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  1. Close TB very close. The joke in my hometown is the gene pool is a puddle. Luckily my dad married a "ferner from up yonder".
  2. Awe man, I already ate the almonds and protein bar last week and I still have an hour to go before Frenchie arrives.
  3. * * * RANT * * * Okay, one of the things I do in my spare time is to research my French-Canadian ancestry. I have a tree on Family Search and have spent MANY, MANY, MANY hours reading page by page old Catholic Parish registers from Quebec. They are hand written and in French so not the easiest thing to do but once you get the hang of it not too bad. Once I find a record I then link the document and attach it to the person in question and update the info. So, I decided to do a follow-up check on a record and some blank, blank, blank rocket scientist has gone in altered my tree, deleted correct information and replaced it with incorrect information from a different genealogy site. Never bothering to actually read the blank, blank, blank, LINKED, linked parish record. This has happened more than once with more than one ancestors record. Short of sending the rocket scientist an email and telling them how stupid they are I don't know what else I can do. okay, better now.
  4. I let you know when another gas one shows up on the curb.
  5. I scrounged around and found some almonds and a protein bar. I ate that so I didn't pass out from low blood sugar, then went out later for a nice meal at a quaint little family owned Italian place that plays Sinatra records and looks like it's straight out of a Sopranos episode. TB sorry your kitty is poorly. Hope you can get her meds and food on track.
  6. The Frenchie got a new grill too. Well, I say "new" because it's new to him. The neighbors across the street moved and put their gas grill, minus one wheel, at the curb free for the pickins. After 24 hrs it was still there so we wandered over to take a look, turns out it's a Weber. I said okay we can clean it up and get replacement parts if needed. I spent 3 hours on Sat. with the de-greaser, hot water, Dawn dish soap, a rag and scrub brush, and the garden hose set to full blast working it over. Then I went online to Weber and ordered a new gas hose and regulator and new insides. Frenchie is happy and Many $$$ economized.
  7. I'm not confusing anything. FUTA is the fund the employer pays into. The state UIC fund is the fund that benefits are paid out of to the unemployed beneficiary. Early someone said that unemployment was a tax paid by the worker. My post was to clarify this mis-information. The OP needs to check their state's Unemployment Division website to determine eligibility and estimated weekly benefits which are based on a formula. The only way to know if they qualify is to apply and wait for the official determination. Other things the OP needs to know is unemployment is taxable as earned income, weekly benefit is 60% of the average qualifying base wage and is only available for 26 weeks.
  8. Unemployment is not something the employee pays into like SS or Medicare that is deducted from your wages. It is a tax/fund that the employer pays into. It's part of the payroll taxes that the employer by law is required to pay it's called FUTA in payroll terms. Voluntarily quitting a job does not automatically disqualify someone from receiving UIC but there is usually a waiting period before qualifying. See the post above from Agrabs for other criteria and check your state's website for state specific info.
  9. One that's located off the main campus of a University with no kitchen and underpaid adjunct teachers.
  10. I'm stuck at the office until tonight when the Frenchie finishes work, the Frenchie has the car and I'm hungry.
  11. Stay clear of lingering in front of bars late at night and tourist hotels or you could be your fist "case". Just sayin.
  12. My mom had deadly aim at the back of your calves with a switch. I could out run her, but she nailed me with that switch every time. Then when I got older she would back hand me in the mouth until one day she couldn't reach that high. Ha ha ha. I think I told her if she ever did that again she wouldn't like the outcome. That was the last time corporal punishment was ever attempted.
  13. I was a door slammer myself. Good thing I grew up in a house built at the turn-of-last century with solid wood doors and casings because I could REALLY slam em. Drove my mother nuts. Totalitarian oppression never worked on me. Neither did sending me to my room. I liked it there.
  14. OP there are many things your spouse can do to stay occupied while waiting for EAD. We live 20 miles outside of the main city with no public transportation. My husband went to English class for 2.5 yrs. I drove him to his school every morning and picked him up during my lunch break until he got his DL. We went to a French conversation group every Sat. afternoon together so he could speak French with other native speakers. He worked with a private tutor (friend of a colleague) and they helped each other with language, him English and her French. They both love art and started drawing art projects. I gave him a 6 week watercolor painting class for his birthday. He started vegetable gardening. You don't need a large plot of ground you can garden in containers on the balcony/deck/patio if you have one and have fresh veggies to eat. During this time he stayed busy and productive and was never bored. Now that he's working he complains he doesn't have time for all the things he enjoyed before. I know every situation is different but there is a way to make it work just get creative. Don't let the long wait time for EAD discourage you both from enjoying your new life together. Good luck on your interview.
  15. you bought them food. TB only wants to give them a POTS discount. Go figure.
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