2. Good news, my interview was finally scheduled today. I don't know when it is. My guess is it is probably going to be some time in February. I must say, I feel bitter-sweet about this. One part of me wishes, it was delayed 3 more months so that my interview was past my 2-years anniversary of my marriage. But the other part says just take what you get and be happy about it that the interview was finally scheduled.
  3. Jacksonville. And no, it is not outside the processing time. Processing time's upper bound right now is 24.5 months.
  4. I am happy for you @iy2020 My case is still stuck at the case ready for interview stage since early July.
  5. Any updates on your case @optimusx @Ausdacious @Da&Da @dmykel7 @FreeWoRLD @goodisgood @iy2020 @KateBurgr2021!! @Lemon Plus @marion2510 @RPete @FattieBanton?
  6. Some updates... I received my EAD/AP combo card about two weeks back. My EAD and AP is valid for 2 years. No update on the interview date. Still stuck on ready to schedule interview stage for 9 weeks now.
  7. At this point if your interview gets scheduled before November, you should probably just reschedule to get past November. I am guessing you got the 1 year EAD/AP. No idea how long it takes to renew them these days. Hope that doesn't take months. So that might make you rethink your interview reschedule strategy.
  8. Update: Today the I765 status changed to "New Card Being Produced". I-485 status still stuck at "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview" for 9+ weeks now.
  9. This is my personal opinion, but I think those of us who are stuck in the interview ready to be scheduled stage will have to wait a few months. USCIS (in my opinion rightfully) is prioritizing employment based green cards till end of September. I think that is adding to the time for family based AOS.
  10. I recently read an interesting reddit thread where an USCIS insider has shared a lot of details on how the processing actually works. I found it interesting. So I thought I would share the thread: Link to the thread.
  11. @Sujatha I hope I am not hijacking your post. I am also Indian and in past have thought about eventually applying for GC for my Indian parents who are in the same age group as yours. The concern that I have always had is what to do with their health insurance and health care down the road as they would not qualify for medicare/medicaid. Since you are in the process of applying for their green card, have you figured out any details of how you will handle your parent's healthcare costs down the road?
  12. I have never heard about this, that you can't travel on a 2-year conditional green card. As far as I know this green card comes with all the privileges (including travel). Maybe the officer was confused.
  13. @Rachel F that is great. Congrats. Hope you get your green card next week. Please share your interview experience. What questions did they ask?
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