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  1. There is not much to gather for 5 years rule lol. Good luck.
  2. Its common. No worries, sometimes it will be approved within a week. Good luck.
  3. This happened in Montreal airport wich has a POE for CBP. The Canadian side didnt ask me much, the American side did this. I told the officer that my fingerprints will not change every hour. Why do you keep taking my fingerprints? He said he was doing his job and just sit and wait. I didnt file a complaint no although I could. This was my most recent travel in 2018. I dont know how my next travel will be.
  4. It was not the TSA. It was the CBP. It was extensive. Took my phone and asked me to open it and they read my messages and looked at all the pictures I had and opened food containers that I had and it was spilled and went to trash and they didnt even bother to say sorry. They took my fingerprints 5 times, every hour an officr will come and take my fingerprints. I dont know if they were just bored because I was the only one in the holding area. They were asking me if I cook and what type of food and if I like chicken and if I play videogames and took my wallet. During the search my transit flight took off. They put me on a shitty one after and gave me my stuff and said you are all set to leave. It was horrible experience
  5. I was traveling on extension letter and I didn't have any issues when entering the country. A year later I got my GC snd I was brought into secondary inspection upon returning to the US for almost 6 hours.
  6. Filed: 10/20/2019 NOA1: 10/20/2019 Biometrics: 11/12/2019
  7. Look at it this way: There is a concert but there is an unbelievably long line. People are coming with cars and there is a fast train. The only benefit of taking the train is that you will get in line faster to buy a ticket, but you will not get in any faster. Or you can sum it up by "hurry up and wait".
  8. That's what I thought. I didn't user other names, they did. I took it as if I used a different name on any official stuff like car registration, insurance policy, employment, bank accounts and credit cards... Which I didn't do. So I answered by no.
  9. Thanks. You reminded me of a meme that has 2 pictures. On the left Dwayne Johnson in a black suit and on the right side his WWE photo and the caption reads "Dwayne Johnson looks exactly the same as The Rock". Always makes me laugh.
  10. Hi all, Part 2 - Question 3 on N400: "Other Names You Have Used Since Birth (includes nicknames, aliases, and maiden name, if applicable" What do they really mean by that? Do they mean that someone calls you by other names or that you have "legally" or "officially" used a different name? The reason I ask is that my last name consists of 2 words with space in between, as below: Name: John Last name: Michael Smith In the USA, business will think Michael is my middle name. I will receive mail for credit card offers, insurance offers named as: "John Michael", or "Michael Smith", or "John Smith", or "John Michaelsmith". My car registration and phone bill and bank account and taxes have my correct name though. Should I have listed these names? The reason I didn't is that the question is "Other Names You Have Used Since Birth...". I myself never used any other names, others are using weird names to address me. Thanks
  11. Yes. It is better to wait one day at least when filing online.
  12. Yes you should be able to because that's what I did and I had no issues at all.
  13. Please be cautious when using the Google Excel Spreadsheet as someone keep messing it up and deleting almost everything.
  14. They sooner they are legally divorced, the better.
  15. I envy you that the $25.50 is what you worry about and what makes your day during the immigration process.
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