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  1. I want to say Thank you for this information and just want to update for my experience currently (Feb 2022) My husband successfully passed his interview in January and had his oath yesterday February 9th. We've been hoping to travel to Wales, UK at the end of February and up until this week were just hoping to pay for an expedited passport through a Passport Acceptance Facility and cross our fingers that we got it in 2 weeks versus the previously quoted 3-5 for Expedited Passports. Now, Expedited means 5-7 weeks (from what I can tell the timeframe changed recently - Late Jan/Early Feb). So, we realized the chances of us getting in 2 were practically 0. So, we have an appointment using the "Urgent Travel" request As stated above - you must have travel planned for the next 14 days. If you call on a Thur - your travel must be for 13 days from that day - so practically 2 weeks ahead but no later than the Wed. Example - when I called on his oath day Thur February 9th - travel must be no later than Wed Feb 22. They will look for and schedule you for an Urgent Travel appointment at one of the 26 appointment facilities. Big note - it does not seem nearly as hard to get through as it was above for Original Poster. I called 4 times - once a day before the Oath (at approx 2:00 p.m.?) to test out the phone options, etc and I got through right away. I asked about making an appointment and was given clear information about the two week time frame, etc. I called twice yesterday (at approx 10:20, 10:25 a.m.) and we ended up scheduling an appointment in Dallas as there were none in Chicago (and we can fly direct from our local airport to Dallas on American Airlines), and called back today (at exactly 7 a.m.) and got an appointment in Chicago on Wed Feb 22. I do know that I had to press 1 for English, 1 for new passport, and 2 for Urgent Passport (and was not able to do a 112 right away to avoid listening to the menus). Will let you know if he gets his passport the same day as his appointment. I've read some people have to go back the next day and I'm really really hoping this isn't the case, but we will figure it out with travelling to Chicago to get it before our flight to LHR. Thanks again @Timona for this great post and information.
  2. Just curious - any updates - how long did your newborn's expedited passport end up taking?
  3. So for both of you it took 3 weeks or more? Oath ceremony for my husband is 2/9/23 and we have an appt at the post office that same day to apply for a passport. I'm thinking we won't be getting it back in 2 weeks and might have to make an Urgent Travel appointment... uggghhhh
  4. OP (eric_and_teresa) - did you get it back? MASH - did you get it back? Just curious. Also hoping we have a chance to get a passport in 2 weeks with expedited processing....uggghhh. Oath Ceremony scheduled on 1/11/23 for 2/9/23 and hoping to travel 2/23/23. So just reading other's experiences
  5. My husband had his interview last Thursday 1/5/2023 in Milwaukee and passed. Was hoping for a same day Oath, but they said he'd get a letter in the mail in the next two weeks scheduling the Oath Ceremony. Saw on Wed 1/11, in his USCIS account that we will be getting that letter soon - it's scheduled for 2/9/23. Hoping to go on a trip at the end of February so already scheduled a same day passport appointment to get a passport as they take your Permanent Resident Card at the Oath I've read. Hoping with expedited it comes faster than the 3-5 weeks - as we want to leave before the end of February! Fingers Crossed! At least we got it all scheduled - I've read some have had longer waits at every step - even after the passed Interview - so thankful for that.
  6. Filed N-400 Online on 10/4/22. Received Interview Notice on 11/25/22 (only in account - no text or email that an action has been taken - saw when I logged in to check status on USCIS.gov). Interview scheduled for Thur 1/5/23 WOW
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