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  1. I hired a lawyer few months ago. I paid in full but the lawyer did not do what he said he will (timeframe wise). I asked for a refund and that I did my part of the contract by paying what he asked for, but he didn't fulfill his part by filing on time. He said he was understaffed and apologized, gave me a full refund and few weeks after I got an email from their quality team apologizing again and offered 20% discount for any future business. Yes, COVID delayed a lot.
  2. Usually what happens in this case is: If the client had paid in full, the lawyer will charge them only what he worked so far based on hourly wage + filing/court/postal fees and refund the balance. If the client is on payment plan, they will only pay what the lawyer worked so far and the contract gets terminated with no further financial responsibility. In this case, the lawyer might agree to refund you in full minus the court/filing fees.
  3. Watch the video below for a quick update regarding K1 visas and WoM for K1 delays - start at minute 11:00 https://youtu.be/cvx8tZ7MaN8
  4. So did you file writ of mandamus? If yes, how did it go?
  5. You can take a screenshot from the insurance portal and print it. I had the same issue with the dental insurance. I added my wife but didn't receive the cards, however I was able to see her added on the portal. I took a screenshot with both our names under the same policy and printed it. Good luck.
  6. Approval for what? What is your case?
  7. A friend of mine filed few days before me. Living in the same city same state. That was in October 2019. He was done and did the Oath after 4 months. I am still waiting for interview. As @arken said, welcome to the maze. Good luck.
  8. Hello folks. If a K1 petitioner lives in New Hampshire, and they hired a lawyer in Michigan. What service center does their case go to? Is it based on the service center that covers the petitioner's (VSC) state or their lawyer's state (CSC)? Thank you
  9. Sorry that you are going through this. There is nothing you can do on your end regarding the visa process. If she emails USCIS, NVC or the embassy and informs them that she is no longer proceeding with the petition then it is over. It is also over if she just walks away from this, meaning no longer communicates with the immigration agencies. You mentioned you 2 are married in your country. If this relations really ends, you should start learning about your divorce options since she is not in the country and possibly not responsive to your questions or being cooperative. Good luck.
  10. If your US partner broke up with you before the embassy interview, then you can no longer pursue the K1 visa to enter the USA.
  11. The case status check online is not always accurate. I've seen people attended their Oath ceremony and their case status still shows as scheduled for interview. There is not much you can do for now, just wait. You will hear from then soon.
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