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  1. Keep checking the status. It will update with tracking information next. Congratulations!
  2. About a month, give or take a few days. Then another week for the card to be delivered.
  3. Unless its something that was enacted recently, the rep you spoke to is not right. We just had our interview on the 20th of last month. My wife went it for her medical in Ankara in October 2018 and we applied for her AOS in March 2019. The IO didnt have any issues with the validity of her medical forms.
  4. Questions to my spouse (the beneficiary) 1 - When and where did you meet? 2 - How long had you known each other prior to marriage? 3 - What date did you enter the US? 4 - What date did you get married? Where? 5 - Is this your first marriage? 6 - What were you doing prior to moving to the States? 7 - Do you have any children outside of the current marriage? Her brother and father are also in the States and no mention of them, just FYI for those who might find it helpful to know. Questions to me: 1 - When did you get married? (my first marriage) 2 - Did you get your naturalization in city X or was in city Y? (it actually was in city Z - trick question maybe?) 3 - Pointed at my mom in a photo and asked who she was? 4 - Where does she live? 5 - Do I have any children from any previous marriages? He was quite impressed by the evidence I had assembled in such a short time frame. (Joint tax return, lease in both of our names, checking and savings accounts' statements and health insurance in both of our names to name a few key evidence of our genuine relationship) Its my observation only, I cant help but feel that the interview took longer because the IO took his time asking all the questions rather than just asking a handful of them almost as a formality. Maybe it has to do with the new and stricter policies. Our IO was pleasant but he was also straight to the point type. At the end, when he reached for the green labeled stamp as opposed to the red one that was beside it, I was relieved to say the least.
  5. Except dont forget to keep accumulating more evidence when its time for ROC in two years time.
  6. We were approved today on the spot. Had to bring our own interpreter along. Charleston SC office is well reviewed and it showed. IO was very professional. In all it took 30 minutes max from start to finish. Of course none of any of this would have been possible without visajourney and it's amazing community support. Good luck to all who are still waiting their turn. Feel free to ask any questions. I'm only happy to help where I can.
  7. Going to Charleston SC. We're in Georgia and the marriage certificates dont have the married names reflected on them.
  8. Wow did not see this coming but our interview is scheduled already. We dont even have the EAD/AP cards. One problem we had at the biometrics place is they were reluctant to accept my wife's passport as a form of an ID since the names didnt match on the appointment notice. Her name on the notice is her married name but she has no ID yet with her married name. They eventually conceded that as long as we show our marriage cert. they will allow for her fingerprints to be taken which we did. Will we have the same problem at the interview site?
  9. So I did everything right but wrote a check for the wrong amount. It escapes my comprehension. Even the cover letter had the right amount on there but for some reason I wrote a check for $30 more than it should be. Just resent our package. Guess I belong in the March forum.
  10. I sent mine with FedEx priority overnight on the 12th last month and it was delivered and signed but still to this day nothing. Not even the check has been cashed.
  11. Two weeks since it was delivered and still the check is not cashed! I wrote them a check from my personal account. Strange!
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