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  1. This is what Russian collusion looks like and it didnt cost us a dime to investigate it. When is the trial?
  2. Are yoy saying people from south if rhe border are animals? YOU RACIST!
  3. So do you nuke a single gun owner's house? Seems like there would be a lot of non gun owner collateral damage. Or do you gather all the gun owners up and nuke them as a group out in a desolate location?
  4. Maybe Trump was able to gain the young black people's confidence by carrying a little bottle of hot sauce in his purse.
  5. "Pandering for the hispanic vote" O'Rourke would probably be a better choice.
  6. Who uses their nickname while running for political office?
  7. In a "he said, she said" situation like this what do you look for to prove who is telling the truth? Depending on you ask they both sounded believeable. Is a person's track record (which is proveable by the way, unlike the question as to whether the assault occured or not) something you look at? Or is your hate for Trump enough to make you believe her side of the story and enough to believe he is lieing? I'm betting on the latter.
  8. I think theres probably a few million in the Phoenix metropolitan area alone.
  9. That would require a time traveling Delorean, 1.21 jigawatts, and a Huey Lewis and the News soundtrack.
  10. Get real. The left is definitely known for this as well. Wackos reside on the extremes of both sides.
  11. If Trump was to release his tax returns would you then accept him as your president?