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  1. Hello, We're approaching the end of our 90 days on the K-1. We have AoS prepared, but have not yet sent it. We have plans to see family that involve flying after the 90 days have ended, but possibly before we get any response regarding our AoS filing. Does going through TSA pose a risk if we've already filed AoS but have no confirmation? We assume going through TSA before filing but after the 90 days is wildly dangerous? Thread with similar circumstances that has us worried below:
  2. Posting in K1 subforum, please move elsewhere if not correct. Got a K1 visa, immigrated, got a SSN, got married, have not applied for AoS yet. I'm using a new name after marriage so I went down to the local Social Security Administration office to get a name change on my SSN. The clerk told me that she won't process the name change because I first need to get my name change done with "immigration", which I'm assuming means USCIS and the AoS process. Is there no way to get a new Social Security Card after a K1 marriage but before applying for AoS? We wanted to make this straightforward for insurance, but I guess now I'll have to get on my partner's insurance using my old name, since that's who the card is out to?
  3. Hey all, The recent Supreme Court ruling on Roe v Wade definitely brought in new concerns for same-sex couples in the US, with Clarence Thomas stating he feels Obergefell should be revisited. I'm currently a few months into waiting for the second stage of the K1 process with my wonderful same-sex partner, but the entire path to immigration and to getting a green card will still take years. How safe are we? Is it even possible to theorize about what could go wrong here? Thanks for all the answers
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