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  1. Thank you so much for all this helpful information. I really appreciate the details. And congrats on your interview! So, you hired an individual professional, not from a company? Any tips on how to find a good interpreter? I was thinking of going with a company like Language Line Solutions or something like that (but that's the one that looked like it was $4 per minute, haha). And that's a good tip to bring the interpreter's resume so they know they're legit. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys! I am thrilled that my husband's ROC interview has been scheduled! (We were K-1, and they didn't interview us for AOS). His English is pretty good, but we want to take no chances, especially since we're figuring they will probably split us up for the interview to question us separately, so I won't be able to explain questions to him. So, we're planning to hire an interpreter. I guess this is a new thing because of COVID, but the interview invitation letter now says that if you're not fluent in English, you should arrange a phone interpreter (I guess it used to say you should bring an interpreter in person). So, my question is, can anybody share their experience with using a phone interpreter for their interview? Did you use a bilingual friend or did you hire a professional? Did you have to have the interpreter sitting on hold with you while you were in the waiting room the whole time (which could rack up quite a bill for a professional--I saw one company that charges $4 per minute!), or did they give you a moment to call your interpreter once the interview was about to begin? If you did hire a professional, any recommendation on which company to go with? Any details of the experience that you could share would be great. I like to know exactly what to expect!
  3. How did the interview go? Did you end up bringing a phone interpreter? We are in a similar situation (Interview in October, we are at the ROC phase, not AOS, and my husband does speak English in his daily life, but this is just way too important of an interview to risk him misunderstanding a question). If you did end up using a phone interpreter, did you choose a friend or a professional? What was the process like of how you got them on the phone once you were there? Thanks so much!
  4. That timing is rough when you're coming from out of time. Ours is 10:40am and over 3h drive, and we are planning to go the night before and stay in a hotel just to decrease the stress of the trip that morning. Congrats on the interview!!!!
  5. I have exciting news guys! We got our interview letter in the mail yesterday! We had been on "ready for interview" since March 2020 (the "new" site never changed from "we have received your case," but the "old" site had said "ready for interview"), and we had moved from California to Missouri at the end of June. We were gearing up to call and ask for an info pass for the year extension stamp in October (because in our state of Missouri, my husband's driver's license will expire when his green card does), but now we'll actually be going for our interview in October! Hooray! Feeling very lucky, and wishing the best to everybody else who is waiting. Hoping that things are picking up!
  6. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share that after no updates on the "new website" and "old website" not being able to find my case number since the beginning, the "old website" is finally working to reflect my case status! If anybody else has been frustrated by absolutely no updates to their case status since the initial "received" message, maybe try checking the old website again, especially if your case has been transferred somewhere. I'm a WAC filer, who was transferred to NBC for interview scheduling in early March. My case status on the "new website" (https://my.uscis.gov/) has never updated from case received--even after biometrics and after we got a letter that our case was transferred to NBC, the status on the website didn't change. And the "old website" (https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do) had never even worked for me (would say case not found) in the first place and when I checked again after biometrics, so I had given up on it. Today, I decided to try the old website again, now that the case has been transferred to NBC for >1 month, and this time it worked! It says "Case is Ready to be Scheduled for Interview!" It's a small victory, especially in this age of no interviews until who-knows-when, but it reassures me that our case isn't lost, and that someone somewhere updated the status of it. :-)
  7. We received a letter two weeks ago that our case was transferred to MSC for interview scheduling. The USCIS website still hasn't changed, still just says "case received."
  8. Ours is pretty similar. Same NOA date. Also WAC. And today, we got a letter saying we have been transferred to the Missouri National Benefits Center for our case to be scheduled for interview! The website did not update. Still just says "case received." Hope you see some movement on your case soon too!
  9. For some reason the old site still doesn't recognize my receipt number. Only the new site recognizes it.
  10. For my fellow WAC filers, I wanted to share this WAC-specific thread I came across: Hang in there everyone! Can't believe it's been almost a year already!
  11. Hi Everyone! Glad to find a WAC thread. Here's our timeline: Filed: 3/2/19 NOA/extension: 3/8/19 Bio: 5/7/19 After the bio appointment, nothing. Like others have also experienced, we too did not even get an update on our USCIS site to show that the fingerprints had been reviewed. It has just said "we received your case" from the beginning, with no updates. Glad to hear we're not the only ones like that. As were are approaching 1 year, I find myself thinking about it more and more!
  12. I am also WAC. My status never even changed after the biometrics. It still just says case received. I also have some upcoming travel plans (though a bit later than you--July-August), so I feel your anxiety with wondering what to do about travel plans if I haven't heard anything by the time it's getting close.
  13. Congrats! We are also California Service Center (WAC). In our case the biometrics happened very quickly but then no word, no update (the website still just says case received, doesn't acknowledge we already completed the biometrics). I have been looking around for a spreadsheet for California filers to try to see other similar cases but haven't found any. Do you happen to know of any such spreadsheet or thread for WAC filers that my searches are somehow missing? Thanks, and hope you get word of an interview date soon!
  14. We don't have any online update either (though we are WAC, so not the same center as you). Looking through threads from the previous few months of filers, it looks like it's pretty common to have no change to the online status for months.
  15. As you go through ROC, try to send in your stuff and then not think about it too much (easier said than done, I know). My husband and I are at the ROC stage right now, and although it is not very difficult, it does take a while. It is totally normal for it to take about a year and a half (and of course every case is different). If you worry about it every day, that will be a LOT of unnecessary worrying. I would also recommend that you talk to a counselor and/or see your family doctor to talk about your anxiety. This immigration stuff isn't fun for anybody, but it must be extra terrible to deal with if you have anxiety. Counseling can teach you some good, healthy coping mechanisms to help you through the waiting! Good luck!
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