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  1. Hi Erika, I also deal with Jakarta embassy duting my K1 visa, I'm the beneficiary. A lot MIGHT have changed in the visa process but please see my comment below: *How to pay the visa fee? I paid my visa at the embassy during my interview. Please email the JakIV email address to ensure you're able to do this. They're VERY responsive and will be the most reliable source of information for your visa related questions. *Is it done at the embassy? Yes. At least in 2016 based on my experience. *Also I checked the status of CEAC website and it says “ready”. Does this mean it is at the embassy in Jakarta Indonesia? If so what is the next step? Not exactly sure what to advise on this, as I forgot what is CEAC, but by now your fiance must already receive an interview notice from the embassy, in that email, there's a list of documents that must be presented/submitted during his / her interview. Read that email thoroughly and make sure that you're able to produce/complete the required documents. If I remember this correctly, the USC petitioner also received the same email advising them to prepare said documents. I haven’t received anything from the NVC other than them stating they were sending to the embassy in indo. note: 1. Prepare EVERYTHING as requested, don't do last minute preparation on the day of the interview. You / beneficiary want to come prepared, relaxed and calm. 2. Read, and read again. If you think you understand everything written, READ AGAIN. A lot of the time the answers of your question is clearly written in the govt official instruction. 3. This is a long and rather exhausting process, best to tackled as a team, get your fiancé(e) to contribute as much as you do. 4. If he/she is not confident with English, EVERYONE at the US embassy Jakarta speaks fluent Bahasa. Good luck. all the best! J/G Please help 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  2. I was in a similar situation but in LA. The interview went well, but they're missing my original I-129F document (the K1 visa petition). It wasn't my / our fault. They told me they'll get back in two weeks. Our interview was 12 Dec. on 30 December I received my green card. Good luck, all the best, you're almost there. Best J/G
  3. Hey Carinap, Yes I translated my birth certificate myself from Bahasa to English for my AOS. Just make sure you also attached AND sign a certificate of translation. Here what I attached with my English translation of BoC: =================================== CERTIFICATE OF TRANSLATION I, __(your name)__, certify that am fluent in the English and Bahasa Indonesia language and that I also certify that the translation of my Indonesian Birth Certificate number No. ________ under the name of __(your name)__ dated __________ originally issued in __(your city)__, Indonesia, is true and accurate to the best of my abilities. Your City, Date 2018 (SIGN HERE) Name: __(your name)__ Address: __(your current US address)__ Mobile: __(your current US mobile)__ =================================== My AOS went well, no RFE and got my GC in 3 months. Good luck! J/G
  4. Hi Airman -- Thank you. Just to confirm when you mention the "Second Anniversary" you're referring to the expiration date of my GC right? and NOT my second wedding anniversary. On my GC it says that the expiry date is 26 December 2019, so at least by 26 September 2019 my application should have been received at the USCIS office. Am I correct?? THANK YOU for clearing up the I751 and N400. Best, J/G Mushtoomspore -- First, love the name!! Second, Thank you for your response and good counsel. Third, no. The IO did not explain this to us. Our AOS interview was not conclusive. The USCIS / IO misplaced the original approved I-129F and cannot make any decision then. She gave me the white slip with a check on "Your case is being held for review." She told us that she'll get back to us in 2 weeks at the latest and exactly on the 15th day my Green Card arrived. Boom. Shakalaka. If she did explain about the I-751 then I probably have mentally checked out, as it was a very emotional day... But I'm 98% sure we were not furnished with this information. Best, J/G Geowrian -- Thank you for your good counsel. On your #3 point did you meat to write Unrestricted Social Security Card? I applied for one following my receiving of my conditional GC. It's the SSN card that does not say "Only valid for employment if accompanied with EAD". Am I correct? I also passed my driving test 2 weeks ago, so I'm waiting for my DL to arrive. THANK YOU. Best, J/G Roel -- THANK YOU. Short and sweet! Best, J/G
  5. I've been a green card holder as of 26 December 2017. Thank I'll respond to your message ASAP. X. J/G
  6. Dear VJ Users -- I came to the US with K1, successfully applied AOS (along with EAD and AP) and was approved and received my 2-year Conditional Green Card in December 2017. It has been a journey for both of us and we can't be happier about where we are physically and mentally. I know I still have a quite sometime before the 2-year limit, but I'd like to know what is my next step. Ideally, my husband and I would like for me to apply for naturalization and be a US citizen. It's best for our future plan to live here permanently and allow us to travel the world freely. I BRIEFLY read about the I-751 and the N-400. And I got a little confused. So I have some question: 90 days prior to the expiration of my Green Card should I apply for I-751 or N-400? Would someone care to explain the difference between the I-751 and N-400? Will this coming application -- be it I-751 or N-400 -- be the last application I'd ever submit to the US Govt. regarding my citizenship status? I'm currently working full-time and while waiting for my application (I-751 / N-400) to be approved, I'm still legally able to work right? I might have more questions later but THANK YOU in advance for taking the time to read and hopefully shed some lights. Best, J/G
  7. https://id.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/ Contact Us Hours: Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 10:00am Telephone: +62 21 34359052 or +62 21 34359053 Email: JakIV@state.gov Location: Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 5, Jakarta Pusat.
