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  1. It can be decided on a case by case basis . I have seen quite a few waivers in the past few weeks on multiple forums. I have yet to see one piece of USCIS official publication that says ALL k-1 will be interviewed https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume7-PartA-Chapter5.html
  2. Yes interview waivers still happen and this is 99 percent approved. Congrats. If the production message comes its already being printed so you should get it soon. Go on informed delivery you should see it in the package section appear soon bad info
  3. Thank you, only thing I can tell you really helps is to go on with your life and really dont check anything.You are probably doing that but just saying I micromanaged everything and looked at the status everyday but that just frustrates, when I stoped looking at everything I opened the mailbox last week and there it was .
  4. Yea , mine took like 9 months to go from “we receieved your biometrics” to ready to schedule for an interview they then quickly booked the interview. all last week. I hope it goes quickly for you . It was a painful process all the wait for a status update. It did in the end but not accurate at all. My field office went to 8-14months to process family based I-485 to 12-22 months in like two months . So completely off the charts . As you can see mine will be 9-10 months so dont worry to much about the processing times.
  5. Yes it means they used your old biometrics for it which is standard practice. Processing will probably still take around 3 months just like a new EAD application . The new processing times seem to jump every month and I wouldn't say are very accurate, they just want people to stop calling in. Whats the status on your I-485 ?
  6. Interview is schedulded for August 10th Tucson field office PD 09/05/2017 Status changed to Ready to schedule last monday and then that friday my interview was schedulded ( according to letter ) status in USCIS tracker remains ready to be schedulded and on this new status case update website it still says biometrics fee received. So dont worry about the case trackers to much
  7. mustang85635

    Fastest Way

    Now if K1 visa would take a month or two then we would be talking but its so slow it takes roughly the same depending where in the world you apply. Frankfurt you can get it in 6 months . Know some people that got it in that tomeframe while another waited 8-10 for K-1 no RFE no anything. If you move to NY , Houston or LA you could be looking at another year once you enter on K-1 plus the AOS fees. And the wait. Omg just thinking about how useless I felt sitting at home and wasting my time doing nothing . It was horrible. Listen to some good advice OP and go CR-1 nuff said
  8. mustang85635

    Fastest Way

    There is no reason to go K1 over CR1 in there circumstance . As noted both take the same nowadays and its far superior because you enter as an LPR . Price wise its superior and time wise its superior. It might be good for a couple thats still unsure about marriage and living together but this couple obviously does not. Also getting legally married in europe is a very fast process. I know in denmark its same day . Sweden probably same.
  9. mustang85635

    Fastest Way

    K1 visa sucks so bad . There is absolutely no reason you would do that over CR1 if both people live abroad . Its so much more work once you get to the USA and every relationship will take a hit when the other person has to sit at home do absolutely ****all and is getting bored and depressed. Especially when you live in a first world country there is no rush.
  10. I cross regularly to mexico since I live very close to the border . Dentist for example. Go mostly by foot and when I enter mexico there is no check what so ever . Only a metal door , no passport check no anything . Going back I show EAD/AP sometimes swipe and go or sometimes sit in secondary for 10 min and admit me manually , never a stamp or anything. When you go by plane there are passport checks but I am german so i dont need a visa either way . Also still have valid B2 You dont need a visa . At the airport they will quickly look at expiration date of H visa and thats all . They could never tell you are AOSing or that its not valid anymore. Dont worry so much , its mexico , weak and lax controls
  11. Please dont try to participate in a conversation about a topic you clearly know nothing about . Please go read the N-400 form especially I want to point out the Y/N question asked on there as a little hint. Pertaining to breaking immigration law and the law in general . When you harbour an illegal alien ( the means they got here dont matter ) out of status , whatever you like to call it , it is in direct violation of “8 U.S. Code § 1324” which if found guilty of would most definetly exclude you from gaining US citizenship forever if not likely to get you deported. The mere fact that the IO knows about this and OP actually admitted it is enough for denial and an investigation. ON TOP : Trump has enacted an even stricter definition widening this by just merely helping or giving aid to an illegal alien. The languange being used it It makes illegal to "facilitate" the presence of "aliens." This was part of his executive order on sanctuary cities https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-enhancing-public-safety-interior-united-states/ Look at section 6 for further information. Now if a US citizen is found guilty of those crimes that would be bad enough but it makes it a thousand times worse that a legal permanent resident is participating in that. Dont forget a green card can be taken away quite easily by USCIS, and this would be a prime example of that happening , rightly so .
  12. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Why didnt you mention the DACA that use the advance parole with some made up reason like "visit old sick grandparents" to adjust status when they get back. That is gaming the system in my opinion since they are in effect illegal immigrants. I on the other hand came over on a B2 visa because I did an extended trip through the USA and found the love of my life in the process . I was inspected not only at the embassy where I had to produce all kinds of documents but also at the border. Its not really a loophole but the LAW. Harboring an illegal immigrant who has not been inspected by anyone, no police checks no homeland security checks (administrative processing), nothing is and should be punished by law. That as a nation we got to a point where someone goes to a citizenship interview and asks for the most priced citizenship in the world while committing a crime, harboring an illegal immigrant , thinks its completely normal and dandy, then comes here and is outraged on why an OFFICER OF THE LAW is outraged at you for being so impudent having the guts to go in there and keep a straight face. Should be denied and your wife deported , thank god for you I wasn't your immigration officer buddy.
  13. Yea Ireland. In terms of crime like iceland or switzerland very bad comparison. Is there a way you can drive your car from Bulgaria/Georgia to Ireland without having to cross border control. No, bad comparison move on . I was referring to my native Germany that does not have border control since its part of the schengen area. UK/Ireland is not. No one ever broke into my apartment there because I lived in the city in an apartment block . But that doesn't mean its not happening in rural areas. I have had many friends been robbed in Berlin. My sister had a refugee mastrubate right in front of her on the train at night. Id say she got lucky she didnt end up in a dark alley raped and killed like MANY CASES NOW going through the court system. You had one refugee drag a young girl (medical student) 19 years old from her bike, raped and dumped in a river coming home from a party. Just as an example. Even pepper spray is not legal if its not labeled as anti dog spray. You are a victim there, here you are not. Please maybe use china as a better example. Europe is in turmoil and germany is experiencing unprecedented crime rates never seen before. Dont piss on my leg and tell me its raining .
  14. Yes exactly like in Germany where you have eastern european thugs using the open borders to go on burglary raids through out the country side especially targeting older people with money. Was one I read about the other day, tied them up and beaten 80 year old couple until they would turn over the key code to the safe with all there wedding jewelry. Here on the other hand I read. 70 year old vietnam vet defending himself against robbers . https://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/02/07/thugs-pull-gun-on-70-year-old-vietnam-vet-but-hes-armed-too-and-quicker-on-the-draw This is the difference. Here you dont have to be a victim you can defend yourself. In europe you are always a victim. No way to protect yourself and your family other then wait for the police. Yea I bet you have the direct dial through number to the US ARMY when you get broken into buddy.
  15. I forgot they had to put military on the streets in the UK too now. Just like belgium, france etc... I wonder why that is ...