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  1. The best way to handle this is to not think about it. I stopped checking my case online. I am focusing on other things in life. There is so much going on with uscis such as layoffs, backlogs, offices still closed... I do not want to be consumed by all this. I will enjoy every day and let this thing sort itself out.
  2. I don't think you need to upload photos of the family. There has been cases where people had their I751 and N400 approved together without an interview. Nothing confirmed though.
  3. what pictures you want to transfer from your phone that you will upload with the N400 application?
  4. You can create an account any time and start filling the application. You can also save it so you can continue later. Once your window time opens, you can submit.
  5. I've seen three people so far who reported the same info. 3 different states.
  6. The people who are getting interview dates are only re-scheduled ones?
  7. I filed a joint I751 with my wife. When it was being processed we filed for divorce. I sent a letter to the USCIS to where I sent my I751. Telling them that a divorce has been filed but we are still living together and that if the divorce is finalized before a decision was made on my I751 I would let them know. My I751 was approved and I received my GC. Maybe 2 weeks after that my divorce was finalized. I sent them a letter with a copy if my I751 approval letter and a copy of my previous letter. Telling them that my divorce is now finalized. I personally think I did the right thing. Maybe dring my N400 interview they would not like what I did, but I will tell them that there was no clear instructions on what to do from their end.
  8. I feel you. I was in the same exact situation. Moved to the US after working in office job for 10 years. I couldn't find a job in the same field. No local work history nor references. I accepted the situation and decided to do what it takes to make a living. I started peeling potatoes and carrots for $9 an hour at a local restaurant. Then did newspaper delivery, then a warehouse job. I went to work everyday with the attitude that I will do whatever it takes to make a living and that a person must start somewhere, and nothing will be easy. I was really determined on that. I got promoted in the warehouse, a year and half later I was able to get a better job in the same new field. A year after that I was promoted to supervisor, then assistant manager. I was then offered a job as regional coordinator and operations supervisor. I am making a bit over $70K with 3 weeks paid vacation and good benefits. I would have not been able to be where I am now if I was not lifting boxes at warehouses. Really, this made me start from the bottom and helped me understand the business really well since it was all new to me. My advise for you, is to not give up. Hard work will pay off eventually. You can do it, I believe that you can. Good luck.
  9. You can file for Divorce if you need to. You said you have been married for almost 5 years now, were you a resident of the US since 5 years also?
  10. Same boat? We are in a mega ship now. Bigger than the Titanic.
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