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  1. Physical presence counts as anytime you spent in the US BEFORE the child was born. So having a tourist visa or green card will count. All physical presence requirements are stated clear on embassies websites like here: https://nl.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/child-family-matters/birth/proof-physical-presence/ What exactly is unclear to you?
  2. First the CRBA to get a letter of denial, then apply for the immigrant visa(s). The CRBA cost 100$, not 1K$. https://il.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/child-family-matters/birth/fees/ Inable to apply for an immigrant visa for your child, you will need the letter of denial. Just don't apply for the passport at the same time to save that money.
  3. It is either. Either the child qualifies because the grandparents fulfilled the physical presence requirements, or she can file an I-130 for her child. Both will lead to the same result of the child receiving citizenship. Which route is chosen, is up to the OP.
  4. You can either go the N-600 or I-130 route for your child. A story can be found here: You will have to apply for CRBA enable to get a letter of danial. Once you have this, you can go one of the other routes. An immigrant visa will always be easier, safer and more reliable than a work visa. Also apply together with your husband and child. So wait until you sorted out the citizenship status of your child until you do anything. It will be easier applying together than sorting it out at the end.
  5. https://ar.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/birth/
  6. If the CRBA is approved, the consular section of the embassy will be able to issue an emergency passport the same day for immediate travel.
  7. Moving out of the country won't affect the status of the N-600 since you already fulfilled the legal requirements of them. The N-600 is just the confirmation that the requirements have been met. For pickup of the certificate you will probably need to be in the US (your child in that age usually doesn't need to be present). You can change your address to a friend or relative in that case, too. The Certificate of Citizenship is usually printed on the spot and you can take it along.
  8. To make it even easier, since you are both USC, you only have to provide a single day physical presence in the US. That is it: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/travel-legal-considerations/us-citizenship/Acquisition-US-Citizenship-Child-Born-Abroad.html Birth Abroad in Wedlock to Two U.S. Citizen Parents A person born abroad in wedlock to a U.S. citizen mother and a U.S. citizen father acquires U.S. citizenship at birth under section 301(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), if one of the parents has had a residence in the United States or one of its outlying possessions prior to the person’s birth. No physical presence required in this case. So doing CRBA in your case should be no issue.
  9. a) DCF is already expedting. If you have a valid reason (i.e. medical might work) it can go faster. b) You and the mother will be interviewed, not the child obviously. One note, you can't just file in a DCF country. You need to have lived there for at least 6 months. In some cases 1 year.
  10. If you live in a DCF country, you can do it in weeks instead of a year.
  11. You were not a USC at the time of the childs birth. Even if it is a couple days, you will have to go the immigrant visa route and let the child receive citizenship through the Child Citizhenship Act. You can find a detailed report about this process here:
  12. With a CRBA you are considered a USC by birth. Go become president now!
  13. You will also have to remember the psychological impact this whole process is going to do: Timewise you are looking somwhere between 1-4 years until this whole process might be finished. Ripping a 4 year old from his mother to live in another country with another familiy will be hard.
  14. A paternity and maternity test might be ordered by the embassy, just to prevent international child trafficking.
  15. I would get a paternity test done before even starting the whole process in his case...
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