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  1. If CRBA is denied, your child won't be a citizen and a green card can be applied for. If you only want to travel to the US then yes. if you want to live there, either green card or N-600K
  2. If you don't fulfil the residency requirements, your only other two options are applying for a green card and get citizenship for your child through the Child Citizenship Act, or if one of the grandparents is a USC use form N-600K and claim it through that.
  3. All was done in Germany (CRBA+Passports). And as mentioned above, all names longer than 20 characters.
  4. Whatever name you give your child - as long within the Standesamtsrecht - it is your decision. But you do see the issues it can cause. Why does the US want your husband to change his name? Is it too long, too? And that a passport aplied from abroad can only have 20 characters does not seem to make sense to me: My passport (including my very first one in my life and the most recent one + my children) were applied from abroad (the US consulate in Germany to be exact) and my name and those of my children have 20+ characters too (under 33 characters though). And the "von" is not illegal per se, but since Germany abolished royalty, there is just no King or Emperor around who can give you a "von" title
  5. A traditional German name with 45 characters? Unless it ends with "von Bayern" or "zu Hohenzollern" which name did he give the child? And to your problem, do you already have the CRBA?
  6. CRBA will take about 1 hour. Add another hour for the emergency passport to be issued (assuming your case is approved). The baby and mother need to present to the interview. You don't necessarily have to if provided the right notarised form. The consular section of the embassy wants to see the child. And they say if you can travel to the US, you can also travel to the embassy.
  7. You will have to contact American Citizen Services at the Montreal consulate and ask them: montreal-ACS@state.gov
  8. The OP probally means the CRBA. You only can have a birth certifacte from Canada if born there. You only can have a US birth certificate if born in the US.
  9. https://uk.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/contact-passport-unit/passport-enquiries-form/
  10. There is always the possibility of getting a N-600 instead of the CRBA. @makhan27 you should look into this if you don't do the CRBA. Here is the process and reason for the N-600: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/431566-our-story-crba-for-our-child-denied-entering-the-us-with-a-baby-transportation-letter-and-citizenship-through-the-cca/page/9/#comments
  11. You can get a US passport without a SSN, and you do forifit the CRBA if you get a passport in the US.
  12. You're welcome! Take care and once you have what worked for you, please updated this thread how it turned out. This will help others that might be in the same situation as you. A thread I wrote might also be useful for you:
  13. You only can do one of those things: You can apply for a US passport at a DOS passport agency and receive it OR you can apply for a CRBA at a foreign embassy. Once the passport has been issued in the US, citizenship has become established and a CRBA can't be issued anymore.
  14. I agree, they were lucky in so many ways: a) No valid ESTA -> should have been denied boarding since the airline would have a transportation liability (airline pays for the flight back, since they didn't check the documents properly, and would be fined additionally). b) Assuming the child is a US citizen, entering on a foreign passport (fine) c) Entering on a non-immigrant visa (since intent to stay but not even ESTA). The OP was lucky the immigration officer let this fly. Depending on his/her mood, he could at least made a night or two in immigration detention center uncomfortable for you until you see a judge. Although unlikely a judge would deport a child with its unclear status and the current situation, spending a night or two in one of these centers with an infant would be very very uncomfortable. @makhan27 you have no idea how lucky this went for you considering all above.
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