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  1. When I submitted my RFE response online I never received any response from USCIS. The case status changed to RFE response received and then I heard nothing for 3 months when they notified us that her biometrics was scheduled.
  2. Which vaccine did you get? Both Sinovac and Sinopharm, the 2 primary vaccines in China are WHO approved for emergency use and recognized by the CDC for travel to US.
  3. In the second paragraph it says it applies to all I-693 signed on or after the effective date of Oct 1, 2021 so her medical should be ok
  4. I got the same thing, we just uploaded it electronically on her newly created USCIS account the same day and got confirmation of receipt the following day. I was a little confused because I submitted it when I filed my I-129F petition for her and the I-864 clearly states "Petitioning relatives who have already filed proof of their citizenship or immigration status with Form I-129F, Form I-130, Form I-600, or Form I-600A do not need to submit proof of their status with this affidavit."
  5. Abu Dhabi in UAE is another option, that is where my fiance and I spent 14 days because K1 had not been issued NIE yet. Keep in mind that you will have to hotel quarantine in the UAE for 12 days. She will not have to quarantine in UAE as China is on their green list, but she will have to quarantine upon return to China.
  6. Curious why you decided to take legal action against the NVC rather than the Manilla Embassy? That is where your hold up is, Manilla is using any and all excuses they can find to not process visas, and until that changes no one will have their packet forwarded from the NVC. I know of at least 1 suit with over 100 plaintiffs targeting Manilla for this exact reason.
  7. I am simply going by what the civil surgeon I talked to said and he had dealt with people who DID get an RFE for this very reason, I was not prepared to roll the dice and take that risk.
  8. We just had this issue when preparing my wife' AOS packet and the local civil surgeon was very helpful. You are good on the varicella and MMR vaccine for now, just need to show that the cycle was completed at the interview. The Tdap is the issue, she was given a waiver for the K1 visa because the vaccine was not available. (My wife had the same issue with both the Tdap and MMR.) But she is still expected to get the Tdap vaccine for her green card, the waiver for the K1 visa does not carry over to the green card application. The civil surgeon let us go the local government health department to get the vaccines, bring the proof of vaccination and an I-693 with parts 1-5 completed to his office, he reviewed the vaccination papers and filled out parts 7 and 10 on the I-693, and sealed it in an envelop to send with her packet just like when she had her full medical exam.
  9. You are confusing what you submit to USCIS when you file the i-129f and what you need to take to the interview. My fiance was interviewed in March in Guangzhou and I assure you the I-134 was required. All K1 visas are processed by the consulates Immigration Unit because it is implied they will adjust status after you get married, despite being a non-immigrant visa it is treated as an immigrant visa. As for the expiration date, the USCIS website says you can continue using the 2-13-19 edition until a new one is published despite the expiration date. I used the expired edition for my fiance's interview without any issues.
  10. I had something similar, my status went from IN TRANSIT after leaving NVC to REFUSED once it got to the consulate and stayed that way all the way up until the visa was issued, when it just disappeared from the system. Her visa arrived with no issues.
  11. So happy to be in the final leg of this part of our journey, my fiance received her visa on Thursday and I went into express mode making travel arrangements. We will spend 14 days in Abu Dhabi, UAE to satisfy the China travel restriction and then enter America together right after Easter.
  12. I am a round 2 plaintiff and the Guangzhou consulate did the same thing for us, we got an email on Feb 16 informing us that her interview had been scheduled for March 3
  13. With proclamation 10014 being lifted I believe you are right
  14. Don't panic, this may be because your case is being processed. I am a Milligan plaintiff also and I had this happen to me. I noticed that after my case made it to the consulate my status changed to Refused and stayed that way all the way up to the day after my fiance had her interview. Her passport with her visa in it is scheduled to be delivered on 3/13 via EMS. I did some reading after first seeing the refused status and found that CEAC often uses Refused instead of Administative Processing.
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