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  1. Did I mention I am glad I left Commiefornia? And plan never to return?
  2. Well, look who was trying to be in charge back then. And who was primarily behind the KKK and slavery support. They have changed their stance since then, but it's still about control and keeping certain groups under control.
  3. It’s true though, and works like a charm. I used to have two friends in college. One went into a bar, found THE hawtest girl in the place, and tell me, “I’m going to take her home tonight.” I sneered (the first time or two of maybe twenty). He would go up to the group, and ask the fattest/ugliest girl to dance. Come back, and pick up another one. But basically ignored the gorgeous one. Until SHE came on to him. Worked every time. He’d bring her home, and the next day, she was moving her stuff into our apartment. Until he got tired of here a week or two later and kicked her out. The other fellow had a different strategy. He’d walk into a group of girls at the dance club, pick the ugliest girl, and dance and whirl her on the floor (and he was pretty darn homely himself. No, strike that. He was ugly.) After a while, he’d take her out to his truck in the parking lot and introduce her to his “other” talents. Go back inside, and find another girl to dance with. And so on. Typically between 2-4 girls a night. Sometimes he ended up taking them home. But not always. And some nights he never got the hawt girl, but other nights he did. But what he DID do was have sex more than probably 15-20 of our group put together. He just didn’t care. Then one day a gorgeous little blonde caught him and saddled him. His bar days were over.
  4. You're gonna be busy enough monitoring the electricity at her apartment. No need to work so hard, I got this.
  5. Close, but I wasn't driving. That's illegal, yanno?
  6. It's not that he's not interested. More so that it's quicker to knit a pair of socks...
  7. I agree. Was trying to type my thoughts, hit a bump, and saved the post. Too late to go back and edit it.
  8. I was gonna come visit you this week, but then I remembered you were too scared, and planned to leave the country.
  9. You just said a mouthful right there. I have had to shake my head in disbelief more in the past three years than in the previous thirty.
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