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  1. So we decided to take the torn envelope with us to the POE at JFK and had no issues whatsoever. We didn't need to wait in line at all and were taken to a room and subsequently were out of there within 5 minutes. Easiest part of the journey was the POE. Now onto the next chapter. Thanks everyone!
  2. Thanks for everyone's feedback. I will circle back here with what we end up doing. Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone, My fiance just picked up her visa and the rest of the sealed documents. Is this going to be ok or should I contact the embassy?
  4. I've never heard of anyone receiving an rfe for that particular reason. So don't worry. Even if you do, it would be an easy fix.
  5. Thank you for sharing your timeline. I thought I had it hard but of course I knew nothing. Your times are coming and I will be there to support you any way I possibly can. It's obligatory that I mention @june1990 as well here. Wish you guys speedy reunion with your loved ones. It has been a long time waiting.
  6. Hey guys, I only wanted to say I'm still thinking of those of you still waiting for your noa2. Tell us what's happening with your cases.
  7. Yes please do and thank you again. The race for who gets to leave Turkey first is on!
  8. Dang and it was all going so well, too. Sorry that you have to wait a little longer now. I personally wanted to thank you for your support with my case. You are my hero! My fiance had her interview this morning and she was approved. She was told to expect her package sometime next week. Thanks again stranger!
  9. Fiance had her interview this morning. Verbally approved and was told to expect to have the package sometime next week. Thank you everyone for your support here.
  10. Here's to you getting a quick response! 🍺
  11. If you have it ready, take it with you because they have asked before in that embassy.
  12. Im glad. Its technicality really as Im sure they know your fiance is a citizen but cant have expired documents on file before approving. Technicality
  13. Right! One or the other. At least a progress right?
  14. On DS-160 they dont ask for the NVC number if I remember correctly. It's the WAC number that I had to write on DS-160 but Im not sure if it makes any difference.