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  1. theresaL

    Rante Macabre

    I'm so sorry T-B. It's the worst thing I've ever had to do too. Big hugs.
  2. theresaL

    Rante Macabre

    I'm pretty sick of it too and we haven't as a region been too impacted by it. Total case count is around 120 with 7 deaths (all nursing home related) last I checked. I'm out of a job with little to no chance of being recalled since my work is related to international students and they can't get visas and the ones already here are going home now that the session is finished. I'm actually okay with that due to being semi-retired and collecting SS, but it's all the other BS. Like people wearing a mask inside their cars with the windows rolled up. Really??? I think Frenchie and I already had it too when we were in France last fall. Both of us were sick with an odd respiratory illness with symptoms unlike the usual bronchitis stuff we get.
  3. theresaL

    Rante Macabre

    Wish you the best in finding someone you feel comfortable with. I am so happy to be done with all that mess.
  4. theresaL

    Rante Macabre

    It's not that big of a deal at least it wasn't for me. I had a full removal of the forbidden Fallopian talk parts and they only kept me for less than 24 hrs including the surgery. That was fine by me because I couldn't get any sleep for being woken up by staff to check one thing or another. I was back working, taking graduate classes and driving in 2 weeks. Looking back I probably should have stayed home another week. I stopped by to say hello and catch up on everyone. I was officially laid-off as of May 12th. No new students can come in to the country, not enough students already here, cancelled programs and classes, so the Uni said bye bye to the part-time instructors. I seriously doubt if we will ever be recalled. Now waiting on word from unemployment. I did apply for and was awarded an emergency grant from one of my professional groups. Not too shabby. Take care everyone, stay positive!!
  5. theresaL

    Rante Macabre

    I'm so sorry to hear this. When my dad was placed on hospice care at our local hospital (not VA) we couldn't have wished for better care. Sending my thoughts and prayers to both of you.
  6. So, why exactly did this have to be announced?? I'm with TB on this one. I couldn't give a hoot about Megarry.
  7. theresaL

    Rante Macabre

    Hello VJ peeps!! We're back from frogland where it rains, but no trains this Christmas season. It was a stressful and hectic trip, the wedding was "interesting", the bride was beautiful and the F. of B. was very handsome in his new Hugo Boss suit. S.M of B. not so gorgeous, bad hair do and funky fake eyelashes. Did you know that you need to be able to see to glue those puppies on straight?? Now we get to do this again in March for daughter #2's wedding. Oy vey!!! Good news . . . Frenchie's 10 year GC was approved without interview and the new card was waiting for us when we got home. I hope everyone had a safe and joyous Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2020.
  8. i don't think Meg's has learned this yet based on reports of being rude to staff, the Queen having a tete-a-tete about how to treat staff, etc. Back when I was a sweet young thing, I ran with a few people from the old money crowd for a few years. I quickly discovered I did not want to be a part of that world and I could have been had I said yes. I was self aware enough to know that I would not fit in. He married the English nanny and it was the right choice for him.
  9. I was never that impressed either, but many, many people worshiped her. Meg's probably thought it would be easy only she forgot (if she ever knew) about that other twice divorced American woman who ruined a monarch. Harry has never struck me as being particularly bright.
  10. Congrats. We are the next line in the spreadsheet after you. Fingers crossed we'll hear something soon.
  11. I think Meghan's biggest problem is that she thought she would be the next Diana.
  12. Well to be fair, Quebecois is different from Parisian French, so maybe she didn't demonstrate adequate Quebecois French???
  13. You are indeed correct @ALFKAD. Where English requires Adj+ Noun (wise woman) to convey the meaning, French has a noun (sagesse) that incorporates both wisdom and implies age to convey meaning. "Sage" in English is both noun and adj. The word for "box" in French is "boite", but boxed wine is "cubitainer de vin" and is "taboo" (Tangan) in France. (BS-French with minor in Linguistics, MA-Second Language Acquisition with TESOL, French husband) Edit to add: not to be confused with "femme-sage" which is a mid-wife and "I don't know nothing 'bout birthin no babies".
  14. Old is a state of mind. I prefer "wise" or the French word "sagesse" it has a more poetic ring to it.
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