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  1. Hello, I have my cr1 interview next week at us embassy in lima, peru. I submitted to ceac my three police certificates for peru in August 2023. On the certificates, it says there is a validity of three months. I got new police certificates this month in physical form. Do I need to update these to ceac before the interview? At minimum I will bring the new and old police certificates in physical form to interview? When I talked to my lawyer, they said I didn't need to upload the new police certificates to ceac as the ones from august 2023 are less than two years old. I didn't receive any email from embassy asking for updated police forms, but read on visajourney threads before that they can ask for updated police certificates and if they do they would need a copy uploaded to ceac. I'm sure if they ask then it would result in a 221g and delay processing of visa. Am I over thinking and just go to interview with physical copy of new police certificates?
  2. I have my interview in peru embassy next week for cr1 visa. I have read conflicting information here. For the police certificates, are they only valid for three months? Or two years as it says on us government embassy page. I have the physical copy of the new police checks from this month, but when I asked my lawyer, said it wasn't necessary to upload new police certificates as the old ones are from august 2023 when was sent to NVC and less than two years old.
  3. Hello!


    I'm from USA and my fiance is from Peru - was the process overall easy for you to follow/complete?  I'm still waiting on NOA2 after a year so I'm curious on how others who have Peruvian SOs are handling (or did handle) this process.  thanks! 

    1. BlakePeru


      Hey, we are in the final process, waiting for interview letter from us embassy in lima. We applied for cr1 visa in August 2022. Not been an easy process as I have to fly to peru every few months to see my wife and then come back to the USA, hard to be long distance. I have only seen a few peruvian usa couples on visa journey. Hoping to have my wife have her interview soon. I am from Kansas. It's been almost two months waiting for interview letter after DQ

    2. Stephanie8889


      Oh, i wish the very best for you!!  I am happy to have found you as I too, haven't seen may Peruvian/American couples on here either.  I am from Nebraska so I feel we're neighbors! :)  I hope that your interview letter comes soon - the hardest part is waiting because you have no control over any of the timing.  We just started the K1 visa so it'll probably be much different in some aspects than the CR1 - but I'd love to hear about your overall experience once all is said and done.  I feel very alone in this process.

  4. @Myb1101did you get an interview letter yet? If not you should be close. I got DQ September 15 for peru, i have some more time to wait first
  5. Is there a waiting process after completing the ds260 before I can submit the civil documents? Or do I complete both at same time for the nvc?
  6. She scanned the paper, I think it would be uploaded electronically?
  7. How long does the g28 take to be accepted by immigration? My legal representative sent it in last Thursday and haven't heard back yet? Does it take a few days?
  8. How long does a g28 take to process with government? Went to consultation today with immigration clinic, (I'm at nvc stage, marriage based with USC). After completing ds260, how long does it take to process and when can you proceed to civil documents (birth certificate etc) and i-864?
  9. Does the police report need to be apostilled to send to nvc? Case is for embassy in lima, peru. The report says its only valid for 90 days, if my interview is after 90 days (most likely since I haven't even sent it to NVC yet) will I need to get another police report before the embassy interview?
  10. Usually comes out the first week of the month
  11. Do I have to translate the police certificate from Spanish to English for the nvc? Police check is from Peru
  12. After you submit your nvc documents and they are reviewed (two weeks later?) and then accepted, are you automatically dq'ed? Or is there a waiting process after? When does it usually move to embassy? A few weeks later or only when a space is available for an interview? My case is for lima peru embassy
  13. Are you automatically dq'ed after the nvc accepts your documents? I see its taking two weeks for nvc to review submitted documents, from other time lines I'm seeing three month wait from DQ to interview in peru embassy?
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