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  1. Some updates... I received my EAD/AP combo card about two weeks back. My EAD and AP is valid for 2 years. No update on the interview date. Still stuck on ready to schedule interview stage for 9 weeks now.
  2. At this point if your interview gets scheduled before November, you should probably just reschedule to get past November. I am guessing you got the 1 year EAD/AP. No idea how long it takes to renew them these days. Hope that doesn't take months. So that might make you rethink your interview reschedule strategy.
  3. Update: Today the I765 status changed to "New Card Being Produced". I-485 status still stuck at "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview" for 9+ weeks now.
  4. This is my personal opinion, but I think those of us who are stuck in the interview ready to be scheduled stage will have to wait a few months. USCIS (in my opinion rightfully) is prioritizing employment based green cards till end of September. I think that is adding to the time for family based AOS.
  5. I recently read an interesting reddit thread where an USCIS insider has shared a lot of details on how the processing actually works. I found it interesting. So I thought I would share the thread: Link to the thread.
  6. @Sujatha I hope I am not hijacking your post. I am also Indian and in past have thought about eventually applying for GC for my Indian parents who are in the same age group as yours. The concern that I have always had is what to do with their health insurance and health care down the road as they would not qualify for medicare/medicaid. Since you are in the process of applying for their green card, have you figured out any details of how you will handle your parent's healthcare costs down the road?
  7. I have never heard about this, that you can't travel on a 2-year conditional green card. As far as I know this green card comes with all the privileges (including travel). Maybe the officer was confused.
  8. @Rachel F that is great. Congrats. Hope you get your green card next week. Please share your interview experience. What questions did they ask?
  9. @KateBurgr2021!! You did not submit a I131 (AP Travel document) as well? That is usually a common practice. As far as your EAD is concerned, when is your L1A expiring? Can't your employer apply for an extension for that? Since you are already on a visa, USCIS might not consider your case to be worthy of an expedite request. USCIS accepts expedited request only for four reasons: Severe financial loss to family or person Urgent humanitarian reason Compelling U.S. government interests Clear USCIS error You could still try to see if you can request an expedite under #1. Just chat with Emma, the automated system. In the live chat, just say "Expedite request" when the chat begins. Then have the following ready: Your A# if you have any A brief explanation of why you are requesting an expedite. I am also on a work visa (H1B). My visa will expire soon, but I plan to ask my employer to apply for an extension while my marriage based AOS is pending, just in case. I plan to not use my EAD for work and just be on H1B until I get my green card. That is because if for some reason, my green card is denied (which I don't anticipate happening at all), then I still have status to work and stay in USA, while I pursue other options.
  10. Just out of curiosity, what government issued photo ID did you all take to your biometric appointment? Did any of you take just the driver's license, or did all of you take passports?
  11. There is still time for USCIS to schedule a biometric and then schedule the interview. I don't think you should assume that there will not be a biometric. I myself am a September 2020 AOS filer. My biometric just got scheduled this week for July 2021. Here is a thread for Sep 2020 AOS filers and you can see the timeline for many Sep 2020 files (look at the last few pages).
  12. Finally, some progress. Biometric scheduled for July 6th. Got the letter in mail today.
  13. It's frustrating, but I'm used to it. I've been living in United States legally since 2003. I've been on H1B since early 2010. Since I already have a H1B and have a stable job using that Visa, I don't really have any grounds to request an expedite for the I-765. I'm originally from India, and right now travel for H1B visa holders to and from India is banned. That is why I requested an AP travel document on humanitarian grounds as I'm thinking of visiting my aging parents in India. They have lost multiple close family members in the last few weeks due to covid-19, and psychologically it has been very hard for them. I want to visit India as soon as the covid situation is under control over there.
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