  8. Put it as Jalan etc.. etc.. And to answer your main question, as others have suggested, you do not need any lawyer to do the K1 Visa process. If neither of you has been arrested / overstayed / break any serious rules or regulation you can do the whole process yourselves (i.e. you AND your fiancé) it's A LOT and NOT not stressful process but two heads are better than one. K1 is as complicated and as simple as you make it. If you read the official form instruction you'll find the explanation of each the section of the form. This forum is filled with information so read and do your research. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  9. USMSBOW -- Thank you for your response. Yeah, I think I read the email in a nervous & frantic state of mind, but then again frantic & nervous are part of my brand . The second I read the word 'UNAVAILABLE' typed in all caps I literally went, "What the F is it this time, god d***!!!!" But when I re-read the email now, it's clearly just a statement that saying, "hey, we sent you this thing.". Little Immigrant -- THANK YOU. I hope your GC arrive soon!!
  10. Thank you. Are you sure there's no repercussion for me from ignoring this email?
  11. Dear VJ Users -- I attended my AOS interview on 11 December 2017, received approval on 29 December 2017 and received the actual Green Card on 30 December 2017 via USPS. This evening I received a text notification from USCIS and then this email below: What should I do??? I already received my green card. Has anyone been in the same situation?? Is there any action that I need to take? Please advise. Best, J/G
  12. Hi -- I (the beneficiary) only had mine when attending the interview as you said it's only required for the K-1 Visa applicant...... HOWEVER I may be wrong.... It's been 3 years and I'm too lazy to dig into my archive.... sorry. As for the photo requirements best to research the https://travel.state.gov/content/travel.html and / or http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ for the most reliable and updated information. When your fiance received her / his Packet 3 email there will be detailed instruction and it'll be very easy. WAIT.... I just re read your question..... Of course, you need to bring an actual / physical print of your photo... Good luck. J/G
  13. Hello NJ2202 -- First, cool name. Second, the email that you quoted was sent to me, the Beneficiary. Third, my mind is a little foggy, so please someone correct me if I'm wrong. I believe Beneficiary's email was also requested in one of those forms in I-129F petition pack, I can't remember which one. Also IF I remember correctly (again) when my Petitioner was notified that the I-129F petition has been approved, the US Embassy emailed him requesting my full name and contact details (email and phone number). I hope this helps? Best, J/G
  14. Hi Harvardid -- From my experience, I'd suggest you bring all the requested documents listed on your interview notice for AOS. One that applies to your particular case, some of them might not be, you'd be the judge. What I'd suggest is for you to bring a complete set EVERYTHING you and your spouse EVER submitted to the US Govt / US Embassy. So for K-1, I'd bring a complete set of my I-129F Application, K-1 Visa Application, AOS Application (and EAD / AP if you applied for them). Not only that bringing all this will give you some degree of peace of mind but also the interviewer might ask for a copy of photo / document that you submitted previously. It happened to me and I was happy to have the requested document in hand. One last thing, the final decision (i.e. approval / denial ) MIGHT not be given at the end of the interview. I was under administrative review because they did not have my original approved I-129F but it wasn't my fault they misplaced it and must retrieve it from their system. After 2 weeks my green card arrived via mail. GOOD LUCK J/G.
  15. Not sure if this can be of any help but I deactivated my NPWP 2 weeks prior to my leaving Indonesia. Stating that I will be living abroad. They didn't ask me for anything..... I just filled out a form and then stamp.. stamp.. and done... I was amazed but I'm not going to challenge the fact that the tax officer stated that as of that day my NPWP is no longer active... It can be re-activated at a later date...
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