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  1. I think you'll be fine. I only numbered the pages in my I-130 "evidence of bonafide marriage" section -- I made a separate table of contents for just the evidence, hand-numbered the pages neatly at the bottom (because they weren't all in one Word document), then added those corresponding page numbers to the ToC. I don't think this was a necessary step, but one that helped me keep it all organized.
  2. That DHS authorization would have been her EAD (I have a similar note on my SSN, but I came here on a TN, so my authorization was my I-94 with my company name on it which will eventually be superseded by my EAD). The fact that she was hired just means that her employer didn't check if she was authorized (she would have needed to provide the documents to them if she was, at which point they would have known she didn't have work authorization), but when it comes to your AoS, this is on you. It's pretty clear from the get-go that you can't work during AoS without authorization, and it's surprising that it took this long to realize it. All you can do is be truthful from hereon out.
  3. Thank you so much, @LizM...this is a really helpful resource. I'd be submitting for the same reason (not attending the trip would amount to a severe financial loss to my employer/company). I've found a few other resources online and am pulling together evidence. Regardless, I'll let people know what happens in case others are in the same circumstances.
  4. Ah, totally forgot about “drawn from a US bank”...my previous comment could definitely be wrong. They don’t mention the US bank issue on the credit card page in the same way they do for checks/money orders, hence my assumption. I still have a Canadian credit card and bank account , but we used my husband’s US card to pay our fee.
  5. Thanks for this -- helpful to see what the steps and timeline can be! Having to request over the phone seems so odd, but I'll give it a go. It's not a job offer, as I am still working on my valid TN status (been at the same job for over 4 years now, got a new TN in 2017 which is good through 2020.) So I already have work authorization, but I'd need AP in order to make this trip...estimates put my EAD/AP in mid-May.
  6. nerdese

    Form G-1450

    It took four (4) days after my package was received at the Lockbox for them to process the form, but I have seen others take longer. There won't be a notification from USCIS directly, but if you keep an eye on your online banking/credit card account, you should see the charge appear once it has been accepted.
  7. Yes, that’s correct, and no, work is not affected. Marry, file AOS right away to get the process started, and continue to work under your TN until you receive your EAD. EAD/AP should come in 4-6 months, depending on processing times where you are. TN work would only be affected if you waited until it was almost expired to file. Any reason you’re waiting until May/June to marry? In your case it seems advisable to get the process underway quickly so you can have work and travel freedom again.
  8. Just saw today that my case was updated to "Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview" -- even though there's a ways to go from here, I still squealed a little when I saw the status had changed! Also, does anyone in this forum have experience submitting an AP or EAD expedite request? I've had an important work opportunity come up that would require me to travel in early April. The NYC field office is no longer accepting InfoPass appointments, so from what I've seen, the only way I can request it is to call the Control Center phone number?
  9. Thanks so much for your input. I had been thinking along the same lines: the letter from my boss (signed and on company letterhead) would ideally detail all the costs she has already put in, and the potential U.S. income/business lost by not attending (this is something I could easily estimate for her, based on results following our previous attendance at the conference.) This could be supplemented by her receipts for purchases and the proof that she cannot make the trip herself and that I am the only person who could take her place within my company. Going to work on all of this tonight in hopes I can call them tomorrow.
  10. I've had a bit of an unexpected situation come up and I'm curious for anybody's take. I've seen a lot of old threads about AP expedites but am curious for more up-to-date information. I came to the US on TN status, and am still working for the same employer (my status expires in September 2020). I applied for AoS/EAD/AP on 12/01/2018 based on marriage to my USC husband. I've completed biometrics and am now waiting for EAD/AP, which is estimated to arrive May 13-17, 2019, according to today's VJ estimate. The situation Every year, my boss attends a very important conference for our industry overseas -- it's a huge opportunity to network with our international partners and possibly bring in more money for the company, not to mention that the trip itself is also a financial investment. This year's conference is the first week of April, and my boss already made tons of meeting appointments with important contacts, booked hotels/flights, etc. Last week, she broke her foot really badly and has since been advised by her doctor in follow-up appointments that she won't be able to travel by plane by the time the conference comes around. She stands to lose a lot of money if we have to cancel everything (not to mention the lost potential income to the company if we don't attend at all). Today, she asked if I would be able to attend in her stead, as I work closely with her and am familiar enough with her work to act on her behalf. It would be a great professional opportunity for me as well. I know it might be a long shot, but with a note from the doctor and a letter from my boss, is it worth trying to submit an AP expedite request so I can make the trip for her? One of the USCIS expedite criteria is "severe financial loss to company or person" -- does that need to apply to me specifically, or can a loss to the company I work for also count? I know that this doesn't qualify for an "emergency advance parole" but perhaps a case can be made to speed it up. I'm based in NYC, and my field office no longer takes InfoPass appointments. As I've seen it, I would need to call the USCIS Contact Center number, tell them my request, and then they would ask me to follow up with evidence by mail/fax? Does anyone know how long this process usually takes? Would my boss need to provide flight receipts/accommodations to prove that expenses have already racked up, etc? If the expedite doesn't go through, my boss would never want me to risk my status/AoS (of course, I'd never risk it either!) by leaving, but it would be really beneficial if I could make the trip. I appreciate anyone's experience with expediting AP for work travel. I know I'm in a bit of a different situation as I'm doing AoS with valid U.S. work authorization, but maybe other TNs out there have encountered it? Thanks!
  11. Hooray!! You spoke it into existence Definitely a good idea to keep your official VJ timeline updated so that you can get some slightly more accurate approval estimates!
  12. Where are you located? I know that in my case, a lot of NYC filers have gotten stuck in post-biometrics, pre-ready-to-be-scheduled hell for months, and yet I still torture myself by checking the case tracker and mail religiously. Of course, I let myself get optimistic when everything was happening in the beginning! And I'm still early in the process. In it for the long haul
  13. There doesn't seem to be any restriction to using a Canadian credit card, as long as it's one of the four types accepted (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or Discover) and all the instructions for using Form G-1450 are followed.
  14. This is awesome to see as a fellow TN-to-GC filer. Congrats on your approval! I also studied Phil80 and verochampagne's posts when I was starting out. Making these guides is so reassuring to other people on TNs who feel a bit bewildered by the whole process. Rough that you were at "Interview is ready to be scheduled" for 9 months, though!
  15. Will be curious to follow your progress! I'm a fellow TN-to-GC applicant. You can see my current timeline in my signature -- I'm only about a month or two ahead of you.