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  1. We have first hand experience with police certificate from Saudi. Now wife lived there for a few years. You can not obtain a certificate from the kingdom if no longer reside there. DOS knows this and it was not required for our K1 interview at the embassy. Just our experience.
  2. I did use that route. Received a reply back they would get back to me in a month. Who knows if it nudged my case but don’t think it hurt.
  3. So we had not received our new 48 month extension letter and we kind of wanted it. Our original 24 month was showing its age and becoming difficult to read. Decided to submit a case inquiry about 10 days ago. Then just yesterday got a text message from USCIS. Our card was in production. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not. Happy either way. Sep 9 2019 filer at LIN.
  4. She had her nexus before moving to the US. Once she moved down we had to go the enrollment center where she updated her address and provided her US green card info and had it linked to her nexus card.
  5. My wife filed for ROC in September of 2021 and received the 24 month extension letter. The original green card expired on December 2nd of this year. Today we made a trip up to Canada thru a land border. First trip out of the US since the expiration of the original green card. We got pulled into secondary and were initially told there had been unauthorized use of her Nexus card. In the end what the real problem was, is the expiration of the green card was flagged in the system. Initially was surprised Canada would care since it’s a US immigration thing not a Canadian one, the Green card isn’t a supporting document like a DL or Passport and she’s a Canadian citizen. Just wondering if anybody else has had this happen to them. Also wondering if I should go into the nexus account and update the green card to a 2023 expiration. I guess it’s true since have extension letter and you can update the date with out the need of going into an enrollment center. I may have answered my own question but never seen it addressed here before on this forum. Thanks
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