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  1. to assume someone lied though is wild. I'll wait for a response from someone who has had a similar case and can offer valuable insight.
  2. Definitely not. They had the overseas address. Infact I thought based on that fact that she was going to be denied.
  3. I been tracking it so I know it's been approved. I actually told my cousin before she knew.
  4. The case was approved today. Her daughter is an adult... in her 20s n it was the n600 Hopefully someone on vj has some insight they can share
  5. She lives abroad. She has always lived abroad.That I did mention in my first post. so that's my question.. what next?
  6. No. Sorry I wasn't clear. My cousin is a us citizen by birth. Her daughter however was born outside of USA. They applied for n-600 and was approved today. It's been a process that should have been handled since she was a baby but it wasn't. Hence why I said it was long over due. Her mom (my cousin) has always lived in USA. Her daughter always lived outside of USA
  7. Oh ok so she doesn't do an oath then? How does she get her certificate? her daughter im assuming would have to apply for her own passport since she's an adult. It's been overdue.
  8. Good Morning Visa Journey Team, My cousin's daughter has been approved for her citizenship! But now... we have questions The Oath Ceremony once scheduled would probably be mailed in a separate notice, I'm sure. what if the applicant never had a us visa? (the applicant applied while outside of USA) what is the next steps or what is to be expected?
  9. Anyone out there applied for their passport already? I know they say 6-9 weeks from processing. My husband years ago when he applied for his passport although he chose the standard, it took less than 4 weeks. I am assuming with covid there may be a back up still... How long did it take for those who applied?
  10. The i-140 is what he can use to petition for himself.. or the hospital. n like I've mentioned before it's his plan to go home. I want to be equipped with all the knowledge so I can pitch the idea of coming here and keeping his options opened. I know nothing about this so I come to vj.
  11. I'm gathering the information so that I can be able to try and persuade him in keeping his options opened.
  12. No! his plan is to go back home and be a doctor. he can petition for himself because he's a doctor.
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